Niu NGT in the test

Niu NGT in the test

How good is the popular electric scooter?

The Niu NGT is the only electric vehicle in the top 20 registration statistics for light-duty scooters – second among the top dogs from Vespa: The concept fits. The result in the first test too?

D.he success of the Niu NGT is quickly explained: Among the handful of actually available e-scooters in the light motorcycle class over 45 km / h, it is still the cheapest today. At home in the same body as its slower brother from the N series, the ultra-agile and very compact city runabout is a real "yes, but" offer. Yes, the concept works, but … Yes, the removable battery in the footboard is a nice thing, but the second battery required for the faster version occupies the helmet compartment. And that has to be with you, because with a battery the NGT not only has less range, it also only runs 45 km / h.

Always full throttle in city traffic

Yes, the almost silent rushing off is really fun, sometimes it is almost like floating. But the direct drive in the rear wheel takes a moment to think about it, and has to be driven at full throttle in Stuttgart city traffic to keep up. Yes, it charges the batteries when braking, but this is done quite digitally, and of course the propulsion is then switched off – so you cannot drive against the brake, for example when turning tight. And the Niu can turn tightly, no question about it.

The Niu NGT only exhausts its potential with both batteries.

Yes, the brakes are great. But there is only the combination brake CBS, which is operated via the left lever. If you reach too hard at the front, the front wheel will lock. What can happen quickly in fright and in the wet, because the grip properties of the Taiwanese CST tires are quite modest. In combination with the poorly responsive, completely overdamped chassis, it is better to drive wet, bumpy corners with a lot of caution. The 1.75-meter-tall test driver in the picture found himself with his legs on the leg shield after crossing tram rails, on the bench you slide forward mercilessly with the blows in the back.

Yes, the LED headlight looks great, but without urban street lights, it stays pretty dark in front of the scooter. In return, the large, colorful screen is dazzling, which at least shows no tendency to fog up even after rainy nights.

Slow driving modes not practical

In city traffic, we got by with four kilowatt hours for 100 kilometers, always in "sport" on the go. Not practical: the slower driving modes. One percent battery charge per kilometer goes through, which makes the 95 kilometer range plausible. Yes, trips to the surrounding area would be possible, but unfortunately there is no space on the scooter for the voluminous charger, so a backpack and / or topcase would have to be with you.

Technical specifications: Bosch wheel hub motor in the rear wheel, 3 kW (4.1 PS), torque 120 Nm, battery capacity 2 x 35 Ah, charging time approx. 2–5 hours, range 95 to 170 kilometers, 3 driving modes E-Save 20 km / h, dynamic 45 km / h, sport 70 km / h; Disc brakes front and rear, dual brake system (CBS), front tires 90 / 90-12, rear 120 / 70-12, weight including batteries 110 kg (MOTORCYCLE measurement), seat height 740 mm, maximum speed 70 km / h, Price 4,499 euros


The Niu NGT scores among other things with its low price compared to the competition and is very popular in this country. The electric scooter was really fun in the test, but the solution with the second battery in the helmet compartment and some other points could be improved. Despite some weaknesses, the overall concept still fits.

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