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HD Screamin ‘Eagle Electra Glide review

The last scream

Plenty of chrome and displacement. But does the Screamin, composed as a special series with selected accessories, shine? Eagle Electra Glide with full power too? 138 Newton meters of torque and 82 hp could be enough to teach the bird to fly.

No less than two A4 pages long is the list of all changes to the Screamin ?? Eagle Electra Glide. The range of features that make this E-Glide a special model ranges from the chrome-plated spacer sleeves on the front wheel to the remote control for the garage door. It was developed by CVO (Custom Vehicle Operations), a special department of Harley-Davidson Motor Company, which has committed itself to building high-quality, exclusive custom bikes in its York and Kansas City plants.
Most of the items on the list are quickly ticked off: chrome here and chrome there. Little goes deeper. For example, the Twin Cam 103 engine, or the “Stroker” engine for short. Stroker because the new crankshaft with its modified connecting rods covers a full ten millimeters more stroke than the normal shaft that rotates in twin-cam 88 engines with a displacement of 1449 cc. The rest of the stately 1690 cm³ are done by the three millimeter bored cylinders. With slightly increased compression from 8.8 to 9.0 to one and interventions in the engine management, the air-cooled 45-degree V-Twin, along with a fuller torque curve, should lift a maximum of 138 Newton meters at 3500 rpm on the roller-bearing crankshaft and release 82 hp at 5400 revolutions. A standard Harley Big Twin has never been so powerful. Especially not in a visually pimped up E-Glide.
It is not one of the most urgent wishes of the Harley community to be able to beat an E-Glide at 180 km / h over Germany’s highways. But it works. Although it takes a while for the Screamin ?? Eagle has prepared her almost eight hundred pounds live weight for this show of strength. Travel speeds of around 140 km / h, on the other hand, are tailor-made for her. Practically free from vibrations, the E-Glide moves effortlessly and effortlessly with 3500 turns. A twist of the throttle is enough to quickly add a few more coals
to be able to, if need be. In the last
It frees itself up a third of its speed range, appears agile and fresh.
But it can also be different. Unfortunately. Long stroke, 1690 cubic The engine would have to go with everyone on the spot
Crankshaft rotation, ignition and every piston stroke ?? bob, bob, bob, make giant steps forward, meter by meter. It doesn‘t matter which of the five gear wheel pairs is currently engaged. But because of that. Instead of accelerating powerfully, the air-cooled twin only has a tired rattle around below, massaging at best with its chrome-plated air-
filter housing gently the right calf. In the meantime, the left foot, supported by the reinforced, hydraulically operated clutch, is allowed to dance back and forth on the rocker switch, looking for help, in the hope of finding the right gear as soon as possible. The only disappointment turns out to be the power development of the »Stroker«, since it offers a sporty performance characteristic for a rather tranquil travel steamer.
The test bench measurement underpins the perceived decrease in torque as well as the poor pulling power, which peak in over 16 seconds from 100 to 140 km / h. Between 2000 and 3500 rpm, the torque fluctuates between just 80 and 90 Nm. The maximum is 107 Nm at 4900 rpm. Compared to the curve of a smaller twin-cam 88 engine, it is downright a break. Because it shows with the same rotation-
number far more muscles with up to 110 Newton meters and are also more powerful in the lower and middle speed range.
Harley-Davidson Germany knows the misery and blames the German homologation because of its noise regulations. With more sonorous rear silencers, a changed mapping and changes to the air filter, the shady valley of the torque curve could turn into a sunny hill. But all of this would be illegal.
Given the torque curve, the amenities the Screamin ?? Eagle has to offer. While the handlebar cover is equipped with glittering clocks, speakers, radio and CD player, steel-sheathed lines decorate the entire brake system. They are having an effect. With a crisp pressure point, the brakes can simply be better controlled. Thanks to the lower fork and the shorter spring-
legs and now lower seat height, even small drivers find a safe footing. The fact that the thick ship keys down with the side stand even earlier in left turns is rather irrelevant.
The price is likely to be far more daunting for many interested parties. At 31,100 euros without additional costs, it is really not a special offer, goal has strictly limited piece of the Harley myth. For 28,995 euros is the Screamin ?? Eagle Fat Boy only marginally cheaper, but with identical performance characteristics. 3700 copies will be issued in 2005 and distributed worldwide. Only a few hundred of them should be loved in Europe-
find haber. There is not much left for Germany. You can probably make more noise elsewhere.

HD Screamin ‘Eagle Electra Glide review

The last scream

Technical specifications

Engine: air-cooled two-cylinder four-
45-degree V-engine, crankshaft transverse, two chain-driven camshafts below, two valves per cylinder, hydraulic valve lifters, bumpers, rocker arms, one-
injection, Ø 45 mm, unregulated Kata-
lysator, generator 494 W, battery 12 V /
28 Ah, five-speed gearbox, mechanically be-
Actuated multi-plate oil bath clutch, five-
gearbox, toothed belt.
Bore x stroke 98.3 x 111.0 mm
Cubic capacity 1690 cm3
Compression ratio 9.0: 1

Rated output 60 kW (82 hp) at 5400 rpm

Max. Torque 138 Nm at 3500 rpm

Pollutant values ​​(homologation) in g / km
CO 4.891 / HC 0.466 / NOx 0.211

Chassis: double loop frame made of steel, telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm, two-arm swivel-
ge made of steel, two spring struts, adjustable spring base, double disc brake at the front, Ø 292 mm, four-piston fixed calipers, discs-
rear brake, Ø 292 mm, fixed four-piston-

Cast aluminum wheels 3.00 x 16; 3.00 x 16

Tire MT 90 B16; MU 85 B16

Dunlop D 402 tires tested

Dimensions and weights: wheelbase 1613 mm, steering head angle 64 degrees, caster 157.5 mm, spring travel f / r 117/76 mm, seat height * 710 mm, weight with a full tank * 391 kg, payload * 179 kg, tank capacity 18.9 liters.

Two year guarantee

Colors yellow, blue, red

Price excluding additional costs 31,100 euros

MOTORCYCLE measurements

Top speed1 180 km / h

0 100 km / h 6.4 sec
0 ?? 140 km / h 12.9 sec

60 ?? 100 km / h 10.0 sec
100 ?? 140 km / h 16.3 sec

Speedometer deviation
Effective (display 50/100) 50/98 km / h

Consumption in the test
Country road 6.1 l / 100 km
at 130 km / h 8.0 l / 100 km
Fuel type super unleaded

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