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Volcon Grunt

The I-ride-everywhere-e-bike

Volcon is a new electric vehicle start-up from Texas. With the Volcon Grunt, an e-motorcycle with balloon tires makes its debut, which can probably go anywhere.

AT.At first glance, the Volcon Grunt is reminiscent of the balloon tire models made by Japanese manufacturers in the 1980s. Motorcycles like the Suzuki RV models were quite popular as early fun bikes at the time.

50 HP strong, robustly built

The Volcon Grunt is more for hard work than just fun touring – not that it couldn’t do that too. The battery pack is stuck behind the steering head in a sturdy frame made of steel tubes and the electric motor, which drives the rear wheel via a chain, is located in the area of ​​the pivot point. A USD fork at the front and a tubular steel swing arm at the rear guide the steel wheels. The balloon tires mounted on it look like they can find grip on any terrain. A solid luggage rack can also take large luggage.

The electric motor offers a peak power of 37 kW and a torque of 102 Nm. Enough power to accelerate the Volcon Grunt to 100 km / h in just under six seconds, which corresponds to the top speed. Disc brakes on both axles are used for deceleration.

160 km and also under water

The battery enables an autonomy of around 160 kilometers. Fresh juice is available at any conventional socket. It takes two hours to fully charge. Alternatively, the battery can also be completely replaced. There are four driving modes available to drivers that can be used to influence performance and throttle response. Since the entire drive is watertight, nothing stands in the way of deep water crossings. Volcon even allows the Grunt to be used underwater.

When it comes to lighting, Volcon leaves it with an LED round headlight at the front and an LED rear light. Indicators and mirrors are missing. Road use is obviously not planned. Rather, the Grunt is supposed to carry ranchers across their land or hunters into the district.


The Volcon Grunt can be pre-ordered now. The reservation fee is between $ 150 and $ 250 depending on the package chosen. The total price is $ 5,995. Deliveries will start in spring 2021.

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