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Tradition from the BMW R 32 to the BMW R nineT

Forward! Mia turn back

Those who stick to traditions will soon only sell to traditionalists. On the other hand, those who deny their legacy are considered ripped off. That’s why BMW brought a new old one and an old new one. Both are called the R nineT.

I.n the motley boom of the early 1970s, grandfathers could only be impressed with a single, often black, motorcycle. This made the financing easier for one or the other, but led the manufacturer to a dead end from 1980: Do you still have sex or do you already drive a BMW? This Stammtisch classic confused even ardent fans of the ohv boxer. Grandpa also felt disturbed in his memories, not to mention the white-blue car division with its range of models aimed at testosterone-controlled dynamics. No, I finally had to get some fresh air, to the motorcycle shop, and to do it properly. Three or four-cylinder units installed lengthways and horizontally, that’s never been done before, it totally rocks. The regulars’ table accepted these K models with thanks: Do you still have sex, right?…

Tradition from the BMW R 32 to the BMW R nineT

Forward! Mia turn back

R 32 and S 1000 RR? Would the great mother of all white-blue boxers feel threatened by the company of an R 1200 GS Adventure? What would it have to say to a K 1600 GT? Question after question, only the board found the right answer: A novelty is coming, crucifix. With a boxer, air-cooled, but without a beak and not cross-eyed.

Design department before a heavy trial

This requirement profile was a difficult test for the design department, as it had previously practiced for 20 years to alienate the original as much as possible. Fortunately, someone was found who knew round headlights and black lacquer, even wire spokes were found. The new one did great, learned to run at lightning speed, and the question of the right school was already in the room: BMW athletes (S 1000 RR and HP4) visit the Toni Mang Racing Academy to develop their personality, and the bestseller ( everyone else) visit the Uli -Hoeneb-Business-Institut, but the board did not like either. In the present case, it is about tradition, even history, i.e. higher things. Thoughtfully, he put his head in his hands. Closed your eyes. When he opened it again, he whispered, strangely inspired: "Max Friz boarding school".

Tea younger developers suspected that Friz must have been a chancellor under Ludwig II, older ones hissed that the R 100 RS had last passed its school-leaving exam at this educational institution. No matter, time was of the essence, all of the newcomers hastily packed a bundle, lashed it down – for lack of porters! – on the bench and sent it to life. Little was heard from the little one over the next few months. Sometimes a postcard. She enjoys the Allgau air, yes, but the teaching staff is strange. Time a text message. In electrical engineering with the R 80/7 you couldn’t get beyond contact ignition. Rarely a letter. In history she is constantly bothered by an R 60/5 with quotes from a certain Franz Josef Strauss, but the caretaker, an almost 60-year-old R 50 with a swing arm in front and behind, is very nice: she always uses it to practice idling during breaks. Two days before the birthday party she got her certificate, only ones and twos, except in German.

Naked bike

Bmw r nineT in the driving report

Puristic retro style bike

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Modern Classic

BMW R nineT in the PS driving postponement

Not for wheelie artists and rear wheel transverse drivers

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Back to the roots


In 1978, Munich was more modern than the well-behaved R 80/7: It still had contact ignition.

At the jubilee party on Munich’s Oberwiesenfeld, of course, she had to take a seat at the children’s table, and there was a lot going on there. The current GS boasted with its water coolers, the S 1000 R with its power-to-weight ratio, the R 1200 RT with its stereo system and the K 1600 GTL Exclusive with its price. Tea luxury tourer poked the new guy in the cooling fins: “And what can you do?” “Almost anything” could have come as an answer, but that seemed too contentious to her. So she said: “Back to the roots.” The conceited, furrowed disguise forehead of the 1600s then offered a tip: “It’s about sex, not six.” The RT thought it understood, put on a cozy skirt and switched on the heated seats. With a sigh, the GS deepened the topic: Your two-valve sisters would simply have had a sucking hole. To dust with Hubert Auriol or Gaston Rahier through the Sahara. Such guys! Three-day beards! Sweaty! Reckless! Uahh! “But an RS 54,” replied the new one, “with Enders / Engelhardt over all road courses in Europe and six times world champion? How cool was that? ”The others looked at each other, embarrassed. "Well, Konigswellen-Boxer, team, from 1954 to 1974 a total of 19 titles, you know."

Not correct. They didn’t know anything. So the new girl took out a photo and put it under the reading lamp for the Exclusive. “They practically crawled around on the floor,” said the touring six-pack indignantly at the sight of the 74 World Championship team, the GS immediately noticed the bevel gear housings on the cylinder heads: “Oh, ha, ce, folks, I can’t believe it “, RT only had eyes for Ralf Engelhardt and played Elvis. The S 1000 R wanted to know where you can learn such classic stuff and opened the next construction site with it. "Brief presentation?" Asked the new girl, everyone nodded. “In the past, very early on, BMW only built the boxer, no motorcycles. The thing was called M 2 B 15 and was sold to all sorts of manufacturers. But then BMW and one of these buyers joined forces, and his motorcycle, the Helios, was botch. Only tightrope walkers could ride it, Max Friz told his boss, and the boss replied that nothing was thrown away. He should either rebuild it or … sell it to tightrope walkers! "Thunderous laughter broke out, the new one continued:" Max Friz was the chief designer and was into fat six-cylinder. "The Exclusive let out an indignant click of his tongue." Yes, aircraft engines. He felt really turned on. In 1923, he simply turned the boxer, which had previously been installed with a transverse crankshaft, by 90 degrees. Gearbox and shaft drive on, done. ”The others had listened with open throttle valves, now a multi-cylinder misfire escaped them:“ Grandma ?! ”


90 years of BMW motorcycles

Motorcycle milestones in BMW history

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The upright shaft boxer RS ​​54 was more modern than any other BMW and won sidecar titles.

At the head end of the main table, the R 32, twitching, interrupted its nap and smiled benignly at the youngsters, when the R 100 GS hit the glass with the dipstick and raised the laudatory speech: “Dear boxers, dear … family! As Thomas More said over 500 years ago: tradition is not keeping the ashes, but passing on the flame. ”RT whispered astonished that there had been boxers back then. “What the genius Max Friz once invented did not blow in the wind. No, our grandma is alive! ”The R 32 rummaged in her toolbox for the lace handkerchief, all pre-war models instinctively reached for the glass. "And it was constantly being developed." The glasses sank down again. “But it’s not always about progress. Also about sales figures. ”The government and military motorcycles gave loud approval. “That’s why brave men invented a BMW Enduro in 1980 and passed the flame we. "The F, K and S fractions whispered, a K 75 even sobbed out loud. The GS finally raised her beer mug." Let’s toast: to the old Friz and … "At that moment, the R 32 pulled herself up at the table, raised her glass and, with an unmistakable feeling for family cohesion, smacked a "Mia san mia" into the hall.

Still sinking back she emptied her measure in one gulp, instantly the mail went off with animal hoots. All the two-valve engines poured their leaded Super in, the R 90 S roared “Ex, that lubricates the valves”, and the otherwise shy R 45 giggled “One more thing, I need more internal cooling.” The elegant pre-war athlete R 5 then fell in love, R 90 S and 100 RS slammed into another gear with a crack of joy. Soon all four were shaking arm in arm “Oans, zwoa, gsuffa”, in the military block the R 12 and the Wehrmacht team supported each other in a swaying standstill, reaching from F to K to everyone passing by the panniers and singing in four voices “I have a comrade.” At the children’s table there was Of course it was only Super E10, but the youngsters also had a lot of fun. The RT tripped back in second gear from the dance with a sleek full swing arm, asked breathlessly what wood in front of the hut meant and switched to Bayern1. The Exclusive wanted to know from the new one how "back to the roots" actually go.

"You chain fagot, you vicious"

When the R 68 and S 1000 RR clashed because the latter had called the former a blade crutch and then the former rammed its telescopic fork into the fairing cutout with the scream "I am a bad 100-mile racer, you chain fagot, you brash" R 80 painted green and white on its blue light and called for a family photo. “Granny, you to the children, please. All others according to the year of construction from left to right, but peacefully. ”She routinely escorted the R 32 in front of a Neuschwanstein photo wall and assigned the new one to the left of her forefather. “Built extra for your 90th, Grandma, something traditional. ”The old woman peeked over:“ On the side valve? ” The R 80 quickly slipped in and held her diploma in front of the headlights. "Ha wos !? You were at the Friz Maxl. Is dea no, dea olde Schwob alive?" Again the R 80 showed unexpected presence of mind and pointed to the A in sport. "Yes, of course, dashing san ma all the time. "The old boxer looked so loving and loyal, the new girl really wanted to say something nice. But the R 32 got ahead of it:“ Say amal, how hate it? ”Everyone looked at her. Now it had to go. Blush rose up her cylinder heads. Hesitantly, she rumbled off: “So … R …”, the old woman was already urging: “Blind am i no ned, des siag i selba. And weida?” Once again, the R 80 made a name for itself with order and family peace: "No, grandma, Err no, hate."

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