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Readers test Yamaha MT-09

MOTORRAD readers tested the new three-cylinder fun bike

After the press presentation of the Yamaha MT-09 was over, it was the turn of 19 winners of an international competition in Split / Croatia to form an opinion on the new three-cylinder motorcycle. For Germany: MOTORRAD reader Martin Less from Hattingen.

Yamaha Motor Europe asked motorcyclists interested in the country importers to take part in the presentation of the Yamaha MT-09 to apply. In Germany this was done via the Yamaha Motor Germany website and MOTORRAD magazine.

In Croatia, the participants were offered unique motorcycle roads that are among the best that Europe has to offer. There was a challenging mix of fast, long curves, tight hairpin bends, but also slow passages through picturesque villages. Overall, an ideal mixture to get an idea of ​​the qualities of the new motorcycle.

The German participant Martin Less was one of the most experienced participants in the event, with a two-wheeler career that began in 1982 on a Yamaha DT 80 MX. "MT-09 is a great concept and the Split invitation came at a perfect time for me", Martin, who already has three Yamahas in his home garage in Hattingen, comments on his impressions.

"Right now I have a sports tourer, a naked bike and a supermoto. I am currently looking for a further addition to my garage. I’ve also tried models from other brands, but what particularly impressed me about the MT-09 is the combination of the agile chassis and the torque characteristics of the three-cylinder engine."

Martin continues: "We had been instructed beforehand: Please start in B-mode, observe the traffic rules, etc. Since I have already driven a lot of different mopeds, it was not difficult for me to establish contact with the Yamaha MT-09 in a few seconds. Sit on it, turn on, drive off, feel good. As for the B-mode: Once started, the standard mode is active. That was until I passed the barrier at the hotel on the far right without opening it. There ‘my’ Yamaha MT-09 was switched to A first.

Tea little one quickly showed me her wonderful, very charming character. Along the coastal road, through small towns, with various metal signs and uninterrupted, sometimes double-drawn, white lines, on the beautiful warm asphalt, it was not difficult for us to commit one or the other traffic violation. Who cares? And later on there was nobody in the mountains who could have been interested at all. At a brisk pace we turned a little bit into the coastal mountains and took some, I think, very nice photos there.

Naked bike

Yamaha MT-09 in the driving report

Big grin for little money

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On the winding track, I was allowed to bring my toes into contact with the asphalt for the first time and make the smoothly accelerating Yamaha MT-09 engine scream at the corner exits. What I personally like very much about this engine, and what I expected based on the preliminary information on the engine characteristics, now came to light: You can shift gears, but you don’t have to. The speed range guarantees a very clean start from every gear: not without any holes, but without even a single hole. However, if you want to hear the little one scream or if you are in a bit of a hurry, you shift down and enjoy when the front wheel gets lighter.

From the photo shoot, the Yamaha MT-09 continued on an approx. 110 km long tour through the mountains around Split, guided by a guide. The boy had already driven the lap a few times and I was able to orientate myself confidently by his brake light while walking at a fast, robust pace. Braking points are reduced to the bare essentials in terms of agility, lightness and the very easy controllable braking of the little ones.

You don’t even have to set up the Yamaha MT-09 properly when exiting a corner. You get clear feedback, even in very moderate road conditions, you can brutally accelerate out. No fear! I don’t know anything that is so beautiful straight away, except for a good carving ski. Finally, I switched to B-mode again. The little one and I were on the last few meters to the hotel, sometimes both very good. "

You can read the MOTORRAD driving report for the Yamaha MT-09 in issue 20/2013, which will be published on September 13, 2013.

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