New items 2010


New items 2010

New items 2010

New Honda models

It happens in quick succession: Shortly after the first creepy photos of the new 1200 V4 came the first sharp Erlkonig pictures. On the other hand, Honda officially presented two new motocrossers and the purist Fury chopper. It is now also available in Europe and equipped with ABS upon customer request.

V4 engines squeezed tightly into compact undercarriages are more likely to experience heat problems than in-line engines. Because of their nested construction, the heated air is more difficult to evacuate. The motorcycle-interested world owes the Erlkonig photos of the new Honda 1200 V4 shown here, taken during overheating tests in a desert in the USA, to this particular problem. The motorcycle shows itself with a sweeping front fairing, which promises the best wind protection, but with quite frank flanks. The fact that the test pilot wears airy clothes is probably not only due to the desert climate: in this elevator, he can more easily detect hot spots at the contact points between himself and the machine.


On request, the Honda VT 1300 CX Fury is available with Combined ABS, the necessary modulator is hidden discreetly below the swing arm.

Since the last issue of MOTORRAD, there has been one more information about the 170 hp V4: it will be officially presented next October. In addition, a journalist colleague from the USA confirmed that the engine will have two cylinder heads with so-called unicam valve control. In this principle, developed by Honda and successfully used in off-road models, a camshaft actuates the inlet valves via bucket tappets and the exhaust valves via fork rocker arms. The 2010 Motocross models CRF 250 R and CRF 450 R presented by Honda, with their characteristic, forward-sloping valve covers, show how this technology can save installation height. After the 450 was extensively revised last year, the series is now on the 250. It received a completely new engine with a balancer shaft, a lighter housing, injection and a smaller bore with a longer stroke. The engineers hope that this will result in more favorable performance. The transmission has a larger distance between the two shafts, which allows larger-sized gears. Even with the chassis, nothing remains as it was; the changes are so numerous that they can only be described in brief here: a stiffer frame with a steeper steering head and a longer swing arm, which means a longer wheelbase. Unlike the 450, the new fork with 48 mm sliding tubes comes from Showa.


Let’s make it short: Everything about the Honda CRF 250 R is new. The engine, frame, fork and swing arm follow the example of the 450 series.

Only small things have been optimized on the 450, such as the map of the injection or the sealing rings of the Kayaba fork. The “HRC-Settings-Kit”, which allows an individual adjustment of injection and ignition, can now be connected to the control unit with just one plug and without dismantling the tank. In addition to photos and information about the new V4, entire motorcycles are coming to Europe from the USA. In the form of the Fury, for example, an excitingly styled chopper developed by Honda USA. The contrast between the sweeping tank-seat line and the framework on the steering head is breathtaking. MOTORRAD already presented it in issue 9/2009. As the model name VT 1300 CX suggests, the Fury received the 52-degree V2 of the VTX 1300, which was also offered in Germany until the introduction of the Euro 3 homologation. After the Langhuber – the pistons cover 104.3 mm between the dead centers – has been modernized in terms of emission control, it still delivers 58 hp at 4250 rpm, and the maximum torque of 107 Nm is already 2000 rpm lower. As the first chopper from Honda, the Fury is available with a combination brake system in conjunction with ABS on request.

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