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Test: Lohmann-Kawasaki 1400 GTR

Dead easy

A very special GTR: more power in the lower gears with a clutch that is easy to pull – thanks to electro-hydraulic actuation.

It was 1999 when a carpenter from the Kawasaki dealer Michael Lohmann’s clientele lost all of his left fingertips in an accident at work. In order to enable the man to continue riding his motorcycle, Michael Lohmann designed a hydraulic control. At the expense of the trade association. In the meantime, the Kawa expert from Langenhagen near Hanover has a lot of know-how about easier clutch operation. He holds a patent for a hydraulically operated clutch without springs on a ZX-6R, which the Federal Ministry of Economics sponsored.

Test: Lohmann-Kawasaki 1400 GTR

Dead easy


The exclusive hydraulic cylinder sits in front of the silencer.

Every time the clutch is pulled, the idle control light flashes as a visual feedback, the hydraulic cylinder whistles softly. Coupling with the ignition off is impossible. When the engine is running, the standard gear indicator in the cockpit shows either "0" for idle or a "6th" in every gear engaged. Because the GTR à la Lohmann, the aisle-specific throttling of gears one to four was operated out. This is ensured by the one available for various Kawas and Suzuki "GI-Pro" at 119 euros.

This separate gear indicator with built-in electronic throttle deactivator leads the engine management to believe that it is always in the gear with the highest power output. Which then releases full torque in gears one to four. The result: great thrust in every situation, see box above. The whole thing accompanied by a hoarse "Wroop, wroop" – the Leovince titanium silencer for 589 euros on the series manifolds barks deeply and muffled, but not too loud. Manual clutch power of a 125cc paired with the pressure and sound of an uncorked 1400cc. Not just great after a long day of driving in the comfortable GTR seat.

Contact and further information: Motor Cycle Tuning Lohmann, Gieseckenkamp 19, 30851 Langenhagen, Telephone 0511/744212, Internet:

MOTORCYCLE measurements


Diagram: power on the crankshaft. Measurements on Dynojet roller test stand 250, corrected according to 95/1 / EG, maximum possible deviation ± 5%

Compared to the two previous GTR generations, the Lohmannsche 1400 also delivers full power in gears one to four. It hangs great on the gas, accelerates faster from standstill and pulls through better in fifth and sixth gear.

Performance comparison measurements:


 Manufacturer information  0-100 km / h
 0-140 km / h
 0-200 km / h
 Kawasaki 1400 GTR model 2007
 3.2  5.2  10.4
 Kawasaki 1400 GTR model 2010
 3.2  5.2  10.4
 Lohmann-Kawasaki 1400 GTR  3.0  4.9  9.9


 Manufacturer information  60-100 km / h
 100-140 km / h
 140-180 km / h
 Kawasaki 1400 GTR model 2007
 5.6  5.4  6.5
 Kawasaki 1400 GTR model 2010
 5.6  5.0  6.4
 Lohmann-Kawasaki 1400 GTR  5.3  4.8  5.8



  • Clutch actuation: hand lever can be pulled with one finger
  • Power: Significantly more torque in the lower gears
  • Driving performance: noticeably better
  • Seat: Changed, top comfort
  • Wind protection: Large screen from the factory accessories provides great protection 


  • Conversion costs: Probably only make this coupling interesting if there are real problems with the hand / forearm
  • Weight: around 310 kilograms
  • Coupling metering: slightly different

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