News – New automatic transmission with double clutch for the future VFR – Used HONDA

New dual-clutch automatic transmission for the future VFR

News - New automatic double-clutch transmission for the future VFR - Used HONDA

Honda announces today in Japan the development of a new automatic transmission with double clutch for motorcycles of large displacements, which will equip in particular the future large VFR… and soon the sports models of the brand! Explanations.

After a first round of 2010 novelties rather modest (read), Honda announces today in Japan the development of a new transmission with double clutch: "a world first", specifies the manufacturer who had already illustrated with the DN-01 (read in particular and our).

It’s about the "world’s first double-clutch automatic transmission for large-displacement sports cars", assures Honda by specifying already that this new technological advance will equip the new one"Large displacement VFR"(probably 1200cc, Editor’s note), eagerly awaited by European and American bikers (in 2010) and Japanese (a little later)…

This new transmission should guarantee "good sports driving sensations"while ensuring fuel consumption"less than or equal"to that of motorcycles equipped with conventional manual transmissions.

How it works ?

The new transmission includes two independent clutches which manage odd ratios (1st, 3rd and 5th) and even ratios (2nd, 4th and 6th) respectively. The two clutches work alternately to effect gear changes: for example, to shift from 1st to 2nd, the on-board computer detects the change, engages second gear, then releases the first gear clutch while engaging the gear. ‘clutch of the second to avoid jolts. "While some dual-clutch transmissions tend to be cumbersome, our new system uses original technologies like dual-entry shafts, in-line layout and concentration of hydraulic circuits under the crankcase to deliver a compact design.", specifies Honda.

This dual-clutch transmission, which should deliver "a very precise control of the acceleration by the pilot thanks to the electronics which take care of making changes of ratio smoothly and without jerks", would additionally be sufficient"light and compact"to be used"without major modification"on most existing engines.

More conventionally, three modes are offered to allow the pilot to adapt the transmission to his driving: two fully automatic modes (Mode D for “standard” driving and Mode S for sport driving) and a six-speed manual mode, which will provide exactly the same feeling as a conventional manual transmission.

"We plan to gradually extend the use of this new transmission on our large-displacement motorcycles, particularly on sports models intended for developed countries.", specifies Honda. What, after the daring generalization of the combined ABS on the sports of the mark (to read in particular and our), could suggest a CBR with automatic transmission? To be continued … Stay tuned !

Eric MICHEL – Manufacturer photos

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