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Test: LSL-Triumph Thruxton Clubman (with video)

Conversion retro bike with the finest parts

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It may seem like it was from the time when real guys went out on real steel burners after the maloche, drank beer and thought Steve McQueen was the coolest guy: The LSL Clubman is damn modern.

jEvery motorcycle has its time. This is not meant historically at all, rather owing to the moment. 30 degrees and more, the jaunt around the city with an extended stop at the buddies – a few butts, a cold beer, talking about the old days and the best that tomorrow has to offer. Probably cool girls will come by … Who wants to whip out the racing stick, put on the one-piece leather suit and hit the Superduper racing helmet at the meeting at Luke’s shop? Boy, you’re not the King of Cool, but the sweaty sack with an appearance like a parrot – good luck with the brides!

But any kind of junk is out of the question. Show alone never makes you happy. But when it comes across a posh engine and the finest add-on and conversion parts, well, then the guys are amazed too. "Are those carburetors? Really, these are injectors? But in terms of performance probably rather poor, wa?" Totally wrong, Q-Bike from Hamburg struck. The flow is already optimized from the moment of intake. Enlarged inlet, enlarged air filter box – for this purpose, the battery moved under the swing arm. Channels, combustion chamber, everything finely finished. The intake camshaft became the exhaust cam, and a Bonneville from 1997 donated the new cams, which let the fuel-air mixture into the combustion chamber – thanks to sharper control times. The whole thing is neatly coordinated, finally a Remus system on it that trumpets a real man’s sound. Well over 80 hp, almost 12 more than standard, there is nothing to complain about. Well, the Clubman is not a lightweight at 223 kilograms, but with the plus in the engine it really accelerates adequately.

The performance itself is not bad either. If we leave out the subject of playful handiness – this is countered by the 18-inch tires used for visual reasons – the Clubman drives surprisingly well. The intensive chassis processing by LSL first and foremost gives the Cafe Racer a suitable incline. On the very narrow "Speed ​​match"-Stub handlebars grabbed, the upper body stretched far into the curve and the feet on the balls of the feet in the folding notches – so actively driven, the Krefeld LSL Clubman can be guided beautifully and fun-filled through the winding curves in front of town.

Beautiful details refine the Triumph Thruxton and impress with their functionality.

The Thruxton interpretation owes that this works so well to the efforts of the tuner Schmitz-Linkweiler to give the old-school king of cool racer the most modern possible geometry data. The fork offset shrank from 60 to 50 millimeters. At the rear, the Clubman has been raised moderately but effectively by 23 mm. Due to the shorter wheelbase (1495 mm), the motorcycle turns much more readily into the curve without losing stability at the apex. Even the pendulum tendency of the Thruxton on a straight track, criticized by PS in a retro bike test (PS 11/2008), the Clubman does not know, which is probably due to the extended caster.

However, this also has a lot to do with the dampers. The plane is then really sharp, can be moved quickly and sportily and wakes up the tough man in one, if both the 43 mm fork with Ohlins and the WP stereo struts are hard, but for whom the shaking is too violent, thanks to the chassis reserves and the setting options, it also has a gentle cycle.

The brake doesn’t have that in its range at all. It is a bit restrained in its viciousness, but the delay that can be called up allows experienced drivers to spit mightily into the soup of one or the other colleague on modern motorcycles. The ensemble of Galfer brake disc, CNC-milled caliper holder and four-piston Brembo calipers also looks delicious. Anyway, this Cafe Racer doesn’t skimp on optical delicacies, which the girls at the tattoo shop also notice. The bike makes an impression. When the long-legged blonde in tow from Luke’s friend Marnie finally finds out that there is also a sharpened 1000 in the garage for the racetrack, she wants to know more about it. The departure for the garage inspection is immediate. So we come full circle, guys: every bike has its time.

Conclusion: The Clubman is a show and tuning bike at the same time. She can be whipped across the country road with a lot of fun and sporty demands, and she got even more punch. The appearance alone is a stunner: that’s cool, no question about it. The price causes hot flashes, because the engine tuning and the extensive range of parts can be bought for a proud penny with the basic bike.

Technical specifications

Drawing: archive

The performance diagram of the LSL-Triumph Thruxton Clubman.

The tuning ( gives the Thruxton significantly more power from the important medium speeds. At the top it gets really sporty, and just over 80 hp is perfect for the country road.

Two-cylinder in-line engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 59.9 kW (81 hp) at 8600 rpm, 77.7 Nm at 6100 rpm, 865 cm3, bore / stroke 90.0 / 68.0 mm, compression ratio 11.0: 1, ignition / injection system , 39 mm throttle bodies, mechanically operated multi-plate clutch, five-speed transmission

landing gear:
Steel tubular space frame, steering head angle: 64 degrees, caster: 99 mm, wheelbase: 1495 mm. Telescopic fork, Ø fork inner tube: 41 mm, adjustable in spring base, rebound and compression. Duo spring struts, adjustable in spring base and rebound. Suspension travel front / rear: n / a.

Wheels and brakes:
Forged alloy wheels, 2.50 x 18"/4.25 x 18", Front tires: 110/80 ZR 18, rear: 150/70 ZR 18. Tires: Bridgestone Michelin BT 012 SS. 300 mm double disc brake with four-piston fixed calipers, 255 mm single disc with single-piston floating caliper at the rear

Measurements and weight:
Length / width / height 2160/710/1170 mm, seat / handlebar height 805/940 mm, handlebar width 710 mm, 223 kg fully fueled, f / r 47.4 / 52.6%

Rear wheel power in last gear:
59.5 kW (81 PS) at 222 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 / 150/200 km / h 4.5 s / 9.5 s / 26.2 s
Pulling speed 50-100 / 100-150 km / h 7.1 s / 7.8 s

Top speed: N / A.

Fuel type super unleaded

Price: approx. 15,300 euros (with delivered motorcycle)

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