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Vespa GTS 300 i. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" in the driving report

Fast-paced Vespa with lively handling

Photo trips in the Wurttemberg vineyards: With real thrust, a dark something storms up the steep slopes. Vespa GTS 300 i. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" is the name of this hot scooter from "Scooter & Motorcycle box" from Stuttgart.

Accompanied by a damn dull, grown-up sound, the racing scooter scurries through the thicket of curves. His Akrapovic exhaust sits on an arm-thick manifold anaconda. The daring circles Vespa GTS 300 i. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" through the curves until the arm of the main stand keys down to the left. This specimen is dark, in monochrome matt black. No chrome, nowhere. Oliver Heda gave his private scooter a martial stamp. Headlight ring, mirrors, trim strips, levers, handlebar weights: everything that shone in silver as standard has been replaced by black, finely crafted components.

Vespa GTS 300 i. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" in the driving report

Fast-paced Vespa with lively handling

GTS 300 i. e. Supersport “Porco Nero” doesn’t just make you well dressed. But also well motorized. Three seconds from zero to 50 are great, without any domes. The traffic light start becomes a traffic light sprint. The Porco Nero sprints to 100 km / h in nine seconds, a good three less than a series 300.

"Multivar 2000" variator from Malossi installed

Oli, who sells Vespas as EU imports, tuned what was possible. He installed a “Multivar 2000” variator from Malossi. It includes lighter weights with a different climbing angle, at only twelve instead of the usual 15 grams. After a longer idle travel on the throttle, the Vespa GTS 300 i. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" off like a wild pig: Reinforced clutch springs allow the variator to only engage at 3750 rpm instead of the standard 1200 tours. That’s why you can play with the gas while standing, without the scooter pounding straight away. The violently vibrating 282 cubic tuning cylinder from Malossi (series: 278 cm3) is actually intended for racing purposes. Its cylinder head with valve kit, a power air filter and new software mean better ventilation.

The reinforced Kevlar belt is adapted to the much fuller performance curve. So far, the tuning engine is said to have run around 3000 kilometers in the overcrowded Stuttgart city traffic. The nimble Vespa GTS 300 i is predestined for the traffic thicket. e. Supersport “Porco Nero” the bustling, lively driving behavior. With a turning circle of just four meters, about six kilos slimmed down and weighing just 153 kilograms, it can get through everywhere. And good at.

Everything about Vespa

The black coat pulls its path in a stable manner

The Vespa GTS 300 i pulls nicely, despite the extremely heavy 91 kilograms on the rear wheel. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" their track. Downright stoic for a scooter with small twelve-inch wheels. This is due to the Bitubo shock absorber with a reservoir at the front. Sensitively as well as swallowingly, it does not get out of step as usual when there are road warps or cobblestones. The maximum pre-tensioned standard rear shock brings balance to the chassis.

It remains neutral in an inclined position, even with fast alternating curves. Wow, can a Vespa drive that well? If you let go of the handlebars at 70 km / h on bad asphalt bumps, the drawn single-arm short swing arm of the Vespa GTS 300 i calms down. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" again immediately, the handlebars pulls itself back on its own. No trace of handlebar flutter. Well-adhering Michelin “City Grip” tires from Serbian production invite you to take corners. Adjustable Remus handles allow the series brakes (front with wave brake disc) to pinch carefully and with a clear pressure point. Oli wants to top all of that at the next Porco Nero – with front and rear struts from HH Racetech: "Then you can scurry through the urban jungle even better!"

Measurements and further information


Performance diagram¹

That rocks: On the rear wheel of the Vespa GTS 300 i. e. Supersport "Porco Nero" usually produces between five and almost six more horsepower than a 300 series Vespa at the same speed. In percentage terms, this is a world, given the maximum rear wheel power of 22 HP of the tuning scooter.

Top speed: 135 (127) km / h
0-50 km / h: 3.1 (3.4) sec
0-100 km / h: 9.0 (12.3) sec
50-100 km / h: 6.1 (8.8) sec
60-100 km / h: 5.3 (7.8) sec

* MOTORCYCLE measurements; Values ​​in brackets: production model; ¹Power on the rear wheel; Measurements on the
Dynojet roller dynamometer 250, corrected according to 95/1 / EG, maximum possible deviation ± 5%

Conversion info

Akrapovic exhaust 590.00 euros, Akrapovic power manifold 85.00 euros, Malossi variator "Multivar 2000" 148.00 euros, Malossi tuning motor kit 1497.00 euros, Bitubo shock absorber 260.00 euros, rims 238.00 euros, brake disc 129.00 euros, handlebar grips 80.00 euros, adjustable brake levers 189.00 euros, handlebar weights 28.00 euros, accessory seat 198.00 euros, mirror 86.00 euros, headlight ring 38.00 euros, black slotted tubes 57.00 euros, sticker set 20.00 euros, paint 60.00 euros, small parts 20.00 euros; Total renovation time: around 16 hours; Complete price Vespa GTS 300 i.e. Supersport ABS (basis: 5150 euros as an EU import) as an extreme conversion Porco Nero with series engine, Akrapovic exhaust and Malossi variator: 7950 euros.

Contact: Scooter & MotorradBox Stuttgart, Oliver Heda, Sankt-Poltener-Strabe 74, 70469 Stuttgart-Feuerbach, phone 07 11/27 31 70 22 and 01 51/17 22 23 94, email:, www.roller -motorradbox .of

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