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Comparative test of Supermoto bikes, Husaberg FE 600 SM, Husqvarna SM 610 R, KTM 620 LC 4, KTM 640 LC 4, MZ Baghira

Crazy Highness

Small wheels, wide handlebars, great fun? For the first time, MOTORRAD invited to a parade of the current super moto bikes ?? by and with the crazy kings of the shimmering asphalt.

Hey guys, country road, we’re on the country road! Pulling force, load change reactions, steering precision, points evaluation ?? forget everything. Helmet on and only one thing counts for the gang: the gas is on the right and the racing line is occasionally on the left ?? if necessary also on the country road. But whatever. Every word is too much. Racing driver. Worse still: great moto-crazy. Beat Gautschi, Jens Hainbach, Gilles Salvador, Achim Trinkner. Three of the very fast variety, casual in the top ten of the Super Moto-DM. Until the rest of the test crew arrives at the top of the Ballon d´Alsace, the three 17-inch speedsters lean on the side stands, hot sizzling. And the worst of all: the troops take notes on paper that has been unfolded umpteen times. Pulling force, load change reactions, steering precision. Damn world.

Great test bike. Robust strength, robust machinery. Five of those who know that Super Moto shoots sharply. Husaberg FE 600. As uncompromising as ever. Husqvarna SM 610 R, Italy’s brand new one for the tightened customer. KTM 620 SC Super Moto, the competitive 620cc sport enduro in small bike version. KTM 640 Super Moto with the 640 engine as well as kick and electric starters as standard. And the MZ. But not the good Baghira Street moto from Zschopau. We remember: robust troops, robust machines. Fritz Egli, tuner legend from Switzerland, breathes life into the Saxon woman. More displacement, more power? of course for more money. Nevertheless, as a Black Panther, the MZ fits into the test concept.

Speaking of concept. Country road, pass road, Eckenwetz ?? that’s what the mutated crossers want. And if things should get even more difficult: off to the racetrack. But forget the big names. The exit for the last groove is closer, cheaper and, for the single-cylinder, like tailor-made on every kart track. Also for the four madmen and the MOTORRAD test group. The Pirelli MT 60 Corsa includes the karting tracks in Schaafheim in Hesse, Vesoul and Sundgau in France, as well as lots of handy provincial streets in Alsace.

Achim is already pressing the starter of the Baghira. Trick, the MZ single originally comes from the Yamaha XTZ 660, a rather tame representative of the Enduro faction. The Japanese did without a kick starter from the start. A push of a button is all it takes on the 640 KTM. Lucky beat. The rest have to kick. No problem with the 620 KTM and the Husky. One or two kicks and the bolides pound away. Only at the Husaberg is the outrageously high mounted kick starter annoying. Especially since the FE is not the most eager to start anyway. Well, it is also offered with an e-starter, but we remember: if it is robust…

We continue along the Hohenstrabe. But slow down … the words fizzle out unheard in the thunder of the five single cylinders. Jens auf der Husaberg sets the pace. He can too. The Schwedenhammer goes off like a moose during the rutting season. With an unbelievable 68 hp and 123 kilograms – with a full tank, mind you? The blue-yellow flies through the crowd of curves. But be careful, as the FE is delivered, even the most enthusiastic TÜV man constantly suffers from hearing loss, not to mention the ear of the law. And because the approved version is only homologated with 17 hp that are not relevant in practice, for long-term super moto fun it has to be: rework, a lot of rework, please. Which should not be limited to the silencer. In the absence of a balance shaft, the Swede vibrates in such a way that hands, feet and buttocks feel dead in no time.

Because the Northmen forgot to shorten the White Power strut sufficiently to compensate for the front lowered by the 17-inch wheel and also to tune it tightly, the Husaberg wriggles restlessly back and forth on bumpy straights with its steep steering head. Which doesn’t help her much in the narrow space. Supported by the relatively soft fork, the yellow one reacts excessively and wobbly in the tangle of curves.

The Husky and 620 series KTMs soon pass by. With a few horsepower less? 58 and 60 respectively, to be precise – but significantly better manners. Okay, everything is relative. Even with the Husqvarna, the handlebars still rattle properly, but the 610 rider sits loosely in the saddle. The suspension is firm but balanced, and the engine is comfortable to drive with strong pressure in the medium speed range. The Husqvarna only runs out of breath on the fast, straight connectors. In the upper speeds, it weakens significantly, especially since sixth gear is designed more as an overdrive than a usable gear. But that doesn’t keep them or the rest of the squad from the rush of speed.

With top values ​​between a whopping 177 km / h for the 620 KTM and 165 km / h for the ?? too short translated – the MZ and the 640 KTM, the ex off-roaders have settled in perfectly on the smooth surface. Although the 620 KTM does not deny its origins. Long suspension travel and a front fork that is too soft compared to the rear make the orange racer a bit nervous on the straights and wobbly in the bends. But the engine, which is vibration-dampened by a balancer shaft, inhale. The LC4 propellant gets down to business in a refreshing way with really tasty food, lots of revving and perfect gear ratios.

For Achim on the MZ, the only thing left is the battle line to keep up. Forty kilograms overweight are only acceptable in the sumo class. Even if Meister Egli has taken precautions and pepped up the single vigorously. More displacement ?? 686 instead of 660 cm3 -, a higher compression, sharper camshaft and modified valve springs with ultra-light titanium spring plates get the German-Swiss on their toes. 65 instead of 48 hp is a word? even if the combination of weight and expansive dimensions slows down hard in an emergency. But when it’s not about the pole position in the country road GP, the MZ pulls its trump cards out of its sleeve. The low-vibration engine, a very sensitive and balanced suspension, a dresser bench and a two-person permit bring completely new aspects to the uncompromising and wacky super moto scene: culture and reason.

And now even Beat is happy about that on the 640 KTM. Comfortable and well-balanced suspension, thanks to the constant pressure carburetor, the motor purrs gently at lower speeds, an effective stainless steel silencer – in comparison to the fighting dog trio Husaberg, Husky and 620 KTM, the LC4 640 behaves like a well- trained lap dog. Admittedly, the anti-wrinkle cure cost a few horsepower. But whatever. The longer the tour lasts, the more Beat gets on the increasingly dull, wild boys and drives on with Achim on the MZ when the others are already looking for gas pumps and street cafes. Even if the real, radical super-moto feeling doesn’t want to arise, the question arises: even super-moto freaks don’t like to shower a little warmer now and then?

Wimp or not. Vesoul is ahead of us. Out to refuel before the kart track is stormed. The road hunt has damaged the machines. The speedometer gave up on the Husky and the exhaust gases simply melted away the left rear turn signal. The Husaberg’s speedometer cable, which is loosely attached to the fork leg, doesn’t last long either, the seat’s fastening screw was vibrated for eternity. And the speedometer cable of the 640 KTM, scraped off the front wheel, has also had most of its life behind it.

Nothing now matters. Heat! The boys are in their element. Culture, reason ?? away with it, finally. Every man for himself. Each against each. After every turn one is eliminated. Big Brother in the Drifter camp. The first vote falls on the MZ. Too heavy, too wide, logical. The circuit is also a bit doughy. Even the excellent brakes with four-piston calipers from Spiegler, the standard 320 brake disc for all Super Moto bikes, a Magura hand pump and the powerful engine save nothing on the racing track.

Next turn. The air is getting thinner. The 640 KTM has to go. No question about it, the thing feels slower than the stopwatch proves, but firstly the weight is pressing, secondly it takes a very, very smooth driving style to compensate for the lack of punch of the engine with a lot of momentum. The sensitive suspension helps, which does not become too spongy even when the pace is tough. The 640 rattles across the asphalt with its folding footrests in almost every corner. But not with more? as well as the entire 17-inch league.

Now it’s getting tight. The three Randalo bikes are skin-tight. Achim flies off in a curve. He and Husaberg slide thirty meters over the asphalt. The yellow leather has black stripes, with the Swede the wide off-road handlebars save the situation. A rubbed-off rubber throttle grip and a few scratches in the plastic side cover are the only evidence of unwanted inclination. Another advantage of the Super Moto Guild. With a speedster? possibly with disguise? A few hundred repair costs would have been due quickly. Nevertheless, the Husaberg is allowed to stay, the 620 goes. Due to the soft fork, which plunges too deeply when braking, and the high seating position, it can be imprecisely steered in the narrow curves of the karting track.

Husaberg is also grappling with the same problem. Too soft at the front, too tight at the back. In addition: Even if the frenzied elk can be swiveled through alternating curves as nimbly as a petite deer, the Swede is plagued by the engine, which is rough at lower speeds. Because that doesn’t make it easy to accelerate the speedster out of these situations in a clean and controlled manner ?? even if the FE later rushes away from any opponent on the straight with power.

The Husky remains as a race winner. Tight but balanced suspension, extremely smooth shifting, perfect ergonomics and, above all, an elastic and good-natured, yet powerful motor makes the 610 playful meters where others struggle with themselves and the slopes. Sit on it, feel good, be quick.

S.o, guys, and now the overall standings. Everyone comes here and … again nobody hears it for a long time. Racing driver.

Conclusion: Husaberg FE 600 SM

Husaberg FE 6005th Platz StrabeVibrations like crazy, noise like crazy, and the price is crazy too. In the long run, the brute steam doesn’t reconcile. 3rd place racetrack The aggressive engine characteristics don’t make it easy. Still: nimble handling, featherweight and irrepressible power ?? a thoroughbred separator.

Conclusion: Husqvarna SM 610 R / S

3rd place road Actually everything fits for the country road hunt. Only the strong vibrations and the sporty, firm suspension disturb the absolute enjoyment. Race place trackStrength lies in peace. Elastic and powerful motor, precise handling and great ergonomics create confidence for best times. Perfect.

Conclusion: KTM LC4 620

3rd place on the road The easy-revving, relatively smooth-running engine with a lot of smoke inspires. Only the suspension setup should be more balanced. 3. The engine and peripherals are impressive. Only the wobbly behavior in tight corners cost the 620 the last tenths on the kart track.

Conclusion: KTM LC4 640

Platz Strabe Too good or not? The real super-moto feeling is missing. But not a sophisticated engine, a clean suspension setup and great workmanship. Platz racetrack It drives faster than it feels. But: the tamed power and a few pounds too much slow down the 640 KTM in the end.

Conclusion: Egli-MZ Baghira

Square Street Too thick, too wide, too expansive? Not for the country road. On top of that, there’s extra comfort, a silky smooth engine and even travel-friendly equipment. Place on the racetrack. Sumo wrestlers have no business in athletics. Too thick, too wide, too expansive? Yes. Even a lot of power doesn’t help much anymore.

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