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KTM 950 Super Enduro R test

KTM Erzberg Edition

Too much is just enough for too few. That is why KTM is providing the "Erzberg edition" production of the huge 950 Super Enduro. One last off-road trip with the Monster Enduro.

Kinigadner, Sala, Tiainen ?? this series could be continued. What do these contemporaries have in common?? They are KTM factory riders, they are all huge and terribly powerful. And they have unearthly talent when it comes to off-road driving. People who fear neither death nor the devil and who have the necessary driving, physical and mental prerequisites to control a 100 hp, 200 kilo two-cylinder off-road. It was only because of such types that the KTM Super Enduro could exist at all.

KTM 950 Super Enduro R test

KTM Erzberg Edition

KTM the last 100 copies as? Erzberg-Editing ?? released into the wild. Individually numbered and decorated with special stickers. Aside from the image-enhancing special design, there are some functional extras for an extra charge of around 600 euros, above all the thundering Akrapovic titanium dampers. In addition, other goodies such as hand protectors, carbon covers on the engine or adjustable footrests. This special model got its name from the legendary Erzberg race in Austria, in which the machines are fired up the mountain on a wide gravel road at top speeds of over 180 km / h. A terrain where the power enduro is in its element. Otherwise, dealing with it is rather difficult.

This enduro is just too powerful
This can already be seen when you sit up. A lot of chaff is separated from very little wheat. Because a lot is missing in the seat height not to the full meter. Dimensionally, the Super Enduro looks like a scaled-up Enduro single. Which would not be a problem if the driver were also enlarged. From a height of two meters and a weight of 120 kilograms, the KTM might be a toy. For normal mortals, the fact that the center of gravity got very high, which subjectively increases the weight of almost 200 kilos with a full tank, is an added complication. For a 950 road machine, the Super Enduro is light, true, but a chunk for a sports enduro. If it leans just a little from the vertical, you have to react as fast as lightning and jump far so as not to be buried under the colossus. If you fall under the machine, you can call the breakdown service.

Nobody can stand that much smoke


With the Erzberg Edition, KTM says goodbye to the over-enduro.

Even on asphalt, 100 HP is a lot of wood. Off-road performance is known to weigh twice and three times. With 100 HP on a narrowly defined area, you feel like you are in a Turbo-Hayabusa on a winding pass road. So the V2 enduro fights for grip on loose ground in every speed range, the rear wheel spins practically all the time. It is of little use that the two-cylinder releases its power linearly and hangs nicely on the gas. Full throttle is completely impossible offroad anyway. If you forget that for a moment in the exuberance of emotions and wind the cable too briskly, you will lie down on your nose when driving straight ahead.

The country is too small for this machine
What to do with this monster milling machine? Where is space, space, outlet for the device? This KTM is not suitable for classic off-road competitions, too heavy, too sluggish. For the hearty fun on Saturday afternoon, you would need a military training area on your doorstep instead of an enduro course. The attempt attempt by KTM and BMW to establish a large two-cylinder class in off-road racing failed miserably. Only a few painless pilots dared to compete here and there. Most of these were coaxed with money ?? and were glad that it stayed with sporadic missions. The two-cylinder engines have even been banned from rally raid sports, where driving is carried out quickly in comparatively easy terrain. Too fast, too much power, too many serious accidents.

The rubbers are completely overwhelmed


At the limit: the Erzberg edition is limited to 100 copies.

The brutal smoke smokes any rubber that only has a hint of tunnels in no time at all. The standard Metzeler Karoo are certainly a decent compromised. On slippery terrain, however, they only interlock to a limited extent with their large blocks; on the street the soft rubber melts like butter in the sun when an attack is made. The Metzeler Enduro 3 included with the Erzberg Edition are only suitable for on-road or soft off-road use. Real enduro sports tires are not possible at all, the studs just fly around your ears. Insider tip for hearty off-road excursions: Metzeler Unicross, which grips moderately on the road, but good off-road ?? and he can take something. I have no idea what this tire was actually designed for, maybe a cross-sidecar?

Why this part turns on anyway
After all, there are only a handful of people left in addition to the KTM pros mentioned at the beginning who want to ride such an insane machine. Because if you approach things soberly, you simply won’t find any sense in this enduro. But how much sense do a Vmax, Turbo-Hayabusa or a Ducati Desmosedici make on the country road? Whether on- or off-road, there is something very special about it, always and everywhere performance without end up its sleeve. Power that you can only begin to enjoy. That has a lot of potential for addiction. It’s just a very special kick, something like respect at any time? not afraid ?? to feel. It is an incomparable feeling how this chunk with the long-stroke suspension at 130 km / h flattens bombed paths. And at some point you will be able to tell your grandchildren how you milled ten centimeters deep grooves up to the horizon on sandy paths in 2009 at 150 km / h. If you want to feel the madness on your own body, you have to hurry: The last copies of this type are available from individual dealers? BMW has long since stopped production of the Enduro HP2? as new machines in the shop window. After that, these motorcycles will be over, probably once and for all. Because building such monster devices will probably no longer be considered by a manufacturer. Understandable ?? but somehow a shame.

Technical data – KTM 950 Super Enduro R Erzberg Edition


No whispering bags: Akrapovic silencer with titanium cover.

Drive and chassis:
75-degree V-twin-cylinder, 942 cm3, 72.0 kW (98 PS) at 8500 rpm, constant pressure carburetor, six-speed gearbox, steel space frame, upside-down fork, directly hinged strut, spring travel f / h 250/255 mm , Tires v / h 90 / 90-21; 140 / 80-18, tank capacity 14.5 liters.

Weight with a full tank 198.5 kg
Top speed 200 km / h
Price 12,590 euros (excluding additional costs)

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