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Whether from exciting, diagonally cut fox eyes, large-area glazed light windows or the classic round headlights? The 2003 motorcycle year looks temptingly, almost seductively in the eye. On the following pages there is intensive eye contact with many other innovations.

Trend? A rather weak term for the powerful development boost that is currently inspiring the 600 class. There, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha are upgrading so radically as if the aim was to transfer the technology from the MotoGP premier class to the 600 and series motorcycle production. Radially screwed brake calipers like on the Kawasaki ZX-6R, highly stable yet lightweight swing arm constructions like on the Honda CBR 600 RR and the Yamaha YZF-R6 or a general jump into the speed range 15000 / min are only a few indications for the transfer of racing technology in the series. The prices ?? here is the fun a little cloudy ?? follow the urge for top-class work: The CBR 600 RR is the first 600 series to exceed the 10,000 euro mark by a whopping 200 euros.
On the other hand, the revision of the Suzuki bestseller SV 650, the expansion of the series with the two models SV 1000 and SV 1000 S as well as the development of the powerful Kawasaki Z 1000 show that people have also thought of those who are simply beautiful and good street motorcycles want to have and leave the racetrack to others. It is also gratifying that KTM is now really getting started on the road with a light, powerful two-cylinder enduro.
D.och the nicest thing about the 2003 vintage, apart from all the innovations and advances in detail, is that it is so rich and adorns itself with so many new models. The efforts and investments required for this have certainly not been easy for the mostly crisis-ridden manufacturers. But the only possible way to new success.

Aprilia Tuono Fighter

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder 60-degree V-engine, bore x stroke 97.0 x 67.5 mm, displacement 998 cm³, 93 kW (126 hp) at 9500 / min, 101 Nm at 7300 / min, six-speed gearbox, uncontrolled Cat. Chassis: light metal bridge frame, upside-down fork, 43 mm, central spring strut, tires 120/70 ZR 17 and 190/50 ZR 17. Price: 11 830 euros.

Because Aprilia only built 200 copies of the noble Mille R Tuono, the world urgently needs supplies. He comes in the form of the Tuono Fighter, which is derived from the RSV mille. That means, it has Showa instead of Ohlins fork, Sachs instead of Ohlins shock absorber, different brakes and a few carbon cuts less. The driving experience on the Fighter is still like on the original Tuono: an inspiring combination of super-sporty steering precision and carefree, cheeky maneuverability.

Benelli Tornado Biposto

Engine: water-cooled three-cylinder in-line engine, bore x stroke 88.0 x 49.2 mm, displacement 898 cm³, 100 kW (136 PS) at 11500 / min, 100 Nm at 8500 / min, six-speed gearbox. Chassis: tubular steel frame, upside-down fork, 43 mm, central spring strut, tires 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17. Price: 17,000 euros.

That with the second post on the Benelli is not so important given its extremely sporty design. More importantly, the two-seater Tornado is offered at a reasonably affordable price. For this, the fan has to forego luxury goods such as Ohlins forks, carbon parts or the adjustment options for the steering head angle and swing arm pivot point. But that’s easy to get over. The engine was revised again and should now reliably deliver its 131 hp.

BMW R 1200 CL

Engine: air / oil-cooled two-cylinder boxer engine, four valves per cylinder, bore x stroke: 101 x 73 mm, 61 HP at 5000 / min, 98 Nm at 3000 / min, six-speed gearbox, controlled cat. Chassis: load-bearing engine-gearbox Unit, Telelever, single-sided swing arm with directly hinged strut, tires 150 / 80-16 and 170 / 80-15. Price: 17,100 euros.

The cruiser R 1200 C becomes a powerful travel giant by means of a handlebar-mounted cladding, permanently mounted side parts and cases plus a topcase. Target Harley Electra Glide (see comparison test, p. 64). In addition to the optional integral ABS, the Munich-based driver also has a more stable chassis with the typical BMW Telelever. At the rear, a suspension strut with travel-dependent damping works as standard. Goodies such as heated grips and seats, a stereo system or cruise control cost extra.

Buell Lightning XB9S

Engine: air-cooled two-cylinder 45-degree V-engine, two valves per cylinder, bore x stroke: 88.9 x 79.4 mm, 84 hp at 7400 rpm, 86 Nm at 5600 rpm, five-speed gearbox. Chassis: aluminum bridge frame with integrated fuel tank, upside-down fork, 43 mm, central spring strut, tires 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17. Price: 11,439 euros

The naked sister of the Firebolt XB9R continues the streetfighter tradition at Buell. Instead of the stub handlebars, the pilot grabs the bar, which should further dramatize the already nimble handling. Extreme chassis data and many unique details, such as the oil tank in the swing arm, the 375 millimeter internal brake disc at the front and the aluminum bridge frame with integrated fuel tank set the Buell apart from the crowd. What is emphasized by the mini disguise.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Engine: air-cooled two-cylinder 45-degree V-engine, bore x stroke 95.3 x 101.6 mm, displacement 1449 cm³, 47 kW (64 HP) at 5400 rpm, 105 Nm at 3000 rpm, five-speed gearbox, uncontrolled cat Chassis: double-loop tubular steel frame, telescopic fork, 41 mm, two spring struts, tires MT 90 B 16 and 150/80 B 16. Price: 20,940 euros.

In 2003 Harley-Davidson turns 100. It goes without saying that on the occasion of such an anniversary one has better things to do than turn one’s own product world inside out. Anyone who is as successful as Harley can afford to leave most things as they were. After all, the Fat Boy got a real technical innovation: It now has a 150 mm rear tire. In the picture she can be seen in the poetic two-tone paintwork Sterling Silver / Vivid Black. And it bears six 100th anniversary emblems.

Honda CBR 600 RR

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, four valves per cylinder, bore x stroke: 67 x 42.5 mm, displacement 599 cm³, 117 hp at 13000 / min, 63 Nm at 10000 / min (details for foreign version without catalytic converter), six-speed gearbox, regulated Cat. Chassis: Bridge frame made of die-cast aluminum profiles, telescopic fork, 45 mm, central spring strut. Price: around 10,200 euros

The 2003 CBR trumps. Visually based on the victorious MotoGP machine, the 600 is powered by a completely new engine. With gear shafts placed on top of one another, speeds of up to 15,000 rpm and sequential injection. 117 hp are promised. In order to bring them safely to the ground, the chassis and swing arm are more rigid. The masses have been centralized and lowered for better handling. The driver sits closer to the steering head, almost directly above the center of gravity of the machine.

Honda Varadero

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder 90-degree V-engine, four valves per cylinder, bore x stroke: 98 x 66 mm, displacement 996 cm³, 94 hp at 8000 / min, 98 Nm at 6000 / min, six-speed gearbox, regulated catalytic converter. Chassis: double-loop tubular steel frame, telescopic fork, 43 mm, swing arm with suspension strut deflection, tires 110/80 R 19 and 150/70 R 17. Price: 10 190 euros.

Honda’s travel enduro flagship boasts of improved comfort: a higher, two-way adjustable pane plus side panels that have been pulled further down optimize weather protection, and the seat bench has become more suitable for long journeys. The engine received a six-speed gearbox. And thanks to speed-saving coordination, injection and higher compression, it should consume significantly less than the swallowing woodpeckers of recent generations. The chassis is firmer, while Honda promises more comfort.

Honda VTX 1300 S.

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder 52-degree V-engine, three valves per cylinder, bore x stroke: 89.5 x 104.3 mm, displacement 1312 cm³, 75 hp at 5000 / min, 123 Nm at 3000 / min, five-speed gearbox , unregulated cat. Chassis: double-loop tubular steel frame, telescopic fork, 41 mm, two struts, tires 140 / 80-17 and 170 / 80-15. Price: 11390 euros

The little sister of the 1800 cm³ diva flirts with the same visual charms: sidepipes, running boards, wheel arches, clad fork tubes, anarchic headlights. Despite two balance shafts and a vibration-dampening suspension, the new V2 engine lets its 75 hp trot along with a pleasantly pulsating sound. An unregulated catalytic converter and constant pressure carburetor enable the jump over the Euro 2 hurdle. Ready to drive, the VTX should weigh 320 kilograms suitable for cruisers. Really fat.

Hyosung GT 600

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder 90-degree V-engine, four valves per cylinder, bore x stroke 79.0 x 61.2 mm, displacement 600 cm³, 48 kW (64 PS) at 9000 / min, 57 Nm at 7500 / min, six-speed gearbox. Chassis: steel bridge frame, upside-down fork, central spring strut, 110 / 70-17 and 150 / 70-17 tires. Price: less than 5000 euros.

It’s nice that something like this still exists: a new 600 for less than 5000 euros. And everything but poorly equipped. The Hyosung GT 600 offers a steel bridge frame, an upside-down fork and, last but not least, a water-cooled four-valve V-2. At first glance, the finish of the no-frills motorcycle looked very neat: smooth cast surfaces on the engine housing, clean welds on the frame, gold anodized fork tubes. That can be seen.

Kawasaki Z 1000

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, four valves per cylinder, bore x stroke: 77.2 x 50.9 mm, displacement 953 cm³, approx. 140 hp, six-speed gearbox, regulated cat. Chassis: tubular steel frame, upside-down fork, 41 mm , Central spring strut, tires 120/70 ZR 17 and 190/50 ZR 17. Price: XX euros

The legend is revived. And how! Kawa speaks of »sexy lines«, shows off 190 kilograms of dry weight, 140 hp, four-in-two-in-four exhaust system and injection. The 953 cc engine is based on that of the ZX-9R. A new cylinder head should produce more torque in the medium speed range. The ZX-9R was also the inspiration for the floating, 300 millimeter brake discs, the calipers and the swing arm; the frame is conventionally made of steel tubing.

Kawasaki ZX-6R, ZX-6RR

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, four valves per cylinder, bore x stroke 68.0 x 43.8 mm (RR: 67 x 42.5 mm), displacement 636 cm³ (RR: 599 cm³), XX kW (117 PS) at XX, XX Nm at XX / min Six-speed gearbox, regulated cat. Chassis: light metal bridge frame, telescopic fork, 41 mm, central spring strut, tires 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17. Price: XX euros

Green also relies on lighter, stronger, more stable. Kawasaki enriches the middle class with two models: the sporty ZX-6R with 636 cm³ and the super sporty ZX-6RR with 599 cm³. Both have a bolted frame stern; The RR model also has a vertically adjustable swing arm pivot point and is designed for much higher speeds than the 636 version. Both should weigh 165 kilograms each dry. Kawasaki promises an output of 117 hp.

Kawasaki VN 1600 Classic

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder 90-degree V-engine, four valves per cylinder, bore x stroke: 102 x 95 mm, displacement 1552 cm³, five-speed gearbox, uncontrolled cat. Chassis: double-loop tubular steel frame, telescopic fork, 43 mm, two struts, Tires . Price: XX euros.

Bigger is better. Thought Kawasaki. And with the VN 1600 Classic, it introduces the new queen of its long-and-low style: curved fenders, large tank, wide 170 mm rear tires, low seating position. The engine is based on the VN 1500 engine, five millimeters more stroke increases it by 100 cm³. Compared to the 1500, the fat, new sister has a 30 millimeter longer swing arm and a 20 millimeter longer wheelbase. Two huge brake discs are supposed to decelerate like a king.

KTM 950 Adventure S.

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder 75-degree V-engine, bore x stroke: 100 x 60 mm, displacement 942 cm3, 72 kW (98 PS) at 8000 / min, 95 Nm at 6000 / min, six-speed gearbox. Chassis: tubular steel frame, upside-down fork, 48 mm, swing arm with central spring strut and deflection, tires 90 / 90-21, 150 / 70-18. Price: 12490 euros.

KTM has reinvented the big travel enduro. At least what the area of ​​application and key data promise. Compared to the competition, the engine is a quarter lighter, but has more power. Suspension travel of 265 millimeters at the front and 260 at the rear, a tank volume of 25 liters, a dry weight of 198 and a fairing suitable for travel as well as a seating position predestine the 950 Adventure as the ultimate long-distance travel and rally bike. The first driving impressions are very promising (see page 16ff.).

KTM 640 LC4 Enduro / Adventure

Engine: water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, bore x stroke: 101 x 78 mm, 40 kW (54 PS) at 7000 / min, max. Torque 55 Nm at 5500 rpm, five-speed gearbox. Chassis: double loop tube frame made of steel, upside-down fork, 43 mm, swing arm with spring strut deflection, tires 90 / 90-21, 130 / 80-18 (140 / 80-18). Price: xxxxx euros

“High Flow” is the magic word for the 2003 LC4 models. Behind it are larger exhaust valves for more power and torque. Further innovations: hydraulically operated clutch, stronger primary drive, faster oil circulation speed, larger air filter box, modified swing arm profile and axle mount. The Adventure model is upgraded with an on-board power socket, wider seat and improved main stand, the Enduro with a new lamp mask, speedometer and mudguards.

Suzuki SV 650 / S

Engine: water-cooled two-cylinder 90-degree V-engine, bore x stroke: 81 x 62.6 mm, 52 kW (71 PS) at 9000 / min, 62 Nm at 7500 / min, six-speed gearbox, uncontrolled cat. Chassis: aluminum bridge frame , Telescopic fork, 41 mm, swing arm with strut deflection, tires 120/60 ZR 17, 160/60 ZR 17. Price: XXX Eur.

Suzuki’s middle class Primus is clearly refreshed for the next season. The new light metal frame consists exclusively of cast parts welded together. The V2 engine received an injection with a double throttle valve system for smooth response and an unregulated catalytic converter. The model change is visually documented by a slightly more angular line in both the bare and the half-clad model. The instruments and the LED rear light are also new.

Suzuki SV 1000 / S

Sukuki does not leave the field of powerful V2 street sweepers to the competition, but brings with the large SV a very promising all-rounder with the legendary TL-1000 engine. Inserted into a stable, yet inexpensive to manufacture frame made of cast aluminum, supplied by an injection with double throttle valves and filtered by a G-Kat, the thunder bolt is contemporary. Noticeable: the S version with crisp half fairing and front spoiler.

Triumph Bonneville America Speedmaster

Engine: air-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine, bore x stroke 86 x 68 mm, displacement 790 cm³, 45 kW (61 hp) at 7400 / min, 60 Nm at 3500 / min, uncontrolled cat. Chassis: double loop frame made of steel tubes, telescopic fork, 41 mm , two struts, 110/80 R 18 and 170/80 R 15 tires.

The promising name Speedmaster is not a Swiss watch, but an English motorcycle for American patriots. More precisely, a purist version of the Triumph Bonneville America. Its matt black coated engine, the rear disc wheel and the so-called Gunfighter saddle make the Bonneville look like a little Harley. Which of course delivers almost as much performance as a large, real one. Also new at Bonnevilles: the double disc brake at the front.

Yamaha YZF-R6

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, bore x stroke 65.5 x 44.5 mm, displacement 600 cm3, 90.5 kW (123 PS) at 13000 / min, 68.5 Nm at 12000 / min, six-speed gearbox, catalytic converter. Chassis: aluminum bridge frame, telescopic fork, xx mm, swing arm with strut deflection, tires 120/70 ZR 17, 180/55 ZR 17. Price: XXX euros.

In 2003 the bear should step in the super sporty 600 class. Among other things because of Yamaha’s heavily evolved R6. The frame including the screwed-on rear and the swing arm are made of die-cast aluminum parts. The almost completely new engine is supplied by an injection system that, like the R1, has an upstream vacuum flat slide. A larger airbox as well as revised pistons and cylinders are responsible for the increased performance, a U-Kat for cleaner exhaust gases.

Honda XR 125 L.

Engine: air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, bore x stroke: 56.5 x 49.5 mm, 8.3 kW (11.3 PS) at 8500 / min, torque 10 Nm at 7000 / min, five-speed gearbox. Chassis: single-loop tubular frame with double beams, telescopic fork, 31 mm, swing arm with central spring strut and deflection, tires 90 / 90-19, 110 / 90-17. Price: 2890 euros.

With the Baby-XR, which borrows from the successful off-road competition models, Honda wants to win over young people. The price of the little all-rounder is high. The single cylinder has an output of 11.3 hp and a dry weight of just 115.5 kilograms. With suspension travel of 180 millimeters at the front and 160 at the rear, nothing stands in the way of smaller off-road excursions. And the twelve-liter tank enables ranges of over 300 kilometers, according to Honda. This means that long-distance trips can also be realized.

MV Agusta F4 Ago

Engine: water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine, bore x stroke 73.8 x 43.8 mm, displacement 749 cm³, 101 kW (136 hp) at 12600 rpm, 81 Nm at 10500 rpm, six-speed gearbox. Chassis: Steel tubular space frame, upside-down fork, 50 mm, central spring strut, tires 120/65 ZR 17 and 190/50 ZR 17.

Giacomo Agostini won fourteen of his fifteen world titles on MV Agusta. What could be more obvious than dedicating a special series to the F4 S, the best series MV of all time. As it should be, it is not just about optics tuning with start number fields and the befitting 1 or the red painted frame. The F4 Ago, limited to 500 copies, rolls on super-light aluminum forged wheels, brakes with gold anodized racing brake calipers, and has adjustable footrests. And is breathtakingly beautiful.

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