Niu RQI: electric motorcycle for commuters


Electric motorcycle for commuters

The Chinese two-wheeler manufacturer Niu presented the RQI electric motorcycle concept as a commuter bike for city dwellers at the CES in Las Vegas.

W.he only moves in an urban environment with his two-wheeler and is not dependent on enormous ranges. Much more important are simple operation, easy handling and networking options.

Niu has now presented the RQI study at CES, an electric motorcycle that is intended to follow these goals. The RQI, drawn as a classic naked bike, is powered by a 30 kW electric motor. It sits at the pivot point of the swing arm and transmits its drive torque to the rear wheel via a chain. Energy is supplied by a modular battery system with two Panasonic lithium-ion batteries, which can also be easily removed from the vehicle. This means that recharging can take place externally or on-board. Niu specifies the range as between 130 and 200 kilometers – depending on whether the driver is in normal mode or the sports program. The maximum speed of the Niu RQI should be around 160 km / h.

RQI should come in 2020

The lines of the RQI are based on a heavily tiered tank-bench line, a cranked tubular handlebar, a banana swing arm, a USD fork at the front and a circular LED headlight. The cockpit is an obligatory TFT display. Deceleration is provided by a single disc brake system on each wheel – at the front with a radially attached four-piston caliper.

When it comes to networking, Niu relies on the latest 5G technology, its own app, cloud connection and Bluetooth connectivity. Adaptive headlights, traction control and ABS are also on board.

The Niu RQI should not remain a study. The electric motorcycle should be available in the USA by the end of 2020.

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