News – New Buell 1190RR: Erik Buell is still racing! – Used BUELL

New Buell 1190RR: Erik Buell still racing !

News - New Buell 1190RR: Erik Buell is still racing! - Used BUELL

The Buell brand is not dead, far from it! Thanks to his new structure called Erik Buell Racing, Mister Buell himself pursues his American dream and offers Superbike riders a muscular version of his 1125R: the 1190RR. Presentation.

Site readers know that Erik Buell has plenty of ideas (read in particular our at the Mondial du deux-Roues). But from there to imagine the release of a "new" model just a few months after being dumped by Harley-Davidson (read), really: hat Mister Buell !

It’s through his new company Erik Buell Racing created at the end of November 2009 that the entrepreneur-pilot-engineer pursues his American dream: to build his own sports motorcycles. The only survivors of the Harley sinking last fall, the 1125Rs continue to be produced in East Troy.

But Erik Buell’s Superbikes are now only intended for the track: no question of driving the latest on the road, because they are not homologated. In the catalog therefore remain the Stock 1125R version which develops a little over 140 horsepower and the 1125RR which spits 170 !

Buell’s "competitor" is not limited to its more or less revised V-Twin Helicon. The cycle parts of motorcycles with Wisconsin sauce are also the originality and pride of Erik with perimeter front disc, frame and swingarm serving as fuel and oil tanks, short wheelbase, lower center of gravity. . A Buell, what !

Proof that Erik’s principles and solutions are not devoid of common sense: last year, Danny Eslick and his 1125RR won the AMA Pro Racing Daytona Sportbike championship title. A category where the sharpened Japanese Supersport, Daytona 675, Ducati 848 and other Aprilia RSV1000R compete !

To allow its pilots to rub shoulders with Superbikes – the real ones, the 1000 cc 4-cylinder and 1200 cc twin-cylinder! -, the Buell company therefore now offers the 1190RR !

Bored at 106 mm – against 103 mm on the "Eleven-twenty-five" -, the cylinders of the American adopt a second injector while the gases escape through a titanium pot. In the end, the "new" Buell benefits from a maximum power of 185 horsepower at the rear wheel. !

The 1190RR retains the suspensions of the 1125RR: the Showa adjustable 43mm racing fork and the Showa damper, itself inherited from the original 1125R. Aside from a 240mm rear disc – against 205 on the 1125 – and a redesigned fairing, the 1190RR incorporates the elements of its little sisters..

"Testing of the 1125RR by Alex Barros, Jeremy McWilliams, Chris Ulrich, Taylor Knapp, Cory West and many more – in addition to the 1190 cc engine and a new winter to tweak our bike digitally – means we can finally deliver a original American racing motorcycle that will deliver top level track performance and ignite sponsors and fans", assures the manufacturer.

So OK, the 1190RR is not a "new 2010" doomed to sweep the French roads. But the arrival of this revamped version of the 1125RR largely deserved this nod to Erik the "sweet dreamer", who has undoubtedly not finished surprising us … Stay tuned !

Matthieu BRETILLE – Builders Photos

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