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KTM Freeride 350 (2012)

Entry-level enduro from KTM

Little noise, fewer tracks – with a new concept, KTM is trying to make off-road fun more socially acceptable. The name of the free-spirited off-roader: Freeride 350.


KTM Freeride 350.

Explore old military slopes in the Alps, wind your way up picturesque gravel passes in the Apennines or simply take the evening lap along local dirt roads – these are the sources that feed the dream of enduro riding. But as it is with dreams: Reality looks different. Motorized off-road excursions are generally prohibited. In this country anyway and, contrary to popular belief, it has long been in the supposed end-European giants of southern Europe too. What remains is a narrow gray area, the limit of which is drawn by the tolerance of fellow human beings. Or to put it another way: where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge.

With which the arc to the KTM Freeride 350 would have been made. Because the Austrians deal with the serious topic in their typical way: with a fun mobile. It should be quiet, with delicately studded tires the ground and with moderate dimensions its pilot. Of course, the men from Mattighofen did not reinvent the wheel. As a pioneer of socially responsible off-roading, Beta can feel with Alp 4.0 – even if it uses antiquated technology on the chassis and engine side.

Freeride is different. The engine comes from the successful Enduro 350 EXC-F, the unorthodox composite frame made of tubular steel front, cast aluminum element and plastic frame rear was adopted from the Freeride E electric concept study. WP Suspension fork and shock absorber can be completely adjusted. However, the question arises: Does the turning to reason slow down driving pleasure? The ambitious competition sister, the KTM 350 EXC-F, is there for orientation.

Seat rehearsal. The reduced spring travel reduces the seat height of the Freeride to 900 millimeters. In addition, the soft suspension setting and the flexible trial tires do their part to allow people from 1.70 meters tall to easily reach the ground with both feet. As usual with KTM, the ergonomics are graceful, handlebars and footrests can be moved into their positions.

KTM Freeride 350

Entry-level enduro from KTM


Shut up I: the tank and air filter are under the fold-up bench.

It is impressive how the relatively finely profiled trial tires nestle like chewing gum around rock faces, thus ensuring great grip even in damp areas – and above all leaving many fewer marks in the ground than the coarse enduro tires of the EXC-F. The trial pelts only lose out in the mud.

Nevertheless, the euphoric alpinist shouldn’t lose his sense of everyday life. Especially the one to fill up on time. Because with a measured test consumption that hardly fell below six liters even at a leisurely pace, the 5.5-liter tank in the seclusion of the mountains forces you to plan a clever tour – or a spare canister in your backpack.

Nevertheless: With the freeride, KTM, as the previous guardian of the grail of the unreasonable, is sending a courageous and important signal. Hopefully the customers understood the Austrians’ message.

The main differences


Shut up II: excellent effect of the two silencers.

350 EXC-F Freeride 350 Top performance * 34.3 kW (47 hp) 16.9 kW (23 hp)
Maximum speed 11900 rpm 10,000 rpm
Valves titanium stole
starter Kick and electric starters Electric starter
Secondary translation 13:52 11:52
type design Single loop frame Composite frame
Suspension travel v / h 300/335 mm 250/260 mm
wheelbase 1482 mm 1418 mm
Steering angle 63.5 degrees 67 degrees
Tank capacity 9.0 liters 5.5 liters
Seat height * 965 mm 900 mm
Weight (without petrol) * 109 kg 101 kg
Ground clearance * 330 mm 280 mm
Turning circle * 5.03 m 4.04 m
Price (without additional costs) 8.695 euros 6,995 euros

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