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Kymco F9

Big electric scooter from Taiwan

Kymco is apparently launching a sporty electric scooter in 2021. The probably F9 baptized scooter comes in the upper performance class.

The Taiwanese two-wheeler manufacturer Kymco seems to be setting off a real firework of novelties for the 2021 model year. Following teasers for the Kymco CV3 three-wheel scooter, the announcement has now been made for a purely electrically powered scooter.

As usual with initial teasers, there isn’t much specific information. You can clearly see the electric motor and the model name F9 on the side of the fairing. The video also shows a tubular space frame with a large battery pack in the bow.


The LED headlights at the front have an insect look, while the LED lights at the rear are U-shaped. For the gold-colored gear train, we would guess at least 14 inches in diameter. The overall design with the flat windscreen and the slender sloping rear looks very sporty. A color display in the cockpit informs the driver.

The Kymco F9 electric scooter is to be unveiled on November 26, 2020.


How do you feel about the electric motorcycle??

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The future of the two-wheeler for urban traffic.

There is no getting around the electric motorcycle.

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Kymco has already announced that it will be heavily involved in electromobility. The models -Supernex and -Revonex have already shown electrically powered motorcycles. The F9 could close the power circuit to the scooters.

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