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KTM 1290 Super Duke GT (2021)

Sports tourers – next generation

The generation change in the KTM 1290 models is in full swing. During test drives, our Erlkonigjager drove the 1290 Super Duke GT in front of the camera.

S.he is not to everyone’s taste, the travel-ready version of the powerful 1290 Super Duke. And it will stay that way if we interpret the Erlkonig images of the 2021 version correctly. The test machine is still lacking quite a bit of fairing, but its angular and angular design can already be guessed at. The front view is similar to the current machine, the two large cornering headlights in the radiator hoods have been retained. The main headlight and the windshield have been changed slightly, the bracket for the entire stem also seems to have been redesigned. The radiator also appears to have been changed and its dimensions have increased. Thanks to the new exhaust system, it can now protrude further down.

Fat front silencer, slim muffler

This leads the thick manifold of the rear cylinder around the crankcase into a front silencer, into which the manifold of the front cylinder also opens. Only after the front silencer does it go towards the rear silencer, which can be made much more graceful and sporty than on the upcoming Super Adventure, which does not have a front silencer.

Stefan Baldauf / self-service media

With additional revised performance parts such as titanium valves, a lighter engine housing and an optimized engine management system, the 75-degree V2, which is still 1,301 cm³, will be even a little stronger than its 177 hp predecessor. It will then be at least 180 hp.

Single-sided swing arm and strut with deflection

KTM also seems to have taken on the criticisms of lack of suspension comfort and handling. A completely new chassis was developed for the 1290 Super Duke, which is now being revised again for the Super Duke GT. The main frame impresses with its particularly thick and straight tubes. The V2 engine is fully integrated into this frame. For the naked bike, the Austrians declared the new frame to be three times as rigid as the previous cane, while at the same time being significantly lower in weight. The developers achieved this not only through the new design, but also through the use of thicker profiles with thinner walls.

In addition, the sports tourer is given a newly designed tubular space frame. According to the color, this could even be made of aluminum. The new swing arm is based on a thick one-arm construction. Lo and behold: As with the Super Duke, a progressive lever system now also acts on the shock absorber on the GT.

These comprehensive innovations will give the GT a boost in terms of ride comfort and responsiveness of the suspension, and will also improve puncture resistance. Other innovations also include newly programmed software for the numerous assistance systems and the TFT display.

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