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2019 Honda at Glemseck 101

Custom bikes and a special model

Honda is showing various conversions from dealers and a new special model based on the CB 1000 R at Glemseck.

VFrom August 30 to September 1, 2019, bikers from all over Europe will come together again for the cult meeting Glemseck 101 near Stuttgart. Honda is also back at the start. Also in the luggage: a total of seven noble custom bikes based on Honda. Also a CB 750 classic and the CB 1000 R Limited Edition. As further highlights, the Honda drivers Alex Polita and Conor Cummins deliver a duel over the 1/8 mile in the “Mano a Mano” sprint on Saturday. The winner starts on Sunday at the "Sprint International".

Dealer conversions based on the CB 1000 R

In addition to the CB 1000 R Customs from Conor Cummins and Alex Polita, as well as the CB 750 Starrider conversion from Munich-based conversion company Motoism, four dealers in the Honda customizing competition are also bringing their CB 1000 R conversions to Stuttgart. You can see not only the pirate-inspired “Captain Black”, but also a motorcycle that celebrates Honda’s 60-year Grand Prix history. There is also a two-wheeler for dreaming called “Dream” and the “Monoposto”.

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