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Test Gas Gas Pampera 250

The bike to the backpack

For everyone who enjoys hiking, but is too lazy to walk.

It worked. It actually fit in. In one piece. The Gas Gas Pampera is firmly lashed in the Seat Alhambra. Shut up, off to France. Haute Provence. Enduro tour for beginners. "Stony terrain, increasing degree of difficulty, extra rounds with high demands possible." Very animating, the description in the brochure. And these photos: nothing like there.
Beginners – pah! In front of the base hotel it looks like in the paddock of a desert rally: BMW, KTM, Yamaha TT models. "What is that?" A wildly wrapped Gaston Rahier in Spe looks skeptically at the little Gas Gas. “And you want to ride with that here? It has zero power. ”It probably has. Even more than stated: 17 HP are in the data sheet, 22 HP says the dynamometer. "Well," says Gaston.
He’s not the only one who finds the 250cc two-stroke machine somehow suspicious. After all, there isn’t a mixture of enduro and trial motorcycle on every corner. Tenor of the assembled off-roaders: »It looks great. But can you really do something with such a thing? "
One can. However, if you switch from a conventional enduro to the bonsai plant, the thing feels horrific at first: very little motorcycle under your bum. So light, so narrow. The Kickstarter – so tiny. How – hardly started, already? First course – oops, so short. Where is the gear lever hiding? Everything so close together here. That emaciated bench, so tough. Stability? Yes, aim. Handiness? Heieiei – where raw forces are senseless: the Pampera changes direction with a wink.
It takes time. Lasts. Takes time – but once you’ve got used to the nervous character, the fun doesn’t stop. Especially in the slipstream of larger enduros who try to shake off the little wisp. Impossible on narrow, winding pass roads. Takes up zero space, the gas gas. Cuts around the corners with a precision. Zigzag. Always the shortest line.
Brake lights, indicators, a look at the road book. That’s right: Here it goes. Get off the road and into the terrain. Slowly slowly. The Pampera is not made for bolting around. 170 millimeters of suspension travel – front and rear – is out of the question. Accordingly, the Spaniard stumbles uncontrollably over rough slopes. So: Gas out and into the notches in order to be able to catch deeper holes better. From now on, nothing works while sitting anyway, because you sit far too deep in the machine.
The path becomes narrower. Rises. Will be steep. Loose rubble, huge rocks – "Extra rounds with high demands possible". The caravan struggles its way uphill. Doing – the first BMW goes down. All wheels stand still. Rrrratsch, slips – helpless hanging on the steep slope. Only no problem with the Pampera. Just 105 kilograms. Pushing, laying, turning – none of this is an issue. If you have to, you can tuck this bike under your arm.
The rubber cow is back on her feet. Go on. A slight kick, the engine runs. Let the hydraulically operated clutch come gently and wait for the gentle use of power. No choking, no slide. It just drives off, the gas gas – as if pushed by magic. She climbs effortlessly up the high-percentage climb. Even a Suzuki DR 350 looks clumsy in direct comparison.
The fat torque of the water-cooled two-stroke engine sets in extremely early and smoothly. So you can still experiment with idle in third gear and then let yourself be pulled out of tricky situations on the rubber band. The strenght is to be found in serenity. But suddenly the serenity is over. At medium speeds, the stew cooks on an open flame. Hotter than expected.
According to the roadbook, the descent should begin now. Oh yeah. And how. Black slope, pulling in the stomach. For the first time, Gaston also looks a little enviously towards Pampera. How easily the little one abseils. Two hooks, one eye – it’s gone. Tea miniature braking systems work better than expected. Easy to dose at the front, digital at the back – either open or close, there’s nothing in between. Of course, the front pane is sweating in a constant stranglehold. But you can see that from the start. So: a little more caution please.
W.While all sorts of scree descend at the back of the descent, the gas gas is already rising skyward again. On a footpath as narrow as a towel, without leaving any traces. Chugging quietly through the woods, it doesn‘t even arouse the indignation of oncoming pedestrians. One is among oneself, indulging in the same hobby: mountain hiking.

Pocket bikes: with TÜV, charm and double seat bench

Fit anywhere, come anywhere, endless fun

Gas Gas, Beta, Fantic – they all build top-class competitive machines. With the trial enduros, the technology of these sports devices is moving straight to the road, and in a very entertaining way. The advantages of pocket bikes are obvious: They are so small that they fit in any van, so light that you can carry them around when you need them, so robust that they go along with anything, so low that you can always fluff, so agile that they turn in circles around other enduros. The minis stalk absolutely unobtrusively through the area, leaving no floor damage, neither frightening with their martial appearance nor annoying them with loud firing. Off-roading can be so stress-free. Even in the city, the little ones are unbeatable: it doesn‘t get any narrower, there is no more steering angle. On top of that, the maintenance costs for such a motorcycle are affordable with postage.

Riding enduro: yes

But the question is: where?

Got a taste for it? Nice. And what’s next now – where can you still wrinkled Enduro these days? For example with the MOTORRAD ACTION TEAM. From mid-May to the end of September 1998, twelve Enduro trips are on the program. Bloody beginners who get their heart racing at the sight of a gravelled construction site drive through will find consolation at the beginners’ course in Warching (May 2 to 3 and June 6 to 7, 1998). In groups with a maximum of eight people, everything that is needed in real life is practiced there. More information: MOTORRAD ACTION TEAM, Leuschnerstrabe 1, 70174 Stuttgart. Telephone 0711 / 182-1977, fax 0711 / 182-2017.

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