New Harley-Davidson-V2 with 2,147 cm³ and 123 hp


New Harley-Davidson-V2 with 2,147 cm³ and 123 hp

New Harley-Davidson-V2

With 2,147 cubic centimeters to 123 hp on the bike

Harley-Davidson has launched a new Big Bore V2 under its performance label Screamin Eagle. The Stage IV 131 ci-Kit offers 2,147 cm³ displacement and up to 123 hp on the rear wheel.

I.The Milwaukee-Eight Stage IV kit for engines with an output displacement of 114 or 117 cubic inches is available at a price of around $ 3,500 in the official US Harley-Davidson online store. “Go big or go home”, writes Harley about the offer, which offers the largest two-cylinder cylinder from the official Harley range to date. The kit should fit in touring models from 2017.

Completely new interior


The package includes new CNC-milled cylinder heads with a valve cross-section that has been enlarged by one millimeter and newly shaped combustion chambers, sharper camshafts, new pistons designed to increase compression, new cylinders, a throttle valve housing with a 64-millimeter passage and a new intake tract, and new exhaust manifolds plus other small parts. If the complete kit is installed by an authorized dealer within 60 days of purchase, the factory warranty should also be retained. Harley gives a one-year warranty on the kit components themselves.

Powerful curves


The performance values ​​that Harley promises for the kit in combination with a road-going exhaust system are impressive. With a displacement of 2,147 cubic centimeters, the V2 should then deliver 123 hp at 5,500 rpm on the rear wheel. The maximum torque should be the equivalent of 178 Nm at 4,000 tours. In the USA, the conversion meets all legal requirements for legal road operation. If you don’t want to convert, you can also get a complete 131 engine from Harley-Davidson. Here prices start at $ 6,195. According to information from Harley-Davidson Germany, the 131-ci engines are currently not approved in Germany.

Alternative from Bertl’s

But performance-hungry Harley riders don’t look completely into the tube. The committed Harley dealer Bertl’s (Unterhaid and Gera) has a 128 engine (2.1 liter displacement) with 139 hp at 5,720 tours on the rear wheel and a maximum torque of 193 Nm at 4,020 rpm with street approval.

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