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Cult bike Egli-Ducati 900 SS

Cult meets cult

Fritz W. Egli’s functional and perfectly crafted central tube frame is definitely one of the most exquisite storage places for a vertical shaft V2. Cult meets cult – mechanics in perfection.

Although the grumpy V2 Vincent around 1965 were still among the most powerful motorcycles, their chassis thwarted any attempt to convert this power into racing victories. This is exactly why an ambitious racer and precision mechanic really got the British muscle man on the move: Fritz W.. E.gli built its first own frame in 1967 and promptly became Swiss mountain champion in 1968. Instead of a square central tube like Vincent’s, he used a round one ten centimeters in diameter, all other tubes are only subjected to tension or pressure. So not on bending, and therein lies one of the secrets of its construction. In addition, there is good workmanship, successful geometry and the best materials. It was precisely with this recipe that Egli refined around 100 Vincent in the next four years – and almost at the same time, the motorcycle boom washed more patients into his workshop. A few hundred Egli with a CB 750 engine were made, even over 500 with various large Kawasaki four-cylinders.

Cult bike Egli-Ducati 900 SS

Cult meets cult

Ducati, because Dottore Fabio Taglioni was not only capable of the engine, he was also an ace in the chassis. However, he had prescribed unconditional straight-line stability for his ingenious V2. However, alpinists in particular wanted more handiness, and so in 1973/74 a total of ten 750 vertical shafts were used in the nickel-plated Egli pipe mill. All of them still with a round motor housing – these days seldom seen and priceless dreams, which is why the model name Phantome is a good match. As usual in his early works, Eglis’ oval tube swing arm is supported against the rear frame with two spring struts. When the "angular" engine was being treated in Bettwil from 1980 onwards, Fritz already trusted his cantilever construction with a central shock absorber, and on request he also installed his famous racing fork.

A total work of art


There is another way: Egli-Duc by Michael Niemann.

Corsaro Rosso called itself the total work of art – equipped with a 900 twin, there was also a great performance at the MOTORRAD tuner meeting in 1986: racing ace Ali Grassel found the Egli-Duc to be a super motorcycle, much better than the standard part, handy and accurate.

Anyone who has ever seen one of these rare pieces would like to boldly reply: Everyone can see that. With these mechanical sculptures, one part fits the other so thrillingly that they promise top performance even when standing. The best brakes of their time, namely the four-piston fixed calipers from Brembo, work on mighty 300 mm discs. Well-dimensioned tires arch over filigree Campagnolo magnesium rims. At the front, guided by the stocky 38 fork with its distinctive stabilizer, at the back by the broad oval tube cantilever swing arm with a WP strut. Only as much as necessary everywhere, but at its best. A full tank doesn’t add up to 200 kilograms, even with the mighty 24-liter Corsaro tank, somehow reminiscent of Vincent. Not every Egli-Duc wears it, because in Bettwil they practice the very high art of solitary confinement and know that perfection should look different every time.

Dates and information (Corsaro Rosso)

Air-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke 90 ° V engine, one overhead camshaft driven by a vertical shaft, two desmodromic valves per cylinder, 864 cm³, approx. 55 kW (75 PS), serious engine tuning up to 90 PS possible, five-speed gearbox, below Open central tubular frame made of steel, weight fully fueled 197 kg, front tires 120/80 V 16, rear 170/60 V 18 , tank capacity 24 liters, vmax 201 km / h.


The splendid volume “Egli – The Official Book” by Jurgen Gassebner is very photo-heavy and costs a hefty 55 euros – rather something for sworn fans of the house. “Egli – The Official Film” is much cheaper for a mere 12.95 euros.


Obviously Fritz W. Egli’s motorcycles have something in common: the owners of his motorcycles know each other, are linked in clubs or friendships. A very active and by no means elitist scene. The 32nd big Egli-Fete is already taking place this year – from August 8th to 10th directly in Bettwil / Switzerland, also very interesting for non-Egli drivers. Michael Niemann has made himself the soul and chief logistician of the German scene. The gifted technician works in 58644 Iserlohn, Obere Muhle 28, phone: 0 23 71/2 52 92.

Internet provides information about the house’s activities

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