New Suzuki models for 2007


New Suzuki models for 2007

New Suzuki models for 2007

A king for the people

For five years it was only available as a study. Now Suzuki’s King B-King is coming into production. The new GSX-R 1000 wants to become the queen of the super athletes, and the Bandit models 650 and 1250 are equipping themselves with water-cooled engines to take control of the registration statistics.

Motorcycles are addressed as female in German. We all take it for granted, and in most cases it fits: the Suzuki, the Duc, the Fireblade. Sometimes, however, this habit results in association with foreign-language model names
to strange gender confusion: the Herzog (KTM Duke) or the Tiger (Triumph). Suzuki, already well represented in this group with »Die Bandit«, now enriches them with »Die B-Konig«. But apart from the name, you had to make an exception with this motorcycle because of its masculine exterior. The B-King stands macho-like on its wheels, presents its wide tank surface as if it were a well-built upper body, and stretches its rear end with its sharply styled triangular silencers as proudly as a black rooster does its tail feathers.

As was to be expected, the series B-King is not equipped with a supercharged engine following the example of the study, which does not seem necessary in view of the base engine from the Hayabusa. The fact that the displacement of the 1299 cc Hayabusa four-cylinder was taken over unchanged comes as a surprise. Because Suzuki had announced a 1400 engine towards the middle of the year. It is also strange that on the high-resolution photos of the B-King, the small plaque cast in the bottom right of the cylinder base, on which the exact displacement is indicated, was carefully pixelated with the digital eraser. As if several variants had always been discussed, and it was only at the last second that the caution and savings group won with the argument that it was always enough.

Well, given the information that the power of the Hayabusa four-cylinder has been reduced a little in favor of higher torque in the middle range, there is actually no real reason to complain. A good 160 hp should be enough to get you started, and there are plenty of tuners who can get plenty of extra horsepower from the Hayabusa engine.
Suzuki was not prepared to provide more information about the B-King when it was first presented in Paris; The news that he is coming has to suffice for the Intermot in Cologne. This can also be taken as an indication that the final configuration was determined very late. What of the electronic finesse of the study is implemented in the series? including the identification of the rightful owner through a fingerprint ?? remains a secret for the time being. Like the mundane indication of price or weight.
In terms of new GSX-R 1000 the Suzuki employees are much more informative, and what they hear sounds good. Despite the homologation according to the Euro 3 cycle, the revised engine has increased its performance significantly. About the comparatively low price of six kilograms extra weight, which mainly comes from the second silencer. We’re talking about a truly gorgeous 186 hp. Initially announced fears that the K7 ?? so the model code ?? is not as strong as its predecessor, seem like a tactical maneuver to promote the sale of the 2006 models.
These enormous horsepower figures have inspired the engineers to come up with something new. At the push of a button on the handlebars, the driver can choose between three different performance curves with more or less gentle power delivery. Unlike the Benelli TnT Cafe Racer, which offers two variants with different peak performance, the GSX-R provides full performance in all three settings as soon as the driver is full throttle.
Full control by the electronics has already found its way into the steering damper. Suzuki is now the second manufacturer after Honda to offer electronic damper adjustment. In contrast to Honda’s impeller damper, the developers of the GSX-R chose a conventional piston system for the hydraulic unit.
The shape of the new GSX-R 1000 shows the concern for continuity. Good thing, the 1000 of the last two years was certainly one of the most beautiful GSX-R.
Its rear end quickly developed into a characteristic and was adopted almost unchanged for the new one. In the front area, it is above all the newly designed headlights that distinguish the 2007 GSX-R 1000 from its predecessor.
The Bandit models must fulfill this virtue of showing family resemblance to a far greater extent. Suzuki is very careful to change the typical bandit look only very carefully. The latest models were given thicker frame beams, which only real connoisseurs will notice. Much more obvious, but essential: the engines of both models are now water-cooled, their exterior is compact and smooth, and the fine cooling fins of the previous Bandit four-cylinder are a thing of the past. With the old air / oil-cooled engines, the current emission limit values ​​could only be complied with with major power losses. This is also shown in a performance diagram with the curves of the old and new 650s, but unfortunately without scaling. According to him, the new one would gain around ten percent peak performance with the same performance in the lower and middle ranges. The 650 always achieves over 80 hp.
The large Bandit engine was designed differently, and it also received a small balancer shaft. Thanks to longer strokes with 98 cubic centimeters more displacement and a modern cylinder head, it should offer a full torque increase in all speed ranges, the top performance remains the same as with the old bandit. So about 110 hp on the MOTORCYCLE test bench. Incidentally, both engines have a design feature that friends of classic mechanical engineering will like: the camshaft drive in the middle, supported by a sixth crankshaft bearing. In the past, this type of construction was chosen to avoid shaft vibrations and to create even bearing loads; today, thanks to optimized material pairings, it is actually no longer necessary.

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