News from the endurance test fleet


News from the long-term test fleet, Buell XB12S Lightning, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, MV Agusta F4 1000 S, MZ 1000 S

Deficiency symptoms

First some good news: our long-term test KTM 950 Adventure finally no longer rattles. Obviously
the last repair measures on the clutch and the oil pressure valve (see MOTORRAD 12/2005, page 65) were successful. The engine now sounds considerably healthier and is rapidly approaching the end of the 50,000-kilometer distance.
In contrast, the Buell has not caused much trouble so far, it is currently around 13,200 kilometers on the
Speedometer. Recently, however, the side stand buckled more and more, so that the XB12S got into a frightening lean angle even while standing. A dismantling brought a broken screw on the side stand to light. Perhaps it was already too tight during assembly
because Buell dealers describe the damage as untypical. As part of the workshop visit, the Lightning got a new front brake disc, the old one had become noticeable by slight rubbing. A somewhat bumpy wheel fell on the removed front wheel-
store what was fixed on the occasion.
Also unusual is the defective indicator switch of the Kawasaki ZX-10R (27,600 kilometers), the increasingly frequent failure-
had symptoms when flashing right. Therefore the complete switch unit had to be exchanged for a new part.
Colleague Thomas Schmieder recently had a momentous idea, who wanted to use the MZ 1000 S for a longer trip to her East German homeland: “We’ll quickly attach a pair of suitcases to it.” However, the S does not provide for that, MZ only delivers a softbag system. MOTORRAD therefore tried a bigger one
Conversion, namely the exchange of the rear frame for the 1000 ST, which will be available soon. Its tubular construction is reinforced so that it can carry a case system and topcase. This measure is hardly recommended for the S-driver. Too expensive and too time-consuming even with experienced staff. The screws of the brackets can only be brought into position with pointed fingers and all sorts of tricks. The two Krauser cases from the ST cost 690 euros, and the top case costs another 245 euros, including the carrier. In the price for the case set
an adjustable steering damper is included, the kickback when the forward is relieved-
the game should prevent. Like the Buell
a damage was noticed during the assembly: a manifold had a long crack caused by tension and / or vibrations.
The M.V Agusta F4 1000 S, with 2500
Kilometers quite fresh in the test fleet, annoying with an increasingly loud, howling noise from the transmission in third and fourth gear. This made it necessary to dismantle the engine, which revealed the very rough tooth surfaces of a sliding gear on the input shaft. In addition to this pair of gears, the workshop replaced the corresponding counter gears and the input shaft, because the sliding play of the sliding gear was also too great. To be on the safe side, all three shift forks were replaced on the occasion. gt

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