News – News from EICMA: the new Suzuki GSX-R1000 2016 is almost ready! – Used SUZUKI

EICMA news: the new 2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000 is almost ready !

News - News from EICMA: the new Suzuki GSX-R1000 2016 is almost ready! - Used SUZUKI

Suzuki presents as planned its new GSX-R1000 2016 at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan … but in a version not quite finished! Close to "95%" of the final production model according to our information, this prototype in the final phase marks a deep break with the previous "Gex" and displays clear ambition …

Suzuki presents its new GSX-R1000 2016 at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan … but in a not quite finished version! Close to "95%" of the final production model according to our information, this prototype in final phase marks a deep break with the and displays the clear ambition to dominate the Superbike category..

The R1 and the S1000RR in the sights

“Reclaiming the Crown of Superbike Queen”, “Most Compact GSX-R1000 Chassis Ever Made”, “Most Powerful GSX-R Engine Ever Made”, “Most Aero GSX-R1000 in History ": even if Japanese manufacturers never skimp on superlatives and shocking formulas to describe their new sports motorcycles, the sales pitch for the 2016 GSX-R1000 gives a very clear indication of Suzuki’s ambitions !

More slender and compact, the new "Gex" is visibly designed with a concern for ultimate performance, coupled with small distinguished touches not necessarily usual at Suzuki such as lighting and LED indicators or even its shifter which works on ascent as on lowering gears, a first on a Japanese sports motorcycle.

The message delivered is unambiguous: forget the (relatively) easy going on a daily basis and (relatively) lagging behind the competition, despite some welcome changes in .

This new vintage marks a fierce desire to return to the forefront of the hypersport category, as also evidenced by the incredible forward progress shown by Suzuki in terms of sophistication. 

Thus, while the GSX-R1000 shared with the Honda CBR1000RR the – inglorious – status of the only Japanese Superbike devoid of traction control, the model which succeeds it exhibits one adjustable on ten levels! Equally promising are the brand new Showa suspensions – with separate cartridge at the front and on the – as well as the Brembo radial calipers..

A "totally new" 4-cylinder

To resume the asp of targeted references ("the and the", tells us Suzuki France), the Gex 2016 also receives a configurable ABS, a ride-by-wire accelerator, several injection maps and even a starting assistant. Inside the "totally new" 4-cylinder, Suzuki is showing two more or less new technologies: valves mounted on pawls as on the S1000RR and the R1 (the references have obviously been studied closely!), But above all a distribution variable.

Relaunched this year by Ducati on the Ducati Multistrada 1200, this device makes it possible (in theory …) to optimize engine filling – and therefore its efficiency and consumption – by intervening on the lifting of the valves. Available in different forms on the GTR1400 and the VFR V-tec, this technology makes its first appearance on a hypersport motorcycle. MNC was planning a sharp response: Suzuki does not disappoint us with this technological arsenal, the presence of which had been anticipated since . 

The instrumentation of this motorcycle presented in a dress similar to that of MotoGP’s GSX-RR is unique and is based on a 100% digital on-board console. The frame is of the perimeter type in aluminum, while the engine is fed by two injection rails. Force-fed to what extent? It’s the mystery: Suzuki still keeps secret all the technical data of its 2016 GSX-R1000, including its weight or geometric dimensions…

200 hp, 200 kg, almost € 20,000: the new modern SBK trilogy !

Questioned by MNC, Dominique Li-Pat-Yuen tells us that its mechanical performance has yet to be definitively established: "in reality, this bike presented in Milan is very close to the final version, we are really at the end of its development. 95%, the model presented corresponds to the production model and, aesthetically in any case, nothing will change. The only criterion to be formalized lies precisely in the engine specifications ".

Currently advertised for 185 hp and 203 kg all full, the 2016 GSX-R should probably tease – if not exceed – 200 hp and maybe drop below 200 kg, like the 2015 R1. "I can’t give away. order of power or precise weight, but it is clear that the objective being to catch up and overtake the competition, our bike will develop at least the same power as its designated rivals "…

Suzuki France once again reveals that the official presentation of this ambitious 2016 model would take place around the second half of 2016, with marketing planned in the wake. Asked about its price, the communication manager of the French subsidiary naturally kicks in, while warning that this increase in power would inevitably be accompanied by inflation..

From 14,599 € currently with ABS, the GSX-R should therefore go to around 18,000 €, or even a little more like the (18,500 €). The "Gex" accessible in every sense of the word – with which MNC feasted at – probably lived…

In addition to the frustration of not knowing its exact specifications, the Journal moto du Net also experiences a hint of disappointment with the design quite similar to the previous vintage when it is a major novelty … To mark the break with the earlier model, Suzuki could have – should have? – show more stylistic daring, as Yamaha did with its YZF-R1 2015 !

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