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Benelli Tornado Tre Biposto test

The unfinished

Benelli Tornado Tre ?? a charismatic motorcycle with two faces: fabulously drivable, but imperfect. What not only revealed the first test.

Few motorcycles can claim to attract a lot of attention, even though they haven’t done any great feat. The Benelli Tornado Tre did. Like the other day in the paddock of the Spanish race track in Calafat. Although the object of desire, expensive for 17,000 euros, was still discreetly hidden in the van, a large number of race training participants pressed their noses on the side windows to catch a glimpse? and immediately afterwards to passionately discuss the two-seater Tornado variant.
Supporters of the Japanese four-cylinder faction and avowed Italo fans got excited about the capabilities of the Italian beauty. They only agreed on one point: The truth, as is well known, is lying on the track, nowhere else. And a few days earlier, the Tre had caused a sensation. Christer Lindholm, multiple German Superbike champ, had it ?? according to persistent rumors ?? Have a blast during test drives and burn respectable times with the Benelli in the furrowed asphalt of the tricky Calafat extremely slope. However, only until a technical defect prevented further heroic deeds.
Which made the capricious nature of the Benelli obvious. Even the test motorcycle prepared by importer Ronald Marz was not spared from teething troubles. After just a few laps of comfortable rolling in, oil was leaking from the clutch release mechanism. Fortunately, colleague Koch noticed this faux pas in good time. One of the three screws on this mechanism was too long, so it pried out the small cover when pulling the clutch.
Fixed bug, hit the slopes again. What is immediately noticeable: The seating position of the Tre is lower than that of the Limited Edition, which smaller people in particular take good note of because it makes contact with the ground easier. You quickly get used to the forward-facing posture and the characteristic knob at the end of the tank: sporty, but not uncomfortable. After a short time, trust grows, and the first tires chosen by the brand Dunlop D 207 RR come up to operating temperature.
And then the familiar feeling from the last test of the sinfully expensive Limited Edition sets in again: Like hardly any other supersport motorcycle on the market, the Tre drives neutrally, purposefully and with absolute precision the line desired by the driver. The Italians really put a finely balanced motorcycle on the Brembo wheels. The chassis components make a good contribution to this charming trait. Benelli does without exclusive Ohlins parts for the Tre. The attractive upside-down fork comes from Marzocchi, the fully adjustable shock absorber is supplied by Extreme Technology, which is still unknown in Germany. Even ambitious sports drivers have nothing to complain about with these components, on the contrary. Especially in fast corners, the combination of a stiff frame gives you a feeling of ?? a mix of steel pipes and aluminum castings ?? Federelemten a full feeling of security.
Why the belief in oneself and in the skills of the Tre grow from round to round. In addition, because the four-piston calipers from Brembo bite into the 320 brake discs powerfully and easily adjustable, the braking points are therefore chosen more and more optimistically. Everything could be so beautiful if the clutch didn’t play tricks on you again. The fact that it works just as stiffly as it is difficult to dose is still tolerable. You can also come to terms with the gnarled gearbox, which is more or less difficult to shift depending on the load. Even the fact that the idle search is de facto a game of luck is borne out by a Benelli fan with stoic composure. However, the fun stops with the moody work attitude of the slipper clutch, which is currently heavily in fashion. When shifting down several gears quickly, the part separates so differently that the braking effect on the rear wheel sometimes fails completely. This leads to adrenaline rushes for the driver, hails the line and under certain circumstances ends in the gravel. It gets really mean when the clutch engages again at a completely inappropriate moment: after turning in, right at the apex of the curve. Thank goodness the good-natured and good-natured D 207 RR rear tire prevented worse. According to the importer in March, this is an isolated case that Benelli nevertheless has to deal with as quickly as possible.
If the technicians are already busy with the engine, they can also rethink the tuning of the three-cylinder. The engine is more potent than ever: with a measured 130 hp, the charismatic treble stands great in the drilling. Even the noticeable drop in performance at 7000 rpm does not bother us too much, the good performance proves that. When pulling through, the skilfully translated Tre holds a Ducati 999 in check. But in terms of load changes, there are worlds between a Duc and a Benelli. Their harsh load change reactions when applying the gas are quite annoying, especially on country roads. Another indication that the Italians do not yet have the injection system under control are the unprecedented high consumption figures: 8.6 liters during a deliberately moderate country road drive are too much of a good thing. On the racetrack, the triplet flared over 18 liters per 100 kilometers. It is difficult to imagine how the Benelli meets the current emissions standards with this vote.
Und even at the sound of the treble goes overboard. No test stamp in the Arrow rear silencer helps, no ecstatic faces on the pit wall hide it: the Italian is simply far too loud. Many a race track operator will therefore show her the red card. Not to mention German law enforcement officers.
This Biposto impressively proves that Benelli can build chassis, but the Tre is still a long way away from a complete motorcycle that justifies its price in all surfaces. She undoubtedly has the potential to become a big one, but before that there is still a lot of hard work so that the bearer of hope Tornado Tre does not go into the anals as "the unfinished".

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