News – New Kawasaki ZZR 1400 and VN 900 – Used KAWASAKI

New Kawasaki ZZR 1400 and VN 900

News - New Kawasaki ZZR 1400 and VN 900 - Used KAWASAKI

After its ER-6f and ZX-10R, Kawasaki lifts the veil on its very last custom VN 900 and its new banner: the ZZR 1400! As a worthy heir, the ZZR continues its quest for performance, while trying to maintain its versatility… Presentation.

A few days away from the Mondial du deux-Roues in Paris Porte de Versailles (read), the Greens present us two new products.

The VN 900 makes its entry into the Kawa family and could allow small riders or beginners to taste customs without hassle.

But first of all, spotlight on the new spearhead: the ZZR 1400. After the relatively timid changes of the 1200, Kawasaki has not done in half measures by creating from scratch the replacement of the mythical ZZR 1100. Ever more powerful, the new flagship is also more agile than ever. His new look, very close to the Ninja, betrays a radicalization of the model, even if Kawa denies it…

A ZZR 1400 that looks like a ZX-14 R

Japanese engineers started from scratch, with the delicate objective of offering their brand a new banner…

The engine is completely new: farewell to the block dating from 1989 with old-fashioned carburetors! If we do not yet know the exact characteristics of this new gas plant, Kawasaki assures us that it is "the most powerful engine Kawasaki has ever built, marking the start of a new generation of engines"… As the ZX-12R developed 190 hp at 10,500 rpm with the Ram-air system, will the 200 hp mark be exceeded? ?

"Along with engine performance, the ZZR’s handling should be impressive."announce the greens."The secret ? The new generation of aluminum monocoque chassis"explains Kawasaki. Despite its raw and massive appearance, Kawa promises a motorcycle that is both responsive and stable..

But above all, it is the design that tends to think that the ZZR 1400 could very well have been called ZX-14R. Its giant air inlet and its new optics unmistakably bring it closer to the Ninja and more particularly to its little cousin – or sister? – ZX-10R (read). If the front part of the motorcycle remains imposing, its taut lines make it thinner, its saddle and its support become lighter, giving the observer "a sense of speed even when the motorcycle is stopped"- according to Kawasaki – .

However, the new Kawa being a ZZR, the Japanese assure us that their novelty "offers a very relaxed sporty driving position"."Compact without being cramped", the position of the pilot is made more pleasant than on the hyper sports thanks to a handlebars" which does not force you to lie down to reach it", a narrow engine, frame and tank, as well as sufficiently low footrests.

On the braking side, the new ZZR 1400 is adorned with Nissin radial calipers and gives way to the "Kawa" fashion of petal discs, ABS being available as an option..

The new "easy-to-ride"VN 900

Last born from the Kawasaki workshops, the VN 900 completes the range of customs which until then included the VN 1600 and VN 2000.

Its engine, which uses the same combustion chambers and the same lines as the 2000 VN is supposed to offer "excellent mid-range acceleration (where most people drive)", still according to the Japanese.

Whether you are going at high speed on the highway or "cruising" in town, the engineers promise a motorcycle "easy-to-ride", in particular thanks to a torque whose control is facilitated by electronic injection.

The VN 900 is intended to be all the easier to drive as its weight should be light compared to those of the 1600 and 2000. Features that will delight neophytes … and exasperate purists !

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