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Four-wheel scooter Quadro4 in the test

45 degrees tilt?

10,800 euros for four wheels, one cylinder and 29 hp. No ABS, but according to the manufacturer a 45 degree incline. Read what a passionate motorcycle and scooter driver from our editorial team thinks about it in the test report.

S.e since 2012, the Swiss manufacturer Quadro, whose vehicles are sold in Germany by the importer MSA in Weiden, has been trying to cut its share of the cake of motorized three-wheelers. With the new vehicle concept, the Swiss hope to expand their market share. We were allowed to test the Quadro4.

Four-wheel scooter Quadro4 in the test

45 degrees tilt?

An incline of 45 degrees should be possible

This so-called HTS (Hydraulic Tilting System), the hydraulic fluid of which has to be changed every 40,000 kilometers, is now also used on the rear wheels, which are independently suspended and driven by two carbon-reinforced toothed belts. It should enable an optimal spring effect and an identical contact pressure of the wheels at every angle of inclination. Differences in speed between the two rear wheels are compensated for by a differential. With extraordinary driving stability it should be possible to incline up to 45 degrees.

The invited journalists were able to convince themselves of this when the four-wheeled scooter was presented under adverse weather conditions. After a short period of getting used to, in which the increased effort required to initiate the incline has to be learned, the safe road holding on slippery paths is quite impressive. The vehicle is definitely not a handling miracle, but the four actually win: in terms of driving safety. A real argument for newbies to two-wheelers.


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Maximum 130 km / h, no ABS

The 29 hp of the 350 engine supplied by the Taiwanese manufacturer Aeon can quickly be savored to the full, although the vehicle weight of 279 kilograms ready to drive also demands a lot. Especially when starting off, the Quadro4 does not seem overpowered, a maximum of 130 km / h should be achieved.

An integral brake system with disc brakes all around is available to reduce speed, but this has to get by without ABS. A mechanical parking brake, which prevents rolling away when stationary, and the locking of the tilting technology using a locking lever are useful features that make everyday use of the vehicle easier. 

Decent weather protection, plenty of storage space

Wind and weather protection are tidy, as is typical for the species, and the seating position on the four-wheel scooter is comfortable for medium-sized bodies up to 1.85 meters. But the foot brake pedal, which is compulsory for the ability to drive a car, narrows the footwell on the right sensitively.

In terms of equipment, the Quadro4 shines with an informative cockpit, USB and twelve-volt connections and plenty of storage space in the various compartments on the front of the vehicle. The helmet compartment under the pillion seat can hold a full-face helmet. The four-wheel scooter, which is produced and properly processed in Taiwan, is now available for an ambitious 10,995 euros including ancillary costs from dealers.

Technical data Quadro4


An incline of up to 45 ° should be possible.


Water-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engine, an overhead, chain-driven camshaft, four valves per cylinder, injection, Ø 37 mm, two balance shafts, controlled catalytic converter, stepless automatic belt system, final drive via two carbon-reinforced toothed belts.

Boron x stroke
82.0 x 65.5 mm 

346 cc

rated capacity
21.2 kW (29 hp) at 7500 rpm

Max. Torque
33.2 Nm at 5500 rpm

landing gear

Steel tubular frame, hydraulically / pneumatically controlled tilting system front and rear, independent suspension on all four wheels, two disc brakes at the front, Ø 240 mm, double-piston fixed calipers, two disc brakes at the rear, Ø 240 mm, single -piston floating calipers, maximum inclination angle 45 degrees.

Cast aluminum wheels
2.75 x 14

110 / 80-14 

mass and weight

Length 2200 mm, width 800 mm, height 1340 mm, wheelbase 1580 mm, steering head angle k. A., caster k. A., seat height 780 mm, weight fully fueled 279 kg, payload 221 kg, tank capacity / reserve 14/3 liters.

two years

Red, metallic gray, white

Price / additional costs
10,800 euros / 195 euros

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