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Honda FES 250 Foresight review

Great class

With the FES 250 Foresight, Honda wants to make up lost ground in the scooter upper class.

The comeback was due. After all, Honda was considered a pioneer in the field of large scooters in the past. With the Helix CN 250 the Japanese caused astonishment among the audience and long faces among the competition, but the grand master of all sofa scooters is now getting on in years. When driving their new large scooter, the Honda engineers limited themselves to a revision of the Helix four-stroke, but transplanted it into a new chassis.
The centrifugal clutch gently engages and sets the massive scooter in motion. The four-stroke engine works extremely quietly and largely vibration-free under the red plastic cover. The two-valve single, which has grown from 17 to 19 hp, is not lacking in performance: The Foresight accelerates from zero to 50 km / h in 3.7 seconds and to 80 km / h in just under nine seconds – remarkable valuesamong scooter riders. Just like the top speed of 115 km / h, which the Honda only reaches after a long run-up.
The chassis legitimizes the Foresight as a worthy Helix heir. You can hardly glide through the country so smoothly and comfortably with another scooter at the moment. Small bumps swallow up the spring elements without passing a whiff of them on to the crew. The pilot can also look forward to his comfortable seating position and good wind protection. The passenger, on the other hand, hits almost unhindered because of the raised seat cushion, and the rudimentary footrests force him to hold his legs unnaturally.
The downside of the softly designed chassis: The Foresight rolls slightly spongy around bends, it also punishes sporty driving with the center stand touching down and tilting around the longitudinal axis. But even if things are only going straight ahead, the disc, which is fixed to the handlebars, causes significant unrest in the chassis when driving fast.
Light and shadow also with the brakes. Honda’s own composite brake system CBS slows down the foresight vehemently and safely, but it takes a lot of getting used to. Because the left hand lever acts on the front and rear brakes, while the right hand lever only acts on two of the three front pistons, the left hand has to do most of the work. The parking brake, in which the left brake lever is blocked with a push button, can only be operated with great effort.
AT.Otherwise, the Foresight shines with well thought-out equipment and perfect functionality. The helmet compartment is generous, the light with the double headlights of the CBR 1100 XX extra class, and the fittings are as clear as they are complete. Of course, all of this has its price: 9790 marks are due for the Foresight, maybe a lot for a scooter, but little for such a pleasure glider.

Technical specifications

Honda FES250 ForesightMotor Water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, one overhead camshaft, two valves, round slide carburetor, Æ 30 mm, wet sump lubrication, transistor ignition, electric starter, no exhaust gas cleaningBore x stroke 72.7 x 60 mm displacement 249 cm³Compression ratio 10.5: 1Nominal output 19 hp (14 kW at 7000 rpm, max. Torque 2.2 kpm (21 Nm) at 5500 rpm, power transmission, centrifugal clutch, stepless automatic belt mechanism, chassis, tubular steel frame, telescopic fork (standpipe diameter 33 mm), drive unit swing arm with a spring strut with adjustable spring base, front disc brake with floating three-piston caliper, Æ 240 mm, rear drum brake, Æ 160 mm, CBS brake system, cast aluminum wheelsSpring travel f / r 89/96 mmRim size front / rear 2.75×12 / 3.5x12Tire size front 110 / 90-12 rear 130 / 70-12Service dataInitial inspection 1000 kmService intervals every 6000 km engine oil SAE 10 W 40 oil change every 6000 km filling quantity 1.1 liters tire approval no brand binding tire pressure front / rear 1.75 / 2.0 bar Dimensions and weights Turning circle 4370 mm Wheel load distribution 38/62% Weight with a full tank 162.5 kg Max. Load 179.5 kgSeat height 760 mmTank capacity 12 litersEquipment / PriceAvailable colors black, red, blueGuarantee two years with no mileage limitPrice incl. VAT 9490 MarkSupplementary costs 300 MarkMotorcycle measurementsMaximum speed km / h 115Acceleration 0-80 km / h sec 9.70-100 km / h sec 18, 1 Fuel consumption Fuel type Normal Test consumption liters / 100 km 3.5 Theoretical range km 343

The competitors

In the mid-eighties, a scooter set standards: the Honda CN 250 Helix (far right) spoiled its riders with a lounger-like seating position, litter-like frame and smooth engine running. For a long time, the first modern scooter with a 250cc four-stroke had no competition. It was not until 1995 that Yamaha presented the YP 250 Majesty (center), a large, sporty scooter. With its more dynamic chassis, better brakes and more powerful engine, it made the Helix look old. In the future, Suzuki will also be heavily involved in the sofa business. The Sky Wave 250 should be available in Germany from mid-1998. You can look forward to the high-tech scooter with 13-inch wheels, integral brake system and a four-valve engine as a drive source.

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