News – New 2012 Honda new salvo in Milan – VFR1200F and its controlled traction

New 2012 Honda series salvo in Milan

News - New 2012 Honda new salvo in Milan - VFR1200F and its controlled traction

Four novelties that complete the Honda 2012 vintage will be exhibited tomorrow at the EICMA in Milan. As expected, two models take the twin 700 from the Integra (NC700S and NC700X). The Crosstourer and a new Wave are also detailed. Presentation.

VFR1200F and its controlled traction

Launched at the end of 2009, the VFR1200F saw its first update in 2012 with, on the program, better low revs, greater autonomy, a more comfortable saddle, a refined double clutch and the adoption of traction control..

Available, colors and prices

  • Availability: March 2012

  • Colors: Metallic black "Darkness", Blue "Candy Tahitian", or Metallic titanium "Blade"

  • Price: kept very close to the current € 15,390

Aware of the too great timidity of the 1200 in low revs, the Japanese engineers wanted to tone up the response of their engine "in particular between 2000 and 4000 rpm, making the machine even more pleasant to drive while delivering an invigorating sound, the same that has always characterized successive generations of Honda V4s".

Without going into details, the manufacturer claims to have played on the programming of its PGM-FI electronic injection. The values ​​indicated by the technical sheet (of the French model) do not show any improvement, however: with us, the 4-cylinder V at 76 ° always develops a maximum torque of 115 Nm at 4000 rpm.

Not content with consolidating the performance of their mill, Japanese engineers have also succeeded in improving its "energetic efficiency". Again, they do not specify" how "or" how much ", but ask us to believe that with its larger tank (half a liter, or 19 liters in total), the VFR1200F will be able to cover more kilometers with a full.

The stages will now be lengthened – slightly -, but this should not be a problem for the "vehementists" since the saddle of the Honda road "has been revised to offer more comfort to the pilot and the passenger".

This time Honda specifies that "the new saddle finish and stitching provide better grip to make riding more comfortable". Moreover, "the saddle has a flat surface large enough to allow several positions and allow long road trips in good conditions". The panard for the boulard !

The VFR1200, which inaugurated the DCT transmission in early 2010 (read our), should gain in approval by adopting the new version of the Honda system..

"In D mode (automatic "cool", Editor’s note), the electronic control unit adapts gear changes to the behavior of the pilot", say the Reds."The system takes into account several parameters to automatically choose between two maps, one for normal conditions, which minimizes gear changes for smoothness, the other for heavy loads, which changes gears more directly for promote acceleration and engine braking".

"Whether automatic modes D or S (automatic, more "sporty" version, Editor’s note)are chosen, the second generation of the Honda double clutch also allows manual intervention: at any time, the pilot can use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ commands in MT mode to select the desired gear. After which, if no other action is recorded, the system takes over and continues to operate in automatic mode.".

"This new function is therefore particularly useful when overtaking or when approaching a series of tight bends for example.", illustrate the Japanese.

Last modification, and not the least: "the VFR1200F benefits from the Honda TC traction control system which, on the basis of a number of parameters, monitors speed variations which could be the beginnings of a loss of rear tire grip".

The system, deemed unnecessary on the Fireblade, is therefore adopted on the road: "combined with combined ABS braking, traction control actively contributes to driving safety and peace of mind, even in difficult conditions", justifies the manufacturer, yet a follower of" Total Control "… except on his Superbike !

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