Motorcycle with a 1920s look – The Black Douglas Sterling

The Black Douglas Sterling Countryman Deluxe

Motorcycle in the 20s look

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An Italian manufacturer with an English name builds motorcycles in the style of the 1920s: The Black Douglas Motorcycle Co. has been practicing this concept since 2011. The Milanese want to expand their sales with the new series.

The name of the new pattern works B.lack Douglas with the tried and tested: Sterling Countryman Deluxe – a pound from the country who promises luxury? First to the facts: The series is offered as a 125 model with 9.5 kW and as a 250 model with 11.5 kW engine power. The single-cylinder four-stroke engine is air-cooled and complies with the Euro 4 emissions standard. The motorcycle is 2.18 meters long, 0.83 meters high and weighs just over 100 kilograms.

Black Douglas Sterling from 9,990 euros

The Black Douglas Sterling Countryman Deluxe, produced in small series, can also be personalized on customer request: a wide range of colors and various saddle options are available. A luggage rack can be mounted instead of the pillion seat. Bags made of fabric and leather or a wicker basket are optionally available.

With the Black Douglas Sterling Countryman Deluxe you are well equipped for a luxurious picnic excursion in the country. With a price of 9,990 euros for the 125 and 11,790 euros for the 250 model, the sterling as the namesake also makes sense: The high degree of individuality comes at a proud price.

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