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Honda VT 750 C2 test

The true, the beautiful, the good

Concentrating on the essentials – that’s what it’s all about: Honda has understood.

This handlebar, my goodness – what a handlebar: so wide, so flat, so impudently confident. And this huge, sparkling clean lamp, in which you can find the weather conditions at a distance of 200 kilometers. Then the fork bridge – aluminum, brushed – with three neatly incorporated control lights. The covered standpipes, the speedometer in the classic look, the archetype of Tank: Honda has it all out. Know that now that cruisers are popping up like mushrooms, good styling is more important than ever. And the VT 750 C2 Shadow ACE, as the new one is called by first and last name, is definitely one of the best-looking flat irons on the market.
Nothing about it looks artificial or even silly, which could have gone wrong given the retro design and various chrome-plated plastic parts. But the VT makes oldies so natural that they would even buy whitewall tires and a swinging saddle from it.
But woe if left on. The moment the good piece starts emitting its first notes, the fantasies are over: with a soft splash, the silencer escapes exactly what the legislator wants. Gone are the roaring times, and who may regret that. But the fact that you need a keen ear to hear anything at all is a tragedy. After all, pleasant sound has nothing to do with noise.
The V-two-cylinder also acts just as cautiously as it sounds: free of any uncultivated behavior, without any noteworthy temperament. He takes a leisurely approach to pull-through and acceleration activities. No wonder, however, when you consider that the three-valve engine can only mobilize 45 horsepower and still has to bring 249 kilograms up to speed. The VT engine is definitely good for lazy shifting cruising around at contemplative speeds. Because even in fifth gear, from around 40 km / h, it hangs on the gas in a neat manner.
The water-cooled engine shows itself from its green side when it comes to environmental awareness: on the one hand it features this exhaust-gas-cleaning secondary air system and on the other hand it impresses with its relatively low fuel consumption. In everyday road use, the Vau-Zwo is content with 4.8 liters, at a constant 100 km / h it consumes only 3.5 liters, and real Sunday drivers might even get a liter back after 100 kilometers.
It may be that the determined maximum speed – it is 155 km / h – in the evening with two or three beers becomes more relevant. In real life, however, it means next to nothing: Because an ordinary mortal person comes under such pressure at this speed on the VT that he will give up sooner or later. From 130 km / h the body hangs in the airstream like an open umbrella.
Driving C2 at between 80 and 100 km / h feels casual: You sit in the comfortable saddle, your feet stretched far from you, you swing the truck around and the road is yours. Almost as beautiful as in these commercials, just without music. You feel: Something essential is right here. And the crazy thing is that it has very little to do with whether you are into cruising or not, that it is not even very closely related to the Honda in general, but much more to this powerful handlebar and the trappings described. This is exactly what gives the VT 750 C2 a very special touch.
But this extra-wide sail pole has other advantages than looking good and conveying solemn feelings: It makes a decisive contribution to the remarkably easy handling of the weighty Honda. Due to the enormous leverage, the thick ship can be maneuvered almost effortlessly through the country.
It is well known that cruisers are not particularly careful with springs and damping. The VT is no exception: its fork responds sensitively, but goes against the block early and vehemently, while the two struts are designed so tightly that the hindquarters can deal stronger blows on bad roads. But you can’t have everything: Low seat heights require short suspension travel, short suspension travel requires a harder set-up.
Since most of these earth-bound balancers do not advance into higher speed spheres anyway, they can afford one or the other chassis weakness. Of course, only as long as it doesn’t go into a tailspin, which, thank God, the VT doesn’t do. It always remains stable, does not rock or wriggle. Ruts alone bring her off the mark: As soon as one crosses the path, the Honda is already running after her. Without question a forgivable weakness that is widespread in cruiser circles, by the way. There are less known brakes that work reasonably well, but the C2 can serve that.
D.Committed to the good, Honda has concentrated on the essentials with the VT 750 C2. The result is a true cruiser. But the best thing about it, you don’t even know that: The VT is affordable, the price is hot. Or do you think 13,790 marks are too much for a handlebar?

Conclusion – Honda VT 750 C2 (T)

Now take another look at this handlebar. Okay, you don’t have to make up your mind right away. But believe it, if you hold it in your hands, everything will be pretty good. The VT 750 conveys exactly what a cruiser should convey: serenity. Even after 50 kilometers you can’t remember why you initially thought the V2 had too little power. For me, the C2 is an all-round successful motorcycle: stable chassis, economical engine, good design, fair price. Monika schulz

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