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Ducati Monster S2R 1000 test

The regenerator

M.As you know, onsters are voracious and cannot be fed up. A naked bike has been around for 13 years
This name has been extremely successful not only for italophile bikers and the must-have-
Flea in the ear. The afflicted are unopposed and buy. The perfidious
the story is the fact that one
Immunization is hardly possible, because the monster mutates constantly to new versions. Sometimes the number of swing arms shrinks, then the spark plugs double. Last but not least, the number of displacement variants grew steadily: 600, 620, 750, 800, 900 and now 1000 cubic. And that’s just the air-cooled versions. She attracts power freaks with the water-cooled four-valve twins. From that point of view, "Virus" would have been the more appropriate name.
The new Monster S2R 1000 can be seen as a successful compromise between engine performance and purchase price.
The single-sided swingarm as well as the one on the right-
laterally relocated exhaust come from the
S4R, as well as the fully adjustable spring element up to the compression level of the shock absorber-
mentions. The formidable double ignition V2 impresses with its low-vibration run,
linear power output and revving as well as steam in the middle already in the
Multistrada and the classic offshoots Paul Smart and Sport 1000. The transmission is stale-
tet is crisp and precise, only the be-
The required clutch force makes stop-and-go trips a torture.
Despite all the visits to the fountain of youth, the Monster cannot deny its true age, after all, the basic features of the frame come from the blessed Superbike 851: The seating position is very stretched, the rider has to lean forward to reach the aluminum handlebars. In addition, the monster is not particularly handy and required
a lot of effort when turning, it should move forward quickly. On the other hand, the freedom from lean angles is flawless. And with the new exhaust nothing scribbles anymore.
The brake components are also not the latest designs, which is noticeable in a blunt effect despite significant manual force. In return, the driving stability is beyond any doubt
With a naked bike, the wind protection naturally has no priority, so you will be all the happier with the small cockpit fairing, which somewhat alleviates the wind pressure. The topic of suitability for pillion should be dealt with with the comment that two-person operation is basically possible, but not really recommended in the long term.
Fortunately, the monsters have largely been able to defend themselves from the increasingly rampant digitization epidemic, and so the driver looks at two simple and straightforward round instruments that provide him with everything he needs to know ?? for example time and
Oil temperature. Who now believes with the
Spending 10,045 euros to have satiated the hunger of the monsters is wrong. Now the animal eats kilometers, preferably on small, winding country roads. sgl

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