News – Motocross news: Honda CRF250R and CRF450R 2015 – Used HONDA

Motocross news: Honda CRF250R and CRF450R 2015

News - Motocross news: Honda CRF250R and CRF450R 2015 - Used HONDA

After Suzuki, it is Honda’s turn to unveil the developments made to its motocross for 2015. The new CRF250R and CRF450R notably adopt three selectable injection maps on the handlebars.

After Suzuki, it’s Honda’s turn to unveil the evolutions made to its motocross for 2015. The new CRF250R and CRF450R notably adopt 3 selectable injection maps on the handlebars, optimized suspensions and mechanical modifications..

Whether on the asphalt of speed circuits or the dirt of cross-country tracks, electronics are developing at high speed on motorcycles: the Kawasaki KXFs and the new Suzuki RM-Z450 have in particular electronic assistance at the start, while the Honda CRF are launching for 2015 three different injection curves, selectable on the handlebars.

On the small CRF250R and the large CRF450R, the principle is the same: a button on the right stalk allows you to choose a more or less aggressive engine response, depending on the nature of the terrain and your driving preferences. The injection and the air box receive changes on the two models, in order to optimize their efficiency.

CRF450R 2015: what’s changing

On the 2015 CRF450R 450, the silencer design changes: the outlets under the hull are shorter and of larger diameter.

Thanks to this new routing of gases, to the reworked injection and to several mechanical modifications (new treatment of the cylinder, engine thief weighed down by 20 grams and optimized cooling, in particular), the single cylinder of 449.7cc now develops 39.5 Kw ( approx. 54 hp) and 48 Nm of torque.

The CRF450R also inherits from the second generation of the Kayaba 48 mm pneumatic fork, the PSF 2s, whose main characteristic is to offer less friction ("- 10%", according to Honda).

The rear monoshock receives new adjustments, while the diameter of the front disc goes from 240 to 260 mm (240 at the rear).

CRF250R 2015: what’s changing

Regarding the CRF250R, its 249cc single cylinder () does not receive any major changes, apart from its three injection "mapping" and larger internal silencer ducts (from 22 to 23.8 mm on the right and from 23.4 at 26.6 mm left).

Its performance is therefore close to that posted in 2014, with 28 kW of power (approximately 38 hp) and 26.5 Nm of torque. The chassis sees the arrival of the new Showa SFF Air split-function air fork, which the Suzuki RM-Z450 also uses from this year.

Thanks to this fork which uses pressurized air in place of the traditional springs, the 2015 CRF250R loses a trifle of "1.3 kg" compared to 2015. And more than a kilo gained on the front axle. ” a motorcycle is potentially a huge gain in terms of handling and liveliness when changing downforce !

The adjustable monoshock is made of a new material, lighter and more rigid according to Honda which indicates a weight loss of 220 gr on this element. The motorcycle’s curb weight now stands at 105.2 kg. Sure that the improved braking promised by the new 260 mm front disc (240 in 2014) will be greatly appreciated to calm the ardor of this svelte racing beast. !

Asked by MNC, Honda France indicates that the 2015 CRFs will land in concessions "in September". However, their price is not yet known to the French subsidiary..

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