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Racing machine with an automatic switch in both directions

Race bike: Kubiak & Mohr-Yamaha YZF-R6

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Crazy! With this R6 you only have to couple the clutch twice per ride. Once for start-up and at the end for idling.

D.he R6 looks like a bike that nervously falls into a curve. This impression is reinforced if you were previously on the road with the big racing sister R1. It’s unbelievable how different the handling is, even though the R6 rolls on wide 190/55 Dunlop slicks with standard rims. After two laps there is trust, the braking points move forward, the accelerator is pulled up earlier and the driving line is more aggressive. About the chassis, a closed-cartridge fork conversion from Ohlins at the front, a TTX36 shock absorber from the same manufacturer at the rear, one can only say this much: it fits. It turns willingly, is stable in an inclined position and gives clear feedback when accelerating.

The 137 hp engine pulls wonderfully freely on the chain. For this purpose, optimized intake hoppers were installed in connection with a complete Bodis system and the engine was matched to it on the test bench – including shifting the ignition timing. Okay, that’s all really great. But not exactly surprising either, after all, Jesco Gunther should take the Supersport title at the end of the season. The Motec ECU, on the other hand, is astonishing: in addition to traction control, launch control and regulation of the engine brake, it has something very special in store: an automatic switch in both directions. For upshifting and downshifting. First you chase the gears through the gearbox up to top speed. Without clutching, just by pressing the gear lever. Even with series machines, this is sometimes standard today. But then you shoot at the braking point: anchor the first comrades-in-arms. Anchoring other comrades-in-arms. Anchor the last comrades-in-arms. Now! Step into your iron and comfortably step down the aisles.


Motec ECU costing 15,000 euros: launch control, six-stage traction control, six-stage engine brake and automatic gearshift.

Thump, thump, thump. With every shift, the Motec ignition unit activates the throttle valve, briefly double-declutching and allowing the gears to slide smoothly through the transmission. Madness! While other drivers are heating up their left hand, you can concentrate on the turning point undisturbed. It’s hard to believe how cleanly the power connection to a lower gear takes place – even when downshifting in full lean position the rear wheel only twitches briefly. Unfortunately, this is currently only possible with the Motec ignition unit and is therefore at least 15,000 euros expensive. Dear manufacturer, it has to go into series production! This is a whole new fun factor. It’s so funny that you even lose sight of the fuel gauge. Or ignored.

I’m still standing on the grass verge. Suddenly a motor at the entrance of the parabolic steroids briefly howls. AT Fireblade driver dismounts via highsider. Driver okay, the machine less. The towing service brings us back to the paddock, where the Kubiak & Mohr team is jumping around excitedly. All right, friends. Your double gearshift is really awesome. I only need a few more liters of fuel.

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