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Eurosportler test comparison

Character heads

The faces of the BMW R 1200 S and Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport mainly shape their cylinders in the wind. They are real characters, unmistakable and robust. But what are the key differences between the numerous similarities between the two air-cooled Eurosporters with cardan shafts??

There is something magical about two-cylinder motorcycles. Many cult brands stand and fall with their Twins, Harley-Davidson and Ducati as well as BMW and Moto Guzzi. A question of philosophy, a metaphysics of engines. As many cylinders as necessary, as few as possible. More power than a single, more character than a four-cylinder. Their openly exhibited, outstanding cylinders give BMW and Moto Guzzi an unmistakable silhouette from afar.

Regardless of whether it is spread in a V-shape or fanned out to a 180 degree cylinder angle, the similarities between the two sporty characters R 1200 S and 1200 Sport are numerous. Both have engines measuring a good 1150 cm3 with double ignition, air cooling, longitudinal crankshaft and a six-speed gearbox flanged behind it, including a hydraulically operated dry clutch. In addition, a cardan single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, the moment support of which is intended to minimize cardan reactions.

BMW made the air-cooled boxer a construction principle with its first model, the R 32 from 1923. Now, in the R 1200 S, it has reached its maximum maturity. AT full 122 hp rated power stamp him as the strongest Bavarian series boxer
any times. With a dynamic fighting weight of 218 kilograms ?? including plenty of extras such as ABS, heated grips and fat 190 tires on a mighty six-inch rim. Bavaria is serious. There is a
Life before the textile follows. Excellent year-
That is a clever, downright filigree construction. Fat? No, the body mass
The wiry sports boxer’s index is correct.
That weighs against it M.oto Guzzi 1200 sports a hefty 500 pounds. You can already see that during the sliding test. A dream of a motorcycle. But a very elegant, organic and stocky look. Although the Italian, to put it simply, combines the drive from the Norge 1200 tourer with the chassis of the brave all-rounder Breva 1100, it looks very fresh. This is ensured by fine details such as the chic wave brake discs at the front or the noble carbon-coated stanchions of the thick 45 mm telescopic fork.
One floor up it is emblazoned in white
colored windshields. It should, like the black and white cover,
Pillion seat, remind of a start number field. Oh well. Tubular handlebars and rims are colored black and underline the sporty look as well as the darker one
Carbon look, left-hand muffler of the two-in-one exhaust system. It has no collector, but stainless steel manifolds as thick as an arm. The heart of the Guzzi is the 90-degree V2. It first appeared in the V7 in 1965 and has shaped Moto Guzzi since then.
The servo starter is new on board: once the button is touched, the starter keeps rolling until the V2 runs. The nominally 95 hp engine wakes up with slightly increased idle speed. And how. The handlebars fidget when idling. There is a throaty rattle from the airbox, a rumbling sound from the silencer. In the traditional engine, longer bumpers dance on the lower camshaft than in the BMW, actuating the two excited ticking valves per cylinder. Lively mechanics create a polyphonic sound collage. In addition, the dry clutch rattles heartily when pulling the lever. The Guzzi
beguiles and enchants with their sound and structure-borne noise.
The R 1200 S doesn’t sound bad by BMW standards either. It flows rather muffled from the two mouth openings of the rear silencer banished high into the rear. As with the Guzzi, the entire exhaust system is made of stainless steel. But in the direct soundcheck, the Bavarian is left behind. But the BMW is turning the tables in terms of performance. With the cool precision of one
Wladimir Klitschko hands out the sports boxer: measured 120 hp peak power and 112 Nm maximum torque. There are real 88 hp and
96 Newton meters across from the Guzzi.
Equipped in this way, the S accelerates from zero to two hundred twice as fast as the Guzzi, eleven instead of 22 seconds. The BMW darts rapidly, purposefully and stoically over the track, at a real 243 km / h. The rev limit only locks at 8800 rpm. Respect. The R 1200 S can itself
Convert boxer haters. Especially since this test specimen hangs more directly on the gas than usual, which makes it easier to circle around tight corners.
The short-stroke, easy-revving and economical four-valve engine needs an expensive Super Plus, as a result of the high compression of 12.5 to one. Thanks to the knock control, however, it can also handle 95-octane Eurosuper with little loss of performance. The clutch disengages smoothly, albeit a little callously, and the gear pairs in the transmission find each other smoothly. Only the engagement of first gear can be clearly heard. Otherwise the switching shocks can be tolerated well. In contrast to the hard vibrations in notches, handles and tank cladding from 5000 rpm.
The Guzzi engine, on the other hand, stomps and pulsates in a charming way, always felt-
bar, but pleasantly low-frequency. At least at medium speeds. Only beyond the 7000 tours does the 1200 vibrate annoyingly, especially in the narrow, slippery notches without a rubber pad. At the top, the increase in performance is tough anyway. The V2 has a sedate nature and
a lot of flywheel mass, is designed with a long stroke.
Like practically all Guzzi two-valve engines, this one also plops into a deep performance hole in the important speed tidy between 3000 and 4000 turns. Annoying when accelerating out. The best way to help the V2 is to downshift via this
Area. The gearbox operates a bit doughy, with quite long shifts-
and audible switching noises. After all, the Italo cold blood storms from zero to one hundred in just under four seconds. During heavy acceleration orgies, the killer-tight clutch, which can quit a day’s driving with cramps in the left forearm, starts to stink.
We expressways, and only there, the Italian falls far behind the German. The Guzzisti, whose seat is far back, shouldn’t clasp the handlebars that are mounted far forward too tightly. The 1200 Sport absorbs interference
more sensitive to high speed, also prances
times very fine, before going back into the
Track sweaters. At least the Mini offers-
The cladding in combination with the deep seat is even a passable wind protection: unpucked, shoulders and helmet lie open, similar to the BMW, in a turbulence-free and quiet flow. Honest airflow.
The hour of the Guzzi, it is coming. She wins the upper hand on the smallest, age-
winding, curve-riddled stretches in the
extreme northeast of Spain. There, the BMW simply cannot make use of its excess performance. But the Guzzi are the trump card of their wide handlebars that promote handling. That is far away for a sports motorcycle, but goes up to the hand. Turning in is child’s play, course corrections in full tilt are the purest ver-
be satisfied. Hey, is that sensual today.
Has a Guzzi ever wore such good tires, Metzeler Sportec M3? Soon the nipple-less footrests, which are attached a little way forward, are rasping across the asphalt. The side stand is added in left-hand bends, which makes it less fun. After all, pre-tensioning the strut and thus more ground clearance can be achieved in
Win now, using a hydraulically operated handwheel. And the conventional one
Gabel shines with a great basic set-up. It’s hard to believe how she filters out patchwork and asphalt holes.
The BMW Ohlins shock absorbers, which are subject to a surcharge, are extremely fine at the front and rear. Finest Swedish snacks. However, varying the spring base is a lot of fiddling; Especially with the Telelever you almost break your fingers to reach the cap nuts with an unworthy hook wrench. The front works comfortably without any spring preload, but affects the pustules. More preload brings more reservations. Unfortunately also worse handling.
Especially for the first steering impulse when folding down from the vertical, the BMW driver has to work hard, the S completes fast wagging with light feet. The 190 rear slider and the low-mounted handlebar stubs take a toll. In addition, a lot of weight rests on the wrists when slow and urban travel. The wind pressure should just help. The footrests, however, are high; when their fearful nipples are furrowed, one is already beyond good and evil on public roads. It’s crazy how the famous Michelin Pilot Power stick. The sports boxer circles the curves wonderfully neutrally, preferably those larger radii and kept evenly under tension.
The same applies to the Guzzi. It has a lot of play in the drive train and strong load changes. But all in all, the 1200 Sport makes the best all-rounder
Figure. It shines with a full 228 kilograms of payload, a dream range and great comfort for the passenger: The wide, well-padded pillion seat meets low-positioned notches and elegant, well-designed handles. It’s just a shame that the short suspension strut reaches its limits early on when loaded on bumpy roads. Nice, on the other hand, is the highly intelligent on-board computer and the option of being able to equip the 12,100 euro machine with suitcases for an extra 640 euro.
And soon with ABS. Is also necessary. Less for the golden four-piston stoppers at the front. After the initial free travel of the lever, they grip properly and effectively. And only require a small set-up moment. In this way, the Sport can be braked far into corners. But please not with the overly toxic rear brake. It snaps shut suddenly, leaving the rear of the car in an alarming position even with harmless corrective braking.
Such a danger exists with ABS-
did not equip BMW. Front and back-
terradbrems will be conventional, so
separated, actuated. Without a brake booster. In other respects, the R 1200 S breaks even more strongly with traditional BMW virtues. There are no suitcases for them. And the hard, high pillion seat is more suitable as a torture stake. Without handles and with high notches, the passenger crouches completely lost.
Was the Guzzi so loud from the start, or do we have a hearing disorder? No, it is not an acoustic illusion. In the first batch of end pots of the 1200 Sport, the insulating wool of the combined absorption and reflection silencer burns over time. The insulation is now permanently effective thanks to improved materials. Say the Italians. Well, the character, sound and charisma of the V2 construction also get under your skin with the quieter silencer. Says MOTORRAD after trying it out.
And takes off his hat to the most sensual Guzzi in a long time. The 1200 sport binds-
The bottom line is that the much more powerful, uncompromising R 1200 S is almost head-to-head. It is a worthy successor to Le Mans I or Sport 1000, as well as a sin for not-yet-Guzzi-
Infected. And those with all the extras more
than 15,000 euros BMW shows where at
the air-cooled two-cylinder athletes hang the hammer: pretty high up.

Eurosportler test comparison

Character heads

Technical data BMW R 1200 S

Air / oil-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine, one balance shaft, one high each
Horizontal, chain-driven camshaft, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, bumpers, rocker arms, wet sump lubrication, injection, ø 52 mm, regulated catalytic converter, 600 W alternator, 12 V / 14 Ah battery, hydraulically operated single-disc dry clutch, six-speed gearbox, gimbal.
Bore x stroke 101.0 x 73.0 mm
Cubic capacity 1170 cm3
Compression ratio 12.5: 1

Rated output 90.0 kW (122 hp) at 8250 rpm
Max. Torque 112 Nm at 6800 rpm
landing gear
Load-bearing motor-gear unit, telescopic fork guided by trailing arm, ø 41 mm, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, two-joint single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut, directly hinged, adjustable spring base, rebound and compression damping, double disc brake at the front, ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, disc brake rear, ø 265 mm, double-piston floating caliper.

Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17
Tires in the Michelin Pilot Power "B" test
mass and weight
Wheelbase 1487 mm, steering head angle 66.0 degrees, caster 87 mm, spring travel f / r 110/120 mm, seat height * 840 mm, weight with a full tank * 218 kg, payload * 190 kg, tank capacity / reserve 17.0 / 4.0 liters.

Warranty two years
One year mobility guarantee
Service intervals every 10000 km
Colors yellow, red / silver, silver
Price 12,820 euros
Price test motorcycle ** 15,200 euros
Additional costs 262 euros

Technical data Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 90-degree V-engine, crankshaft lying lengthways, a chain-driven camshaft below, two valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, bumpers, rocker arms, wet sump lubrication, injection, ø 45 mm, regulated catalytic converter, 550 W alternator, Battery 12 V / 18 Ah, hydraulically operated two-disc dry clutch, six-speed gearbox, cardan.
Bore x stroke 95.0 x 81.2 mm
Cubic capacity 1151 cm3
Compression ratio 9.8: 1

Rated output 70.0 kW (95 PS) at 7800 rpm
Max. Torque 100 Nm at 6000 rpm
landing gear
Tubular frame made of steel, supporting the motor,
Telescopic fork, ø 45 mm, adjustable rebound and compression damping, two-joint single-sided swing arm made of aluminum, central spring strut with lever system, adjustable spring base and rebound damping, double disc brake at the front, ø 320 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, rear disc brake, ø 282 mm, double-piston floating caliper.

Cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.50 x 17
Tires 120/70 ZR 17; 180/55 ZR 17
Tires in the Metzeler Sportec M3 test
mass and weight
Wheelbase 1485 mm, steering head angle 65.0 degrees, caster 120 mm, spring travel f / r 120/140 mm, seat height * 805 mm, weight with a full tank * 250 kg, load * 228 kg, tank capacity / reserve 23.0 / 4.0 liters.

Two year guarantee
Service intervals every 10000 km
Colors red, black
Price including utilities 12,100 euros

1st place: BMW R 1200 S

BMW R 1200 S. The radical country road athlete has a significantly more powerful engine and is much more dynamic. And safer thanks to the ABS option. However, the expensive BMW messes up pretty much in everyday criteria. And it is only suitable for soloists.

2nd place: Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport. Sensual, full of sound and character, the Guzzi shines with a balanced chassis and great all-round properties. Only the V2 engine should have a little more flavor.

How engine

The BMW does not leave the Guzzi the slightest chance. At least when it comes to pure driving performance. It is stronger and faster in every respect, has better gear and less load changes. The Guzzi should be a bit beefier and stronger. Only the vibrations are more bearable on it. But the V-Zwos’s high manual clutch force provokes tendonitis.

How chassis

Head to head race. BMW and Moto Guzzi don’t give each other anything here. What in-
if astonished when the R 1200 S with
Ohlins struts, which are subject to a surcharge, come along. In fact, it has a higher level of stability and accuracy and is a little better overall-
agreed. But the conventional one
Guzzi chassis can hardly be worse,
also acts slightly more comfortably.
And above all, it is much more manageable.

How everyday

The Moto Guzzi shines in everyday life. It offers a higher payload, greater range, better light output such as equipment and a more comfortable workplace. This is how it outclasses the R 1200 S.
downright. No BMW has ever been so weak in everyday life: an inhumane pillion seat, no option for a suitcase,
small tank. Only the rearview mirror
are more suitable, checking the oil through the sight glass is easier.

How security

Clear thing. The Guzzi is still missing an ABS, while its rear stopper bites extremely toxic. The BMW brakes anchor more easily and powerfully, but require a lot of tilting torque. The steering damper of the R 1200 S suppresses the handlebar from shaking.

How cost

The BMW has mobility guarantee, needs
less gasoline. But the Guzzi
is cheaper for tires, inspection costs and insurance premiums.

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