News – New Peugeot 2014 scooters – Used PEUGEOT

New Peugeot 2014 scooters

News - New Peugeot 2014 scooters - Used PEUGEOT

Even though the Metropolis 400i is just starting to seduce three-wheeled scooter enthusiasts in France, Peugeot Scooters unveils at the EICMA show in Milan three interesting novelties and small evolutions.

The French manufacturer presents its brand new scooter concept called Django at EICMA in Milan. A model with an evocative and deliciously retro name, available in several versions and sizes, which is inspired as much by the Vespa universe as by the brand’s own past at the Lion, whose first motorcycles date back almost 115 years (1898). and the S50, S55 or S57 scooters in the early 1950s.

Peugeot Django 50, 125 and 150

The result is most interesting, with an atypical and original style capable of appealing to city dwellers looking for a compact and elegant two-wheeler..

Django Allure Django Heritage
Django Sport Django Evasion

The Django receives 12-inch wheels, a single or two-seater saddle depending on the model, full LED lighting, a glove box with 12-volt outlet, an SBC combined braking system (125 and 150 only), digital instrumentation and perfectly integrated analog and a box that can accommodate a jet helmet.

The Peugeot Django 50, 125 and 150 cm3 scooter is available in no less than 24 colors and four versions: Heritage, Sport, Evasion and Allure, each as attractive as the next. A digital configurator on the even allows fans of customization to design "their" Django by choosing the engine, color, mirrors, saddle, body rods, light signature and accessories.

Peugeot Satelis II 400i

In addition to the Satelis II 300 powered by Piaggio, Peugeot is naturally offering for 2014 a Satelis II 400 equipped with the in-house engine inaugurated by the three-wheeler Metropolis.

This modern low-friction mechanism, manufactured on the historic site of Mandeure (Doubs), develops a power of 37 horsepower for a maximum torque of 38 Nm. We can bet that this powerful and opulent model will allow the French manufacturer to regain some market share in the segment of GT maxi-scooters, especially as this scooter does not lack attractions with its plush size, its statutory appearance and its excellent level of equipment.

The Peugeot Satelis II 400 has a 45 cm high protective windshield, a spacious and comfortable seat, a large trunk under the saddle accepting two full-face helmets (electric opening via a remote control), ” a very complete instrumentation on board, aspherical mirrors and an electronic immobilizer by coded key. It is therefore the new flagship of the two-wheel scooter range, alongside the three-wheeler Metropolis..

Peugeot Streetzone 50/100

Intended for "urban riders", the Streetzone displays a trendy look with its naked handlebars, its inverted fork, its cartridge exhaust silencer, its digital dashboard, its folding passenger footrests, its dorsal support bar, its sports mirrors and Shuricane braking with 190mm front disc.

Light (87 kg), it can be fitted with a choice of 10 "wheels fitted with mixed tires or 12" wheels with low profile tires with a more road profile. It is offered in 50 and 100 cc 2-stroke engines.

Peugeot Citystar 50

Sleek and plush, the Citystar is now popular in a 50cc version with a water-cooled 4-stroke engine.

Adults will appreciate its gratifying size of 125 cm3 and its excellent level of equipment, with 13 "wheels guaranteeing a good stability / agility ratio, a large and comfortable two-seater saddle, a medium smoked windshield, a boot under saddle capable of accommodating a full face helmet and a jet, as well as a standard electronic immobilizer.

Peugeot Tweet Evo

Lightweight and comfortable, the Tweet 16 "large-wheel scooter quickly established itself in Europe with more than 25,000 units sold since its launch in 2010.

The 2014 model evolves with a completely restyled front face, a new dashboard serigraphy and a new saddle design with double stitching and three colors.

The Tweet Evo remains available in three air-cooled 4-stroke engines (50, 125 and 150), but only the 125 and 150 versions receive a new rear shock absorber adjustable to three positions and a side stand with contactor. Five new colors are available, including a superb Blueberry blue.

Peugeot Geopolis 300 Evo

Like its younger Tweet, the Geopolis with large 16 "wheels but with a much more rewarding size is also evolving for 2014.

It also undergoes a restyling of its front panel incorporating the Lion Peugeot and receives a new more enveloping mudguard, a small smoked windscreen with a sharper design, and a more comfortable and ergonomic saddle like leather and Alcantara. Two new colors appear: pearly white and matt titanium.

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