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Limited Edition Walz Ducati Louis 75

The lightness of the dream turned metal

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There are motorbikes that you just want to stare at. The Walz Ducati from Louis then goes one step further: You just have to drive it – and you’re caught!

Dream bikes are individual – this characteristic determines the eye of the beholder or is based on the development: someone has a precise idea and then implements it. Actually, because motorcycle accessory giant Detlev Louis and star designer Marcus Walz created a bike from the wishes of thousands of Louis customers that is completely like a dream bike. One served as the basis D.ucati Sport 1000. The goal was roughly defined: It should be a cafe racer – a stylish bike for Louis’ 75th company anniversary. The only condition: the add-on parts should largely come from the retailer’s range. Louis customers could use Facebook to determine where which attachments were to be used, and bike builder Marcus Walz had to adhere to their wishes and specifications. "Sometimes I was really relieved to see how much style the people showed," said Walz about this unique approach.

Limited Edition Walz Ducati Louis 75

The lightness of the dream turned metal


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Handcrafted Akrapovic exhaust system

This creative mixture has turned into a desirable and at the same time street-legal highlight, which we were allowed to whisk away from the showroom of the Stuttgart branch for one day. Envious looks from customers and employees follow us as we make our way off on the bike.

With a deep rumble from the exhaust system hand-made by Akrapovic, we roll across the streets, enjoying the lightness of the dream turned metal among us. Unusually for Ducati, the clutch can be dosed as smoothly as butter – perfect for a cafe racer who has to swim along in urban traffic. On top of that, it is narrow, so you don’t have to queue up in a traffic jam in even the narrowest streets. The "Louis 75" was ultimately built for driving.

Her Thousand Desmo heart remained unopened, only the mapping was adapted to the new exhaust and an anti-hopping clutch installed. The Ohlins fork of a Ducati 999 R not only looks good, but also provides the finest feedback from the front wheel. The hindquarters also enjoy a Swedish chassis component, but in contrast to the original bike, this is a decentralized monoshock variant.

The brakes are sheer madness!

The Duc whispers nimbly through the track, seduces you to relaxed speed cruising in the low three-digit speed range on the digital cockpit display. Long turns and short turns are perfect, the brakes are sheer madness. The Brembo monoblock calipers bite like mad into the Lucas wave discs. The compact seating position is perfectly fine, emptying a tank in one go is no problem at all. After the enjoyable joy ride, it’s back to the cafe. Parked in pole position, we enjoy the unobstructed view of the baby and she immediately sucks not only the looks, but also the thoughts.

"Louis 75"-Ducati is a total work of art

She seems to be lolling in front of us. The beautifully shortened rear end with aluminum cladding form a crisp, lively butt. Over the hand-sewn Alcantara leather of the seat – this delicate waist – the enamored gaze wanders to the tank, another masterpiece. Seemingly made from a single piece, but in truth made of individual aluminum sheets hand-cut and welded together, it gives the racer its wiry shape.

The icing on the cake is the fine paintwork. The base coat "Anniversario Rosso" is a Ducati paint that was applied by Maze Grafx, which is known not only in insider circles, and refined with the hand-painted anniversary logo and matching decorative stripes. The fact that the “Louis 75” Ducati is a total work of art is noticeable at the latest when the coffee on the bistro table has grown cold while looking at it.

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