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Honda Africa Twin with V2X technology

Intelligent security system for motorcycles

At the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen, Honda is showing an Africa Twin with a V2X communication system (vehicle-to-everything) suitable for motorcycles. Communication between motorcycles and other vehicles is intended to prevent accidents and improve the flow of traffic.

M.ith V2X technologies, as many road users as possible should be seamlessly networked with one another in order to form a so-called swarm. A swarm intelligence controls and coordinates the movements of the individual participants and should thus contribute to avoiding traffic jams and increasing safety.


An additional display informs the driver.

The Honda Africa Twin prototype is also equipped with an extensive electronics package. The majority of it is distributed over the two suitcases attached to the rear. The right case also carries an antenna for data transmission.

In order to pass on detailed information and warnings to the driver, an additional display was installed above the conventional cockpit display. Impending collisions or other information can be displayed here directly in the driver’s field of vision.

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