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Honda CRF 450 X test

Red nose day

Big Red and Enduros ?? It has always been a difficult relationship. But finally Honda is providing the successful crosser with a hard enduro.

Down to earth instead of show business ?? Enduro trails in the undergrowth have their own laws. Apparently, Honda is more likely to flirt with the hip, glittering world of stadium crossers than with the enduro faction that sometimes fights in secret. This is the only way to explain that since the presentation of the inno-
Vative Crossers CRF 450 R a lot of time passed before the enduro version finally rolls to the starting line. After all, in Japan they knew how to use the time. Despite the amazing external similarity, the Enduro is different VS.RF 450 X engraving from the Crosser CRF 450 R.
The four-valve engine, which was roughly adopted, still has the crank drive and separate oil circuits for the gearbox and clutch. However, he received, among other things, an electric starter and a powerful-
more alternator. Honda also tuned the engine for enduro use specifically to ensure drivability in difficult conditions
Improve sections of the route with a softer throttle response. On the way into the enduro chassis, the single lost a whopping eight horsepower, with its measured 47 hp at 7600 rpm, it is still at a competitive level. And still very agile temperament
clearly reveals the proximity to the Crosser ?? A blessing and a curse at the same time. On non-slip floors and especially on the cross-piste, you will be happy about the brisk start and enjoy the liveliness of the Unicam character head. Rain on-
On the other hand, on the long, slippery forest paths, you sometimes wish for a gentler performance. Off-road novices in particular find it difficult to use this engine design under low-traction conditions.
The chassis, also derived from the Cross sister, hits the same line. The fork and shock absorber were specifically designed for enduro use-
fine, but the set-up is clearly based on the wishes of the hardliners and competition drivers. Anyone who beats the Honda over the trail with a firm grip on the standard Renthal handlebars will love the taut design. Finally, it forgives even the roughest blows without the load rocking restlessly. The chassis almost invites you to push the pace further.
At the same time, the Honda chassis can also do other things: Swinging over single trails with pleasure is just as fun, but the Honda doesn’t quite work
as calm and comfortable as the competition, which is sometimes noticeably softer. And too slow, trial-like one-
The driver occasionally interfered with the heated engine temperament: Because of its low flywheel mass, the four-valve engine needs to be kept in a good mood with a carefully controlled clutch so that it doesn’t stop working abruptly with a dull pop. Thanks to the precise, smooth-running clutch, this is no problem for experienced pilots.
When it comes to handling, the X clearly benefits from its Crosser genes. The ease and precision with which the red circled around narrow and wide arches inspires and quickly creates trust. The Enduro benefits from the seating position that is clearly oriented towards the steering head. Incidentally, the imposing aluminum frame brings a comparison
No significant weight advantages compared to the competition, with 117 kilograms the CRF outperforms the KTM competition by two kilograms, and the Austrian even has all of the competition’s electronics on board.
And what else did you notice? To the
Example of the perfectly functioning Kickstarter. You come to appreciate it at the latest when your dear colleagues have drained the electric starter battery in the underground car park garage dry test. At all are starting difficulties ?? whether cold, warm or scalding hot? no problem. Tea
The five-speed transmission, which is further spread for enduro use, shines with its inconspicuous precision. A sixth gear is only missing as a gentle gear on occasional asphalt stages. Unfortunately, the typical US equipment is not suitable for classic enduro competitions here in this country. Craft talent and a committed dealer are required. Because from Honda there is the X only without a vehicle registration, without TÜV parts and without a guarantee. So much for engagement in enduro sport.

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