New items 2004


New items 2004

For example: Cagiva Raptor X3

V-twin cylinder 996 cm3 106 HP Price k. A..

It is not yet entirely certain whether it will really be launched and when. Let’s just take the Raptor X3 as a richly decorated sign of life from Cagiva. Carbon and titanium parts are almost mandatory, one should also note the raised silencers. The technology freak can turn to the Brembo brake-
zdelight with four single rubbers or the fork with the carbon-coated sliding tubes. All large Raptors, whether they are called X3, X-tra, V or just Raptor 1000, get a steering damper installed in front of the lower triple clamp. Not a bad idea, because if the V2 engine from Suzuki cracks, no front wheel will remain on the ground.

Ducati ST 3

V-twin cylinder 992 cm3
102 hp 10,995 euros

It should be a torque motor for the new sports tourer, but one with over 100 hp. The solution consists in a 992 three-valve V2 with double ignition, which presses 92 Newton meters as the culmination of a full torque curve. The water-cooled three-valve engine was even lighter than the old air-cooled two-valve engine. In addition to the ST 3, the entire ST series received a new, pleasing front paneling that was drawn higher for better wind protection. Thanks to a modified design, the handlebar position is now adjustable, and a modified seat shape is intended to improve driving comfort.

Ducati 749 R.

V-twin cylinder 749 cm3
113 hp 19,795 euros

Ducati wants to attack again in the Supersport World Cup. With a very hot iron, which as the 749 V2 in the racing version should produce 140 hp and turn 13,000 rpm. What does the engine need for this? the production model already gets an ultra-short stroke, large inlet cross-sections and lightweight titanium valves. On the chassis, Ohlins spring elements, forged wheels and a reinforced swing arm stand out. And the red painted frame is also an eye-catcher.

Harley-Davidson XL 1200 R Sportster, 1200 Roadster

V-twin cylinder 1202 cm3
67 hp 10960 euros

Revolutionary: the »Evolution« engine of the four new Sportster models. It now hangs in rubber mounts in the frame, which has also been renovated, and thanks to a lighter crank drive and “high-flow” cylinder heads, it can now deliver a hefty 54 hp in the 883 and even 67 hp in the 1200. A new addition to the Sportster family is the 1200 Roadster, which is to build on the first Sportster models from 1953.

Harley-Davidson Road King Custom

V-twin cylinder 1449 cm³ 71 hp 20,530 euros

Harley calls the look of the new Road King Custom “California Beach”. Which means: minimalism and concentration on the essentials characterize the design. So no disguise, no decorations, leather saddlebags with concealed hanging. The rear is lowered, which should give the custom an elongated look. The air-assisted struts can be adapted to the load and the driver’s wishes.

Honda CRF 250 R.

Single cylinder 249 cm3
36 hp 7290 euros

Honda’s new four-stroke engine for the small class looks like a shrunk 450, and the engine of the CRF 250 R is identical to the Unicam head. MOTORRAD tester Dietmar Lacher was able to see for himself on the deep sandy track in Balen / Olmen, Belgium, whether the single-cam design is also suitable for small, high-revving engines. Concerns about competitiveness are unfounded, the single cylinder pulls ahead with impressive thrust even from low revs. The usable band is extremely wide, because if necessary, the Honda turns far beyond its rated speed of 11,000 rpm, even if the power in the uppermost range decreases a little. At its peak, the CRF should reach the level customary in its class. The Honda certainly sets standards in terms of handling. As light as a feather and perfectly balanced, it hops over tables and jumps, and with unimagined nonchalance it bends over braking waves and grooves into extended berms. The suspension reacts sensitively to adjustment work, responds cleanly and even smooths out the large acceleration waves at the exit of a curve that occur over the course of a day. That much is certain after the first impression: The Reds will now also get more involved in the small category.

Honda CBR 125 R.

Single cylinder 124 cm3
13 hp 2690 euros

The 2690 euro Honda CBR 125 R promises affordable driving fun for everyone aged 16 and over. a proud 1750 euros cheaper than the two-stroke NSR 125. Its pressed steel bridge frame houses a new, water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which, with an uncontrolled catalytic converter, meets the Euro 2 standard and should almost exhaust the legal limit of 15 hp. What only the eighth-liter four-stroke engine from MZ has done so far. With its very stiff running gear, generously dimensioned brakes and a weight of less than 135 kilograms with a full tank, the successor to the NSR 125 will find many young fans. And in addition to its technical and price qualities, it also looks like a large Honda CBR.

Honda CBF 500

In-line twin cylinder 499 cm3
approx. 50 hp price k. A..
Extras: ABS

The inexpensive all-rounder CBF 500 replaces the old CB 500, but retains its reliable twin in a modified form. The chassis comes from the Hornet 600, better brakes and radial tires add value to it. And ?? that may be considered a small sensation? ABS is available for an extra charge. This means that the Honda will not only do well in the race at driving schools.

Honda CBF 600

Inline four-cylinder
599 cm3 6,490 euros Extras: ABS (600 euros)

Three-stage adjustable seat, adjustable handlebar and variable windshield ?? Everyone should feel comfortable on the CBF 600, which is available from 6190 euros. To which the optionally available ABS will certainly play its part. The four-cylinder comes from the Hornet 600, but has been trimmed with a lot of effort for better pulling power. It has an insurance-favorable 78 hp, and a 34 hp version is available as an option.

Honda Shadow 750

V-twin cylinder 745 cm3
46 hp 6990 euros

Honda promises a full-fledged, easily drivable cruiser with its own look. The V2 engine has been revised in favor of homogeneous power delivery in the lower and medium speed range. 46 HP should be enough for easy gliding. The price of the Shadow is convincing: 6990 euros including the standard immobilizer.

Honda Fireblade

Inline four-cylinder 998 cm3
around 162 hp 12990 euros

A bit of CBR 600 RR plus a lot of genes from Mr Rossi’s MotoGP five-cylinder? that makes a lot of sport together. More displacement, more power, more racing (cassette transmission), but also more safety in the form of an electronically controlled steering damper characterize the 2004 Fireblade. The experiences with the capricious predecessor led to a powerful development boost. A rear silencer placed boldly in the rear is now just as much a part of the supersport as radially screwed brake calipers at the front, which are supposed to bring more constancy under very tough loads. Unfortunately, with all the effort, the price limit of 13,000 euros is now ripe for a storm.

Honda Varadero 1000

V-twin cylinder 996 cm³
94 hp 10,290 euros (price for
ABS version is not yet fixed)

Their fans have had to wait a long time, now the time has come: Honda offers ABS for its travel steamer at an additional cost. It essentially corresponds to the tried and tested ABS of the VFR. Other delicacies: In the ABS version, the rebound damping of the spring strut is adjustable, the hydraulics for adjusting the spring base are positioned differently.

Husqvarna SMR 630

Single cylinder 634 cm³ approx. 70 hp price k. A..

Husqvarna has forged a hot iron for the drivers of the supermoto industry: The SMR 630 is a detailed replica of this year’s factory machine from Eddy Seel. The larger displacement results from the extension of the stroke from 76 to 84 millimeters; the bore remained unchanged at 98 millimeters. Other special parts increase power and torque, the mixture is prepared by a 41 Keihin carburetor. Lots of titanium and magnesium push the weight to 110 kilograms. The frame geometry and suspension settings are also specially designed for drifting. Interested parties should grab it quickly: The production is limited to 1000 copies.

Hyosung Naked 650

V-twin cylinder 647 cm3
79 hp around 5000 euros

The Hyosung Naked 650 took measurements on the first edition of the Suzuki SV 650, but then opted for simple solutions in many details. For example, for a simply constructed steel instead of the truss-like braced aluminum frame of the SV. Compared to the Naked 600, the steel frame was reinforced and equipped with a modified swing arm, the engine added 50 cm3. The German importer HMZ hopes to be able to deliver the first motorcycles in January 2004. At an extremely low price of around 5000 euros.

Kawasaki ZX-6RR

Inline four cylinder 599 cm3
Performance and price k. A..

A modified cylinder head, larger valves, sharper camshafts and a new injection system with two nozzles per intake port should give the ZX-6RR, the basic motorcycle for super sports races, more power. In addition, a modified coating of the dip tubes ensures better response of the fork. The black frame and green chain are also new to the 2004 model.

Kawasaki Z 750

Inline four-cylinder
748 cm3 about 110 hp
Price k. A..

The little sister of the successful Z 1000 model: the Z 750 takes off with its broken down engine. A full torque curve is to be expected due to the changed stroke-bore ratio. The target is 110 hp. A 5.50-inch rear wheel rim with 180 mm tires should ensure appealing handling.

Kawasaki ZX-10R

Inline four-cylinder 998 cm3
approx. 170 hp price k. A..

The chances of seeing more bright green bikes on various racetracks in the next season are good. The aggressively styled ZX-10R is compact, light and strong, and it also offers specialties such as an adjustable anti-hopping clutch. Like the new Yamaha R1, the ZX-10R aims for a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio. So around 170 hp with a dry weight of 170 kilograms.

Kawasaki VN 1600 Mean Streak

V-twin cylinder 1552 cm3
73 hp price k. A..

A displacement increased to 1552 cm3 should help the mean streak in the lower and middle speed range. But thanks to the modified cylinder heads, not only does the torque increase in the lower floors, the peak output also increases by six hp. In addition to design retouching, the Mean Streak got a stiffer swingarm.

Kawasaki VN 2000

V-twin cylinder 2053 cm3
Performance and price k. A..

It is better not to ask about the power-to-weight ratio of the new VN 2000. Better after the torque. Generous 184 Nm from exactly 2053 cm3 displacement and with the help of an old-fashioned ohv valve train? so the two-cylinder promises shift-lazy gliding and nevertheless extremely powerful acceleration.

KTM 990 Duke

V-twin cylinder 999 cm3
115 hp price k. A..

It wasn’t until the end of 2004, a year later than originally expected, that KTM launched the big Duke. Compared to the 950 enduro, its engine has been drilled to the full liter and should produce at least 115 hp in the Streetfighter, with which the Duke can stand up to the current best in class such as the Aprilia Tuono. Especially since it will significantly undercut this in terms of weight with around 180 kilograms dry. While the Adventure, which was only externally revised for the coming year, will probably keep its carburettors until the end of 2005, the 990 Duke will be delivered with injection and regulated Kat from the start. The price should be just below that of the Adventure (12,490 euros).

Laverda SFC 1000

V-twin cylinder 998 cm3
141 hp price k. A..

After presenting the prototype last year, Laverda put the final SFC in the spotlight in Milan. The limited edition is to be launched 549 times, as often as the original SFC from the 1970s, and has particularly elegant components compared to the large-scale version. The frame consists of high-strength steel tubes, the swing arm bearing and swing arm are milled, the shock absorber and fork come from Ohlins. Forged wheels and the arched titanium silencers, in addition to the radially screwed brake calipers, further enhance the exclusivity. With 141 hp, Ivano Beggio promises more than 280 km / h. This should make the Laverda a milestone among the two-cylinder engines.

Moto Guzzi MGS-01

V-twin cylinder, 1256 cm³, 122 hp, price k. A..

The Moto Guzzi MGS-01 made its debut last year, back then as a prototype. Now a small series is taking shape. As a Corsa, it should find entry into special American racing series, but also delight European customers. No matter how competitive the Corsa becomes, with 122 hp, 113 Nm torque and 192 kg dry weight, pure driving pleasure is guaranteed. And the exclusivity of a premium racer.

Moto Guzzi Breva V 1100

V-twin cylinder 1064 cm3
84 hp price k. A..

One of the big surprises in Milan was the Breva V 1100. Around the revised V2, now with dual ignition, and the completely new six-speed gearbox, the designers created an equally new chassis with a smart rear suspension. The cardan single-sided swing arm works with a torque compensation in which the pinion is rotatably mounted in the cardan housing and is supported on the frame via a strut. In terms of design, the Breva V 1100 with its modern lines breaks away from the traditional Moto Guzzi design language. Thanks to injection and regulated catalytic converters, the two-valve engine is fit for the Euro 3 standard that will come into force in 2006.

Mondial Piega Evo

V-twin cylinder 999 cm3
143 hp 27,995 euros

Based on its debut, the Piega, the small Italian manufacturer designed a stiffer frame with a shorter rear for the Evo, made the tank and fairing narrower and adapted a different injection system to the VTR-SP-2 engine from Honda. Instead of the Paioli fork, there is now an Ohlins part at the front, radial brake calipers and forged wheels complete the classy equipment, which you can of course expect for the high price.

Mondial RZ Nuda

V-twin cylinder 999 cm3
140 hp 18,995 euros

If MV Agusta can build a Brutale, the Mondial developers said, then we can put on two noble naked bikes. Said and done. The RZ Nuda shown here with the piercing view from the two headlights will be available from March next year. A futuristically styled model called the Starfighter, whose brakes and suspension elements are identical to those of the Evo, is to follow in April. As with the other Mondial, the Honda VTR-SP engine ensures dynamic propulsion.

MV Agusta F4 1000 Tamburini

Inline four-cylinder 998 cm3
173 hp price 39,800 euros

The MV F4 with a 1000cc engine is finally available, and to celebrate this happy event, we are about to show the top model. The Tamburini, so named after the legendary designer of the F4, Massimo Tamburini, can really go all out when it comes to noble equipment. Everything that is good and cannot be cheap is put in the service of greater handiness, driving dynamics and beauty. A more powerful engine than the 165 hp 1000 S should not be missing. As the icing on the cake, the four-cylinder has the most powerful MV engine of all time, even variable intake manifold lengths, controlled by a vacuum system.

MZ 1000 S

Inline twin cylinder 999 cm3
114 hp price 11990 euros

And it does move, the long-awaited 1000 twin-cylinder MZ. The first motorcycles are expected to hit dealerships in 2003. Not only the arrangement of the two cylinders next to each other, but also the styling set them apart from the established competition. First test drives could certify the 1000 S a stiff chassis and a good functionality, even if it does not quite reach the two-cylinder upper house with 114 HP. But after all, it should be a sports tourer and not a hit.

Triumph Rocket 3

In-line three-cylinder
2294 cm3 142 hp
Price k. A..

Three-cylinder in-line have been typical of Triumph since the 1970s, but arranged transversely and not lengthways as in the new Rocket 3 overcruiser Drilling can draw on unlimited resources. It is less the peak performance of 142 hp than the torque of 200 Nm that guarantees smooth movement. In order to reduce the tilting moments of the longitudinal crankshaft, the clutch, the balancing shaft and, last but not least, the cardan shaft rotate in the opposite direction to the crankshaft. The dry sump lubrication allows a deep installation position with a low center of gravity, which should help the Rocket 3, which weighs around 350 kilograms, to be handled properly.

Triumph Thruxton 900

Inline twin cylinder
865 cm3 70 hp 8320 euros

Triumph has heard the friends of the cafe racer and has given the Bonneville series a sporty version. Narrow mudguards, handlebar stubs, seat bench and, last but not least, the exhaust system with megaphone silencers give the Bonneville a new look. A positive side effect: the engine was drilled out to 865 cm3 and, with sharper camshafts and modified carburettors, it brings it to 70 hp.

Yamaha DT 125 RE

Single-cylinder two-stroke
125 cm3 15 hp
4195 euros

The lively two-stroke enduro had to get cleaner, which is why it was given a secondary air system and is now exhausted by a new system with an unregulated catalytic converter. That is enough for Euro 2 limit values. You can now start comfortably with an electric starter. In order to ensure that the visual renewal is not neglected, the designers based themselves on the lines of the WR competition enduro bikes. A new cockpit rounds off the facelift.

Yamaha XT 660 R / X

Single cylinder
660 cm3 48 hp
6350/6750 euros

The aim was to continue a long tradition, and the XT 660 is ideally suited for this. An engine with a new fourvalve cylinder head and injection as well as a transmission that has been heavily revised compared to the XTZ 660. If the XT 660 R serves classic enduro customers, the X with 17-inch road tires, stiffer spring elements and a larger brake is aimed more at trend-conscious fun bike fans.

Yamaha FZ6 / FZ6 Fazer

Inline four cylinder 600 cm3
98 hp 7295/7495 euros

Yamaha’s new middle class relies on a radical new beginning. The FZ6 engine is derived from the R6 super sports car; the cast frame, which was screwed together from two halves, did not even exist before. First tests brought the new Fazer more points than the old one thanks to the chassis and ergonomics. The engine has more peak power, but the pulling power is a little worse. In the spring of 2004, the uncovered FZ6 will arrive.

Yamaha YZF-R1

Inline four-cylinder
999 cm3 172 hp
13,195 euros

She is one of the rockets of the coming season. The 172 hp of the completely redesigned engine are compared to a dry weight of just 172 kilograms. In order to keep the performance controllable at all times, Yamaha has also reconsidered and redesigned everything in terms of chassis and brakes. In a way that is strongly reminiscent of the MotoGP racer M1. The developers have even given their top athlete a steering damper. Important for quality freaks: A noble appearance, high-quality materials and careful workmanship characterize the new and the old R1.

Yamaha XJR 1300

Inline four cylinder 1251 cm3
106 hp 9,495 euros

Uff, Yamaha’s beautiful, stylish naked bike got away again without a water-cooled motor. A modified carburetor set-up and a new exhaust system with U-Kat are sufficient for compliance with the Euro 2 standard and the retention of authentic cooling fins. Lighter three-spoke wheels, modified brakes, a new cockpit ?? still with chrome potty instruments ?? and an immobilizer complete the facelift. The XJR will be available from dealers from December.

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