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Cult bike Honda CBR 600 F

Primordial mother of an entire species

Honda invented the motorized yogurt cup 30 years ago. Anyone who sat on the Honda CBR 600 F got to know completely new forms of sporty locomotion. The problem? Extremely high risk of addiction.

PSuddenly others were faster, and the pursuers, both with super athletes and big bikes, acted like pioneers. Yamaha FZ 750 and FZR 1000, both GSX-R from Suzuki and Kawasaki GPZ 900, all caught Honda off guard in the mid-1980s. The industry leader had not expected such a radical attack, could "only" counter the VFR 750. That looked stupid, and as a result, the developers were under a lot of pressure. They should fill up the sports team with stars, start from scratch and still be ready in 18 months at the most.

Cult bike Honda CBR 600 F

Primordial mother of an entire species

CBR 600 F promised 182 kg dry and 85 hp. Sounded good.

Scandal, yogurt cups, technical character assassination?

At the core of this marvel, internally baptized PC 19, was a completely new, very compact, water-cooled inline four-cylinder, inclined 35 degrees forward. But you couldn’t see it at all. Scandal, yoghurt cups, technical character assassination, the pack raged. No, logic, countered Minoru Morioka, who was responsible for design at Honda at the time.

Aerodynamics is the profession of the future, this is the only way to avoid the use of extremely expensive materials without having to forego top performance. He promised 220 km / h, and that is precisely why the engine and frame of the Honda CBR 600 F were completely enveloped except for tiny ventilation windows, the paneling went seamlessly over to the seat.


Pure function prevails under the cladding. Bridge frame, tilted engine, downdraft carburetor.

His words were of no use: With the introduction of the CBR at the latest, many motorcycle fans have proven that they would rather look at their device than move it. Otherwise it would be impossible to explain why outstanding motor vehicles have to endure such tirades of hate. The more enlightened ones, of course, soon found out that the Honda CBR 600 F was like the philosopher’s stone, and graciously looked over the full shell.

Its engine, phenomenally elastic in view of its displacement, purrs up to 8000 tours through the fixed tour program and then screeches and switches to sport mode for another 4000 revs. In terms of design, the four-valve engine of the Honda CBR 600 F does not break new ground anywhere, but with its tapered valve stems and other fine tricks to save weight, it aroused the interest of many experts even then. Its consistency was impressive, and later the enormous durability increased its reputation.

More fun than most big boobs

Similar to the bridge frame made of steel profiles, which is extremely stable – and no heavier than Suzuki’s GSX-R aluminum frame. 17-inch wheels and a tight wheelbase make it manageable, there is nothing to complain about with the brakes of the Honda CBR 600 F, but the best thing is the missing pounds.

210 kg filled to the brim, such a lightweight, that bends in by itself, straightens up again in no time, and if it still has such rich suspension elements like this Honda CBR 600 F, then every kilometer is great fun. Yes, more fun than most big bums, and that’s why she became a model for all subsequent 600 athletes, the great mother of an entire genre. Unfortunately, it is now threatened with extinction. Nobody knows why.

Slide pictures of the successor model PC 31

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Bucheli-Verlag sells repair manuals for various CBR 600 models. The book by Wolf Tons (editor), "Honda VFR – CBR", vividly explains this exciting time; unfortunately only available antiquarian. Tips and information on the Honda CBR 600 F is available on the Internet at: and

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