Noble tuning for Triumph Tiger

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Noble tuning for Triumph Tiger

Noble tuning for Triumph Tiger
Silver lion

Thomas Schmieder


Regardless of whether it is a »silver lion«, i.e. a puma, or a king tiger, this tuning triumph is a special species, looks wiry and sinewy, always ready to jump. This is not only due to the streak-free, silver special paint, polished swing arm or capped front fender. The company J + A calls their breed a supermoto conversion because of the small 17-inch front wheel. And that looks great on the stocky tiger.
Both bikes combine original-
Hubs with reinforced wire spokes and wider rims. Wide rubber paws rest on it, 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17. Various sports tires can be registered, the touring Bridgestone BT 020 harmonize perfectly with the modified chassis. Progressively wound fork springs and the height-adjustable shock absorber, all from Wilbers, provide more feedback, respond more cleanly and are even more comfortable. Simply because they digest dry, hard bumps better.
No comparison with the series Tiger, which carries its trainer comfortably but a little callously around the corner. As if transformed, the tuned version sticks out through the thicket of curves: more targeted, tighter and more direct. The handling is despite 242 kilograms
Live weight splendid, only around the middle position does the creature behave a little stubborn and tip over with a delay. No matter, because this example has even been spotted on racetracks, the footrests are properly sanded.
The heart of the big cat, including all innards and manifolds, comes from the Daytona ?? recognizable by the silver dress. Of the promised 147 PS, only 111 PS remain on the MOTORRAD test bench, and compared to the series Tiger, the tuning variant loses significantly between 5000 and 8000 rpm. Apparently the three-cylinder breathes less freely due to the small airbox, but delivers more pressure at the bottom in the speed range as well as at the top than the original.
The strengthened triple peppers obsessively from the corners, hangs highly concentrated on the gas. Especially since the final gear ratio was chosen to be shorter, the chain sprocket
has 18 teeth instead of 19, the sprocket 49 ?? three more than usual. It turns loosely
Motor up to 10,500 tours, in sixth gear the silver lion runs up to a speed of 230. The straight-line stability remains stable
enough, probably also a consequence of the order
2.5 centimeters lower front section, which admittedly shifts the chassis geometry in the direction of “handy”, but brings more weight to the front.
The eight-piston calipers from Spiegler bite their way into the floating brake discs. You should always be on your guard when stopping,
if possible only with one finger on
Pull the lever and never in the roundabout.
Otherwise, the big cat is pious and suitable for everyday use, stands securely on the shortened side stand and has noted all mutations in the breeding papers. And the 820 millimeter high, two-part Bagster bench seat is even suitable for forays into long journeys. tsr

Conversion parts and costs – J + A-Triumph Tiger Supermoto conversion

Prices (without assembly)
Front rim 3.50 x 17 409 euros
Rear rim 5.50 x 17 511 euros
Wilbers fork springs 91.50 euros
Wilbers shock absorber 511 euros
Spiegler superbike handlebars 48 euros
Spiegler eight-piston brake system
(consisting of two cast discs,
two eight-piston brake calipers
including adapters and brake pads) 1994 euros
Exchange used engine
from Triumph Daytona or
Sprint RS / ST from 1300 euros
Speedometer adjustment 252 euros
Special painting of all painted parts 970 euros
Bagster bench 250 euros
Silver sports disc 117 euros
Polishing the swingarm 159 euros
Short front fender 370 euros
Exhaust cover with lettering 200 euros
Silencer 281 euros
Side stand shortened 61 euros
Complete vehicle on request

J + A Zweirad GmbH,
Bahnhofstrasse 11, 51588 Numbrecht,
Telephone 02293/6044,

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