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EICMA Milan 2017

Full throttle on two wheels: the motorcycle novelties for 2018

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SP-X / Ulf BOhringer
EICMA Milan 2017: The great variety

The Milan Motorradmesse EICMA illustrates that the motorcycle market is characterized by great variety despite the still current retro focus in the future. Site shows the novelties.

The European motorcycle market has always been extremely diverse – and that will be so in the future, is obvious at ECMA 2017. Particularly diligent in Milan show the development departments of BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati and Yamaha; At least four or more neumodes can be seen at the stands of these manufacturers. In addition, there are still some fundamental new developments of other brands.


Thus, the Italian special manufacturer Energica with the Essesse9 a new electric motorcycle, KTM sends with the 790 Duke a very sporty middle-class nakedbike into the race, Yamaha presents Niken, the first three-wheeled motorcycle in the world (with internal combustion engine), with the Elettrica is the First electrified series Vespa to see and Kawasaki shows with the model H2 SX a tour sports variant of its compressor rocket H2 with 210 hp power.

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Five technical highlights

Five motorcycles are considered in the eyes of industry experts as technical highlights of the Milan Messe: The Ducati Panigale V4 with the first series-V4 engine in the company’s history of Italians, which clearly slimmed Honda Goldwing with seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and six-cylinder boxer engine, the extremely sporty Spitz configured excellently equipped KTM 790 Duke with two-cylinder parallel twin, the Kawasaki H2 SX with the everyday liter four-cylinder compressor motor and the tricycle motorcycle Niken of Yamaha. The stuff to the quantity flyer has probably been the KTM alone from this circle, whose price is hearing under 10.000 Euro should be.

Video: BMW Vision Next – the motorcycle from the day after tomorrow

Mechanics is the new luxury: this works the motorcycle of tomorrow

Motorcycle News 2018-luxury this works motorcycle tomorrow

Site / Wochit Mechanics is the new luxury: this works the motorcycle of tomorrow


At BMW, the booth is mainly the voluminous K 1600 Grand America, which is designed as the extremely luxurious long-range motorcycle and has the fulminant six-cylinder series motor with 160 hp. For a long time, the mid-range travel enduros F 750 GS and F 850 GS were reconstructed, both reconstructed from the first to the last screw. It is noticeable that many equipment details have been adopted by the Boxer GS models: TFT display, fastening of the Vario suitcase system, multi-controller on the handlebar and much more will have a class deeper in the future. Mainly on Southern Europe markets, the first mid-range scooter C 400 X is aimed at Bayern.

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SP-X / Ulf BOhringer BMW K1600 Grand America


Ducati presents in Milan except the Diva Panigale V4 with 214 hp power and only 198 kilograms of weight two more important novelties: The Scrambler 1100 with air-cooled V2 engine expands the Scrambler series up, the Multistrada 1200 receives a displaceable engine with 1.262 Cubic centimeters and 158 hp.


Harley-Davidson has seen in Milan surprising at the still brand new Softail series and conjured up the ninth model from the hat with the Sport Glide. Characteristics of the novelty are a removable lamp mask and chic side cases that can also be easily dismantled.

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SP-X / Ulf BOhringer Harley-Davidson Sport Glide


Honda lays the focus on his CB called Nakedbikes and introduces three attractive models with CB 1000R, CB 300R and CB 125R, whose resemblance is obvious. In Germany, the second version of the Honda Africa Twin with nickname "Adventure Sports" with greater tank and longer feather trends. Both the two 125 Super Cub and "Monkey" will soon find the way to the German roads, even if they are officially displayed as a concept bikes.


With the three models Svitpilen 401 and 701 and Svartpilen 401, the KTM secondary mark Husqvarna starts in spring 2018 the new road motorcycle age. The design of the Austro bikes with the Swedish name is perceived by a variety of viewers as groundbreaking; For the technically flawless function guarantees corporate nut KTM, from which the single-cylinder engines come from.

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SP-X / Ulf BOhringer Husqvarna Svartpilen 701

The 20 percent more engine power promises the US traditional brand Indian for all models with the Thunderstrake 111 engine. He makes 87 hp from new model year, and the torque grows significantly. In addition, Indian in Milan is confined to becoming a look at the future: The AMIS will probably be incorporated their successes in the Flattrack racing series into a production model that can be seen on the EICMA as a study.


Kawasaki’s model offensive does not seem to weaken. In addition to the Z 900RS, the CAFE version of the 110 hp classic bike can be seen, with lamp holding in the style of the 70s, changed handlebar and modified seating position made very consistent. Technically particularly demanding was the further development of Kawasaki’s super-international compressor skills H2 to a highly potent sports tourer. The new Ninja H2 SX fascinates with its unique design language and offers 210 hp power from the four-cylinder engine with a liter of displacement when the RAM-AIR system is active.

Motorcycle News 2018-news

SP-X / Ulf BOhringer Kawasaki H2 SX

The lattice pipe frame was also newly developed and offers the possibility for mounting luggage suitcases. In addition to the basic version, the manufacturer offers the SE variant, which offers an electronically controlled cornering light and various other electronic info as the first Kawasaki. Much sporty, also 200 hp Kawasaki ZX-10R SE; It as the first "green" motorcycle has a semi-active suspension and damping system. Basic is the Superbike ZX-10R.


Except for the sevice 790 Duke with new 105 hp parallel apartment stands at the KTM stand of the prototype 790 adventure at the center of the visiting interest. You may be curious how close the expected production model to be expected in 12 months will come to the clay-smeared exhibit.


Moto Guzzi shows in Milan next to two design variations of the cute V7 a look into the near future: With the V85 you want to build on the travel competence of the company history. The new, continuously air-cooled engine should be achieved with about 80 hp from 850 cubic centimeters displacement a new performance center. The series version will be on the streets at the end of 2018 / beginning.

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SP-X / Ulf BOhringer Moto Guzzi v85 concept


Suzuki shows nothing new in Milan. Only to a model variant of the middle class model SV 650 has been enough: The SV 650x jumps up with headlamp holding and subtle changes to tank design and seat on the retrowable.


Triumph has revised profoundly his two travel enduros Tiger 800 and Tiger 1200. The driving behavior as well as the equipment sizes should be won. The displaceable version now has six driving modes and numerous other electronics finesse, but at the same time, according to triumph, depending on the equipment version up to eleven kilograms of weight lost and at the same time to 141 hp.


Externally clearly recognizable as Vespa, the new Elettrica breaks with the internal combustion engine. The electricity Vespa announced for the spring 2018 is from an electric motor with 4 kW (CA. 5.5 hp) Maximum power powered and thus expect the dynamics of a 50 cubic scooter; The range should be 100 kilometers. More in this regard the Elettrica X, which has a smaller battery, but a gasoline-powered generator for the range extension. This should be possible 200 kilometers possible. In the course of 2018 you will be able to buy the e-vespa. The price has not been mentioned yet.

Video: The oldest Vespa in the world

Oldest Vespa of the world is auctioned

Motorcycle News 2018-Mechanics luxury this works motorcycle tomorrow

Site / Wochit Oldest Vespa of the world is auctioned


An absolute special at the fair is the three-wheel bike Niken of the Japanese manufacturer Yamaha. It has a tilt technique, so that the two front wheels always act in parallel. For more precise wheel guide, there is a double-executed USD telegabel left and right. Niken is powered by the 850 cubic centimeter large 115-hp three-cylinder engine from MT-09. For the annoyance of Yamaha dealers, you have to have a motorcycle driver’s license for the Niken, because Yamaha classified it accordingly. Simply not to realize sales degrees, with a price of good 13.000 Eurumber. A Yamaha MT-09 with the same engine is just under 9.To have 000 euros.

Geneva Salon 2017 – from AMG to Porsche: Here you can see the Geneva highlights in the video

Motorcycle News 2018-Mechanics luxury this works motorcycle

Site / Wochit Geneva Salon 2017 – from AMG to Porsche: Here you can see the Geneva highlights in the video


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