New Honda models


New Honda models

New Honda models

Lucky oversight

An “Internet accident” happened to them, say the people from the American Honda importer. They accidentally unlocked secret photos on their homepage. We say thank you for this pleasant accident.

It’s funny that internet accidents most often happen to those who are best at handling the medium. But no matter whether it’s a real mishap or a nice PR fairy tale, the main thing is that there is the precious photo. This shows a completely new motorcycle. The engine, exhaust, frame, swing arm and, last but not least, the design have evolved energetically from the well-known Fireblade. Particularly noticeable: the abandonment of the exhaust system pulled under the rear in favor of the right-hand rear silencer and the short fairing front with the raised headlights. Unusual for conservative Blade fans, but definitely original and attractive. Since the photo shows the US version, Europeans have to remove the side reflectors on the fork and license plate holder and add Fireblade lettering on the side of the fairing.
The new sporty flagship from Honda has become lighter and will shine with the best “power-to-weight ratio”, that is, the cheapest power-to-weight ratio in its class. Assuming similar dietary successes as with the CBR 600 RR, the 1000 series would have lost around eight kilograms, and therefore weigh 197 kilograms with a full tank of fuel. In order to achieve the cheapest power-to-weight ratio before the Suzuki GSX-R 1000, the motorcycle needs at least 173 hp, the factory specification of the predecessor was 171. Because the engine was visibly redesigned, one can even hope for a little more than two hp growth.
Do you put two enlarged photos of the old and new blades on top of each other? The best orientation is the front wheel ??, so it is noticeable that the crankshaft of the new engine is several centimeters further forward and higher than before. The pivot point made the hike, the wheelbase of the new one is a little longer. Which at the same time reveals that the swing arm has become longer. These changes suggest better handling and more grip when accelerating. The editorial team will receive further information for the next issue of MOTORRAD.
Photos and information about the new one flowed without any accidents S.hadow 750 into the network; but it’s not just because they are far less spectacular. Because most of the things that characterize the new Shadow vintage are already familiar from the Spirit, such as the front brake or the exhaust system with the two shotgun silencers. Injection and catalytic converter ensure Euro 3-compliant emissions. The cute front wheel and fender have remained.

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