Nordisk sleeping mats

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Nordisk sleeping mats


Nordisk sleeping mats

Particularly light sleeping mats from Nordisk
Good in mat

The Danish outdoor specialist Nordisk offers, among other things, the four very light sleeping mats called Grip, Vanna, Vega and Ven, which take up very little space when packing.

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A camping holiday with a motorcycle is a classic among tours on two wheels. If you don’t have a good-natured buddy who transports your luggage in the support vehicle, you will learn two things at the latest when packing: the art of restricting yourself and an eye for the benefit / pack size ratio.

Sleeping mats are definitely useful. The foam mat, rolled as tightly as possible by hand and lashed with expander rubbers, looks back on a career spanning decades. It is still useful and inexpensive.

For around 100 euros each, Nordisk offers four sleeping mats that can do a lot better. All are equipped with a so-called push / pull valve, which is supposed to facilitate and accelerate inflation and deflation.

Nordisk grip

Nordisk sleeping mats


Nordisk Grip sleeping mat

The Nordisk Grip sleeping mat recreates the silhouette of a lying body in order to use as little superfluous material as possible. It is available in 2.5 and 3.8 cm thick and 178 and 193 cm in length. The underside of the 2.5 is made of 20D fabric, the 3.8 is made of the even more resistant 30D.

Nordisk Grip 178 / 2.5
Pack size (roll): 26 cm wide, 12 cm diameter; Weight: 340 g

Nordisk Grip 193 / 2.5
Pack size (roll): 26 cm wide, 13 cm diameter; Weight: 385 g

Nordisk Grip 178 / 3.8
Pack size (roll): 26 cm wide, 13 cm diameter; Weight: 470 g

Nordisk Grip 193 / 3.8
Pack size (roll): 26 cm wide, 15 cm diameter; Weight: 520 g

The Nordisk Grip sleeping mat is available from EUR 99.95 (RRP).

Nordisk Vanna

Nordisk sleeping mats


Nordisk Vanna sleeping mat

The Nordisk Vanna sleeping mat offers berth reserves for people who want to turn around while they sleep. It is also available as a 2.5 and 3.8 cm thick version with 20D or 30D fabric on the underside. The so-called mummy shape, 183 cm long and 51 cm wide, promises optimal padding in relation to its weight (400 or 540 g) and pack size (roll): 27 cm wide, 12 or 14 cm diameter. Prices start at 99.95 euros (RRP).

Nordisk Vega

The queen of comfort in the Nordisk sleeping mat quartet is the 5 cm thick Vega. Its horizontal air chambers and the non-slip coated back almost give it the label “comfortable”. Pack size (roll): 22 cm width, 8 cm diameter. Weight: 460 g. It costs 109.95 euros (RRP).

Nordisk Ven

Nordisk sleeping mats


Sleeping mat Nordisk Ven

The sleeping mat model Ven from Nordisk represents a very minimalist line – for tougher campers who can do without leg padding when sleeping. In return, the Nordisk Ven weighs only 290 grams; its short lying surface (122×51 cm) is equipped with foam padding of different thicknesses, 2.5 cm thick. Pack size (roll): 28 cm width, 10 cm diameter. Price: 89.95 euros (RRP).

The Nordisk company (self-illustration)

Nordisk is a Danish outfitter for passionate outdoor enthusiasts with a tradition of over 100 years. Founded in 1901 as Nordisk Fjer (Nordic Feather), it was known as Caravan in the 1970s, until the name was changed to Nordsik in 1991. The company has always stood for Scandinavian values ​​such as functionality, design, competitiveness and willpower. The extensive product range includes tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, rucksacks and cookware. The Nordic innovative design can be found in all products as well as experience in dealing with the harsh Scandinavian climate. The head office of the outdoor specialist is in Silkeborg, Denmark.

Further information about the company can be found at or on Facebook at

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