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Yamaha XVZ 1300 AT Royal Star Tour Classic test shorts


Front window, chrome everywhere and leather case under Sissy’s bar at the back – the Yamaha Tour Classic outshines its basic version Royal Star with well invested extra pounds.

There are people who simply lack sovereignty. They work on their stands, punch or mill, only to finally claim, in view of a tiny pile of metal shavings, that the 535 grams cleaned away are clearly noticeable in terms of handling. This absurd hustle and bustle had to be stopped, and luckily there has recently been counter-evidence that has become metal. It’s called Tour Classic, comes from Yamaha and makes a weighty demonstration that anyone who attaches another 20 pounds to a 332 kilogram Royal Star won’t notice anything when turning around.
On the contrary, only its additional weight ennobles this tight Max to a serious motorcycle. Where the basic version – a Royal Star looks almost emaciated in comparison – remains in good shape, the Tour Classic proves its true format. Would you like some examples? So let’s assume that the V4 pushes away from the traffic lights with everything its 1300 cubic centimeters give away. A normal observer asks himself immediately: And what does the Royal Star driver do at 140 with this wide handlebar? He kisses humiliated. On the tour, however, there can be 150 items thanks to the disc. Or the gaps in the chrome: there it is wonderfully reflected in the side covers of the engine and the four silencers, but hardly anyone is standing in front of or behind their glittering wheel that they can no longer look at themselves. Tea Tower Classic remedies this unbearable deficiency with fat chromium panels on the ends of the fenders. That then flatters Narcissus in man.
Wind deflectors on the fork tubes, engine protection bars, various logos and a brand emblem on the front fender also increase value and self-esteem, but Yamaha took great care not to cover up the driving, the acting man with all the ornaments. Even more, viewed from the sidewalk, partially doubled, tripled or quadrupled by glistening reflections, it is only revealed how much it adorns this motorcycle. And vice versa. Nothing hides his combative struggle against the masses and elements: Anyone who skilfully conducts a Tour Classic – higher, wider, more expensive than any Royal Star – has "s. This aura of the relaxed machinist who always finds the right lever in a mess of metal to generate or slow down propulsion.
The latter, by the way, requires enormous hand strength, which then only achieves a moderate delay, but both are somehow part of the game. Firstly, such a thick ship is generally moved with foresight, and secondly, the hard step on the huge pedal for the rear, very effective disc is more impressive than the almost secret tugging of the hand lever. Because streets are usually flanked by two sidewalks and an audience, there is an arm-length rocker switch on the other side of the engine as a counterpart to the pedal. The heel is casually depressed three times and fourth gear is already on, and the water-cooled giant can handle that even during rush hour.
He wants to be a gentle giant, so from a distance it only looks sharp, which is actually very easy: to curb his 74 horses. Anyone who has left the critical phases characterized by rustic footwork – stopping, getting on a passenger, engaging first gear and driving off – behind them will even ascribe a certain dynamic to the entire vehicle. The animal kingdom may make this clear: Professor Grzymek already taught what goes on when a bull elephant romps through the Serengeti. Irresistible, and only the extremely low ground clearance, which the scraping and spark-spraying running boards allow, reminds the two-wheeled counterpart to be moderate.
Even tight turns have a slowing effect, because a wheelbase of 1695 millimeters denies a motorcycle heavier than seven hundred pounds. Actually, she never denies it, and that came as a surprise for MOTORRAD, too. In the test, after a short storm and stress, the serenity that goes with ultra-chests of drawers and underdamped spring elements and that elephants are generally suitable for emerged again. Just as the trunk animal lion, wildebeest and zebra happens, the Tour Classic driver encounters ninjas, sport stars or transalps: friendly, but never greeting them first.
S.o A lot of arrogance is allowed at a price of 27,980 marks. Anyone who now claims that the surcharge of almost three grand compared to a Royal Star is a bit steep, is forgetting the best. Nicely curved and elegantly crafted, two leather bags await the small luggage. The passenger backrest lolls invitingly into the sky, delimits and crowns one of the most comfortable seats imaginable. "Come on Sissy, I’ll show you the sun. "Sometimes your dream partner is called Klaus-Dieter, but only sometimes, because which woman needs so much glitter.

Accessories for the Yamaha Royal Star

In 1996 she came to us, the Royal Star. The contingent was limited, the 511 buyers were lucky. 113 units sold in the cool months of January and February prove that the run continues, so the importer did not need to be too risky to present an extensive range of accessories. Both parts and bikes should be sufficiently available this year, so there are hardly any limits to the uninhibited pleasure in customizing that belongs to motorcycles à la Royal Star, just like driving itself. And the freaks from the land of unlimited possibilities are leading the way: There the Yamaha-Four achieved cult status, the two photos show what’s going on over there. In this country, the Khrome exhaust system is out because it is too loud, but with riveted leather parts for the tank, The show effect increases considerably for the seat and suitcase. Leather lovers can even wrap the handles, and those who like metal can really indulge. By the gram – with corrugated covers for the front axle – or by the pound – with smooth covers for the brake disc – the Royal Star can be pepped up into a chrome jewel. The differential gets a shiny cover, as do the brake calipers, and the battery box doesn’t want to be left behind. If you like, you can also buy other handlebars from Yamaha dealers, but they have, read and be amazed, no TÜV approval.

My conclusion

In its own way, very high quality and lovingly made, the Tour Classic exudes a charm that everyone will probably succumb to. And thanks to its practical lens, unlike the Royal Star, it promises eternal travel pleasure in this country too. 130, 140 on the autobahn are only interrupted by fuel stops, in between there is an almost dreamy glide, bedded on comfortable seats and soft springs. How long this stimulus lasts, please weigh up for yourself: In everyday life, namely when maneuvering, this monster can also become a block on the leg.

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