News from Japan


News from Japan

Speculative pleasure

There are motorcycle innovations in autumn. Reliable information, hard facts. The time before, the time of dreams and speculations, is usually more exciting and always more imaginative.

Little clarity, a lot in colorful pictures
Error and a bit of truth, this is how the best drink is brewed that refreshes and builds up the world. “Goethe knew nothing about motorcycles when he wrote the” Prelude to the Theater “for his Faust. Still, nobody has got better
when he put into words what every year
is performed as a prelude to the great novelty theater. Boring questions, leaden silence, tactical laughter, globally clever PR strategies, cheekily leveraged somewhere in the world village? a wonderful burlesque.
If we come to the spark of truth and the colorful pictures, let’s begin
with a vision of the new Suzuki GSX-R 1000. There are two numbers in the room: 163, 183. Meant are the dry weight and the performance. So Suzuki is turning
The one-year model cycle offset to the Japanese competition with sheer performance and radical lightweight construction again to your own advantage in order to counter the challenges of 2004. The new GSX-R flagship wears a fairing, the face of which is determined by a multi-equipped headlight battery and three air inlet scoops. They indicate that controlled and optimized air routing into the airbox is becoming increasingly important for high-performance engines. The computer retoucher thought that the fairing was pulled up to the tank in order to optimize the aerodynamics. In view of the raised silencers, it should be noted that it would be original to stick to the conventional side arrangement instead of copying the example of the Ducati 916 as the penultimate manufacturer.
The computer drawing of the GSX-R shows what could happen if the development policy of the last few years were to be continued. The obvious one. However, some observers have a hunch that Suzuki will bring something surprising. But a V4 instead of a further escalation level of the row four?
Completely off the beaten track, Yamaha will move with a large street two-cylinder. “Die Wumme”, that’s how a colleague called the design, which combines what Europeans who love country roads would have always wanted to have together: The 1670 V2 from the Road Star Warrior, a supplier of huge mountains of torque, in a chassis with plenty of lean angle and a geometry that works for you lively cornering is good. A centrally located above the cylinder heads ver-
running frame profile takes up the engine as a supporting part. An upside-down fork sits in mighty triple clamps, the swing arm axis is mounted in the gearbox and in the frame at the same time. A low-maintenance, quietly running toothed belt takes over the final drive. In a highly creative way, as in line with this concept, the rear wheel suspension is housed to the left of the engine, supported by a solid milled part on the front. Deviating from the draft, the curve cruiser Yamaha ?? do we call them Mega-BT or M-BT, based on the BT 1100? probably a little less
have cut stern. There has to be a bit of a taillight, and a
The pillion shouldn’t stop at the first
Accelerate while sitting on the rear wheel.
The sketch of the new FZ10 is also delicious. Sweeping lines of a chassis inspired by the FZ6 can be found together with fine parts: R1 swingarm, upside-down fork, radially bolted brake calipers and lightweight wheels. Similarities to the R1 are quite intentional, as the FZ10 is supposed to be a motorcycle for people who would otherwise drive a super sports bike with wide handlebars. Because it is missing on the drawing, the ABS should be mentioned here, which Yamaha will offer for the FZ10, FZ6 and TDM 900.
At Kawasaki is about to update the ZX-6R, but the Greens will hardly adapt the chassis of the ZX-10R with the profiles running above the engine for the six. After all, the existing frame is stiff enough. In addition to the new outfit, the facelift applies to the four-cylinder. You can always need more power, as well as optimized throttle response, and maybe one slipper clutch is enough for everyone, not just for pilots of the expensive ZX-6RR.
Almost certainly not for 2005, but with a displacement of 850 cubic centimeters, the successor to the Honda Transalp is emerging. A motorcycle that not only looks catchier than the Vara-
dero, but would also be suitable to bring Transalp and Africa-Twin fans together into one community. The engine, radiator and exhaust are housed in a protected place, which will please off-road freaks, while goodies such as the hydraulically adjustable spring base or ABS increase the suitability for travel. A very promising approach.
And Goethe? As we have known since the story of Norbert Sorg in MOTORRAD 8/2004, he would dream of a new Guzzi: »You are approaching again, wavering figures! ??

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