New Moto Guzzi models 2003


New Moto Guzzi models 2003

Fly eagle, fly!

A completely new model, two remarkable studies and the entire range converted to Kat – Aprilia’s acquisition of Moto Guzzi seems to give the brand wings.

There is no doubt that the Moto Guzzi stand was one of the crowd pullers at Intermot. The Griso study revealed by MOTORRAD in issue 18 looks even more impressive in real life than in the photos. A successful mixture of muscle bike and cruiser, with thick silencers and manifolds, a monumental engine and attachments reduced to the bare minimum. The four-valve engine from the long-faded Guzzi Daytona, which has been enlarged to 1,100 cm3, has 102 hp, enough to ensure plenty of fun with the dry 198 kilogram Griso. A newly developed chassis with a powerful single-sided swing arm and torque support at the rear, a progressive lever system for the standing mono spring strut and a thick upside-down fork show that Moto Guzzi wants to break with the past. At the end of 2003 the Griso should come onto the market.
The MGS-01 athlete study is also spectacular. Inspired by the same four-valve engine, but with a two-arm swing arm, it should show the brand’s path in the sports segment. However, the MGS-01 with the raised exhaust in the rear and the Japanese-inspired half fairing is still missing the Guzzi spirit.
The Breva is much better behaved. Breva is the name of a wind on Lake Como that brings beautiful weather. The small all-rounder should anchor the traditional brand again in the entry-level segment, which is promising in terms of quantities. With an estimated price of 7,400 euros, it will be the cheapest cardan machine in the world. Its 48 hp 750 series two-valve engine is based on the air-cooled V-engine series V35 to V65 from the late 1970s. Heron cylinder heads with parallel valves operated by push rods and rocker arms, longitudinal crankshaft, dry clutch, five-speed gearbox and cardan drive ?? Yesterday’s technology, thoroughly renovated. Three-way catalytic converter, injection, revised gearbox and rear-axle drive make the Breva fit for future emission standards and a long life.
ZIncreasing reliability and adapting to future emissions legislation were also the most important tasks of Aprilia engineers in the existing Guzzi series. They converted both the 74 hp variant of the 1100 for the touring and cruiser models and the 91 hp version of the sports and naked Guzzis to a regulated catalytic converter and hydraulic valve clearance compensation. So something’s happening at Moto Guzzi. The new boss, Provazzo, showed only a few confidants how much. They were allowed to take a look at the future of Guzzi. It still has two cylinders and cooling fins, but four valves, overhead camshafts, vertical intake ports, water cooling, 1400 cc displacement and endless steam.

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