New products from Yamaha and Aprilia


New products from Yamaha and Aprilia

Either way

While the new sports tourer FZS 1000 at Yamaha will be quite sporty, Aprilia is making the well-known touring athlete Falco more touristy.

Is she coming? Is she not coming? She comes! The next Yamaha with the famous R1 engine, which is as powerful as it is compact, is in the starting blocks? and at INTERMOT. Her name: FZS 1000. It is not yet certain whether the new bike will have the additional designation S1. This catchy code would definitely make sense, because in the alphabet, as in the cross-brand classification terminology, S comes after R and does not stand for racing, but for sport, while FZS suggests all-rounder ambitions à la Fazer without any addition.
And in fact, the term sporty all-rounder best describes the matter. The Yamaha recipe: Half-shell like the Fazer with the trains of the R1, but a little rounder and with larger headlights. The handlebar halves are clamped over the fork bridge according to the intended use. The frame should be a bit more straightforward, the conventional telescopic fork and the central spring strut are less complex, while the tried and tested R1 brake system will probably be adopted. Few changes to the engine, too: The peak power is reduced slightly to around 145 hp. The price difference, on the other hand, is likely to be more pronounced.
If the new FZS 1000 is still too sporty for you, Yamaha will serve you with the FJ 1300 in the coming season. Basis here: the bearish XJR engine. Further details are not yet known. But that the FJ will be available as a standard and an ABS version.
A.prilia also takes care of the travel clientele. The new Tourer (see page 8) is announced for the next season. For those who don’t want to wait that long: The Falco is now available as an “Edition version” with a complete luggage set. The “Edition” is limited to 120 pieces and at 20,998 marks costs exactly 1,000 marks more than the standard SL. Included in the price: a travel voucher worth 750 marks.

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